Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Project Happy Malaysia

I felt like crying hysterically today. But still I wish to blog today on Project Happy Malaysia since I do think its a great idea. But was thinking.. what kinda stories I can contribute, with my obviously crappy mood today..

What kinda stories I could write with my increasingly cynical outlook on life... on how great Malaysia or Malaysians are. Trying to figure out this piece of puzzle are not helping when you had just got out from a rainstorm; walking and clutching a tiny umbrella, mind you and the piece of arse standing in front of me, refuse to yield his position of a path not drowned by puddles of water. Him a man. Me a girl. So of course, I have to give this piece of arse way, and step into the puddle so he could walk and not dirty his shiny black shoes. I cursed you , man. May some kind of dirt or bird shit are stuck at his shoes and burnt a hole right into his stocking.

Right. I got that out of my chest. Now. What ? Project Happy Malaysia. Oh God. I felt like bawling out now. *blink* *blink*. It's a hard day already, not that anyone care. Right. Oh sod it, Dila. Cheers up.

I may not have a good happy story since I don't feel emotionally stable for that yet. I will give a really short story why I think we are not half bad as anyone else in the world.

Story 1

- My family was involved in a car accident. I was the only one not in the car, since I prefer to watch cartoon rather than go somewhere. My sister lose control of the car and then the car spunning out of control, crash into the nearby ditch, upside down. A guy in a motorcycle saw what's happening and quickly stop. Making sure everyone is not horribly hurt. He stopped passing motorists to help them. They quickly brought my family to the hospital. The guy helped on what to be done to the car and also help on to register my family. My mother did not manage to get in contact with the guy again. But thanks to him, for fast thinking in bringing my family for medical help.

My Comment: No. We Malaysians are not just capable of gaping and staring at number plates and the grotesque burnt flesh when an accident happened. We do care. We help.

Story 2

- I need to get back home at the time I was studying at UTP, Tronoh. Without car, we need to wait for the Perak Roadways bus which is always slow. A kindly couple in their 50s, pulled over and offered their van for a ride to the bus station. Living in the now, it is highly dangerous, however me and a couple of girls agreed. Nothing in particular happened. We manage to get to the bus station quickly and not miss our bus.

My Comment: Highly naive of us to take that offer. However, to think that nothing untoward happen. And somebody actually care enough to give a ride to a few girls and again nothing bad happened. I consider that.. as a plus sign indeed.

Story 3

- Nothing of a helpful Malaysian this time. I was a young student at a school in Australia. When the Principal of the school learnt I was from Malaysia, he became so excited. I remembered he told me how lovely Malaysia is, and he loved being there, and are saving up to go there again. One day at school, he came into my class bringing with him a big (really big, horizontal portrait size big) picture of.... the local fruits of Malaysia. I almost gape at him. I meant as young as I am, I know the quality of art. Heh. This is no art. This is just a simple picture of our local fruits against a dark background. And he said that he hung it at his dining room. He even forced me to write an essay on our local fruits. ( I was not at that particular time feeling very warm to his gesture on this added homework) .

My Comment: I was highly amused at my principal excitedness. And it does warmed the heart when I think about it later. We , locals, Malaysians, so love abusing our own country and countrymen, while another person, a foreigner is praising it to the sky.

So tomorrow being an independent day, I do agreed with Vincent gesture. Once in a while, let's feeds our readers and put our blog on a positive note of Malaysia and Malaysians. So there... with the exception of that man in the rain ( which I still seethe about while am still very damp when writing this), am now feeling almost lovable of all creatures.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Abominable Snowman

I remembered when I was living in Australia. Sometimes us family love to poke our head in , rummaging through the goodies of the flea market. From that day, til today..went I went to a flea market or car boot or bazaar whatever you may call it. I always look for second hand books stall.

Okay, I think I left the point I'm gonna say here. During one of the trip to the flea market in Canberra, my father bought me an almost set of books. Game book as what I call it. I couldn't for the life of me, put my hand on what it is called. The book titled something like "Plane Crash", "Lost in whateverplaceitis". What different about these books from others are that... I can choose whatever ending I want! Its kinda like you are the character, and you get to make that choice. One of the example is kinda like.. You are lost and your car broke down. Ahead you see a big mansion and you knock to use the phone. Then someone open the door. Inside, you were offered a hot drink... Then at the end of the page, it gave you the alternative 1) Would you choose to drink that hot drink ..which are steaming from a chalice. OR 2) You choose to go to the other room to call immediately for help for your car. Answer? Options 1) Find you unconcious and you woke up in a dungeon with chains at your foot . Interesting aight.. My guys friend at school years back love it so much that they never return me back some of that books series.

So what I am going to say...the DVD is something like this! (Only less scary and my character haven't died yet playing this DVD). I got an opportunity to get this DVD. So I got the package specially sent to me, which I shamelessly didn't manage to watch since I got a tad bit busy for a few weeks after getting the DVD for the Choose Your Own Adventure series: The Abominable Snowman.

With nothing to do on Saturday, manage to finally got the time to pop in the DVD. The cartoon animation is nothing to shout about, but hey. I had been fed too much of the good stuff from new movies from Pixar and Disney. These are simple characters which I found nice with the smooth animation that today technology can create. Kinda bring me back memory of cartoons I used to love seeing when I am a mite little girl. (man, I missed Gummy Bears). All about the above? Oh yeah....

Basically its about 3 siblings who with not much persuasion from their uncle, agreed to trek about the Himalayan mountain in search of Yeti a.k.a The Abominable Snowman. The siblings are Crista (the eldest); who is an animal lover and have plenty of spunk, Benjamin; the nerd of the family with cool gadgets who is a bit paranoid, and Marco... who I can't seem to find any specialty yet..but he did get to say lots of cute comments. When they reach Nepal, they found out that their Uncle Rudy had gone! So off they goes in their little adventure in search of their uncle.

Now.. what I think about it. I found myself enjoying it! Though I have to say, got reservations about the story earlier. I even think it was very short and should be longer! Another plus point are: the dialogue are not lame!! Thank goodness for that, since I hate lame dialogue in any type of production. They are witty enough for a person with enough intelligennce to enjoy and chuckle along.

The choose own adventure part? The intructions are simple enough. It will give you which options you need to choose when the time for the alternatives come, and just hit on the right and left button of the remote control and then the scenario will play out. So any toddler with a basic knowledge of a DVD remote can do this easily. If you fall yourself on a dead end, it will bring up a screen on your past options. So you can rechoose again. Mighty goody than playing it all out from the beginning again.

The story are cute but I do wish the plot could be more intricate. My ending was.. well.. I never like to give the ending. This is a DVD for choosing your own adventure! The ending spoiler would spoilt it! But it was a great experience again. Make me miss my game book. Heyy.. I always like feeling childish again. My 2 year old niece do pointed at the screen excitedly too. (However since she always get randomly excited so I will ignore her point of view) . Recommended for children age 5 and above and adults who don't wanna grow up.

However, I did get a bit confused on the siblings history when they kept mentioning about their parent. It seems like there is some shady (okay, more like sad) history or something. But they didn't explained more. However from what I understand, it is actually more of a series of DVD, so probably there's a whole lot more out there... or coming soon. Well, I don't know. But no worries, it do not affect any of the plot(s).

After finishing it, I did notice that my ending does not include finding Uncle Rudy. Maybe I will play it all out again. Also exploring it a bit more, I found myself playing the little documentary they included in the DVD about Nepal. Hehehe. Me love documentary. So I love it! Tis a great idea. But the DVD also come up with a little journal 'splaining a little on Nepal for those who don't wish to seek much enlightenment on Nepal.

So? I kinda like it. Probably more people should come up making this kinda stories. Imagine what they we could do if I Know What You Did Last Summer first come up. Options 1) Jennifer Love Hewitt scream bloody murder and just stand there while the crazy person with the hook came after her OR 2) Jennifer Love Hewitt get *sign showing off with her head*, cause we just want the screaming to stop already.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Great Sale that was not that Great

Few days back, I walked around KLCC in search for... well nothing. Just a good bargain thingies I guess.

It is always very boring to scrounge for bargain in the 70% and 50% pile. Only once in a while you find a gem. That is a rare moment. Usually, those pile are hideous which I will never wore even if they gave it for free. I went into Esprit, Isetan, MNG (which have no more sale), FCUK, British India... boring, boring, boring. Either the hideous pile, or no offer. Well, I also out of things to buy. Got few clothes still have not worn yet in my closet. Shoes? I always prefer my ratty sandals anyway. OOoOohh.. and the new shoe I bought in Berjaya Times Square needs to taken to a cobbler. Why they always make girls sandal so slippery? They think we like to skate ourselves through the floor ar?

I was beside myself. I meant I am at a shopping mall. I must, must buy something. So I went to Kinokuniya. Nothing there too but I always prefer to buy secondhand book , being such a cheapskate.

In exasperation I brought myself into Mark and Spencer. Was hankering after a those soup that were sold somewhere out of the outside of London Underground. So I went in search for those kinda soup. Isn't it boring, if you went to a restaurant and all they list in the Soup section is "Mushroom Soup" or "Chicken Soup". Baah. I could get it from the aisle of Giant. Why would I want to go to a fancy restaurant and bought myself a soup that was taken from that same tin. I can still remembered the soupy delight which was Broccoli and Leek soup and Potato Soup. Man. Im hungry. So bouught myself a tin , to test it out and see if its any good and a jar of jam for my mother.

I got home and my sister said, behold the shopaholic who couldn't seem to find anything to her fancy, so even buying a can of soup and jam would satisfy her addiction. Realized, that perhaps I truly am a shopaholic. But not the extreme one. More like retail therapy. Yups, yups.

Okay.. I want to make a list on what I had bought. But actually I forgot what I bought. I think bought a new blouse, new work pants, new shoes........ and can't remember further.

Below is the list which I want to buy, but can't or still could not find it:
1. A dark red/maroon leather big handbag.
2. New lense for my new spek
3. Bicycle
4. A spanking brand new book.

Heyy.. is not that extensive of a list. Yippeee..

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Inner mind that inexpressible

You snooze, you lose . Well I have snost and lost. I'm pushing through. I'll disregard the cost. I hear the bells. So fascinating and I'll slug it out. I'm sick of waiting.

.... Excerpt from the song ( I Hear the Bells - Mike Doughty)

Arrghh. Kemalasan melanda. Don't you ever felt ever so incredibly lazy a day before your exam, your great deadline, your project presentation?

Well that's what I am feeling now. Not helping that I am feeling restless. Haih.

Sit still. Eyes shadowed. Fingers twitched. Strands of hair tucked neatly behind one ear. Deep breath. Concentrate.

Monday, August 14, 2006

..Its a many splendored thing

Yawn. Its Manic Monday. I always , always complaint when its Monday. Couldn't be help. We still have to go through Monday.

Got to see PGL last weekend at Istana Budaya. We got good seat (It should be. I'm bankrupt already) so it was really nice. And it was spectacular. The sets and lighting is very very very nice. I love it. Hang Tuah is not as handsome as what most girls fawned about, but what he lacked in look, he makes it up with his singing chops. PGL the movie was bland at times, however this musical certainly lively and beautiful.

But I must and must complaint. The music. This is a musical. I expect a majestic sweeping haunting lovely music to show its grand sad love story. All I get is a song somewhat like a pop song. The songs was disappointing. I didn't meant all the music. The majestic lively music where they dance about Majapahit and Melaka is a joy to hear and see. But its love song. I felt like ... blahh. I always wonder why our film don't have great music as it were in zaman P Ramlee. Haunting sweeping song that we identify as closely as the story in the movie. We have many influences of many cultures and many weird musical instrument that we have problem pronouncing that we can incorporate in a movie soundtrack. Why? Why? They always use a song somewhat sound like always sung by boy or girl band.

I have to say too that Gusti Puteri and Hang Tuah kinda irk me with their first love at first sight and Gusti Puteri lamenting on how shitty life is as a princess that wants to be loved. Have to guiltily confessed during all those lovey dovey scenes, I rolled my eyes a lot. What? You think I don't believe of love at first sight? Naah. I do. More like that its rarely true. Nor lovely. Or any grand love story in that matters. Does it always have to be first love first sight? And if it is a princess involved, it must involved a lot of singing.

It kinda make me think. Fairytale love story. My most familiar recollection of love stories, is of Disney stories of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid. The prince first met the princess while princess is singing -> mesmerized by the singing -> sing along -> fall in love while holding hands ( And don't get me even started on the Princess and the stupid Pea). Perhaps that's why our politicians and orang2 kaya is always entranced by singers and actresses. I put the blame on Disney. And must the princesses alwaysss whined about wanting to love and beloved. Hellooooo. There are peasants down there at your castle washing your potty basin while have barely enough to eat. But you must complaint that no one love you.

Want to know of a haunting love story involving a princess? Let me recollect. Long time ago, in a land not so far away, there live a princess who lived in a great big towering castle. She fall in love with a neighbouring rival knight. How they fell in love? I don't know, probably she sings a lot while gathering berries. However, they always met in secret. Proclaiming their undying love, they would one day run away together since both fathers would not approve of their secret relationship. You know, him being from a rival country and all.

One day, they promise to meet in secret in the princess castle. One dark night, the princess opened one of the castle window to let through his knight into her lair. The knight should climb up using a ladder. Awaiting for her true love, she heard a sound coming up to the window. With color seeping into her before much pale face (her father would kill her if he knew what she been up to that night, hence the pale-like pallor), she stand up suddenly with starry eyes. But climbing up the window is not her knight, but a stranger. Before she could uttered a scream she was silenced forever.

Those that came up was a stranger which then helped his comrades up to take siege of the castle. The knight is simply a very very devious and heartless medieval age 007, who helped his father to conquer their rival castle. And they said women of the history were great betrayer. Paaah.

Love must have sucks. Probably that was her last thought when she died at the rival soldier blade.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chick Flick Book

Don't you ever have so many interesting things you want to blog about when you were up and about gadding around town. Then you are perched on top of your chair in front of the computer and open up blogger. All your seemingly wonderful inspiration seems to always dissapear. My muse had forsaken me. Why? Tell me why?

Okay. No. I got no new things I bought that I must show off. Actually I am always buying thing, just the usual commonplace clothes that is no need to brag about. No place to go or planning to go. No new movies seen. Same old same old.

Currently feeling horrible because of the meds I am on now. Horrible. Baaahhh. Hate meds. Meds are suppose to make you better. Not make you felt like you must throw up or crawl under the earth and lie there. Its either this or the horrible itch. Somehow when you are suffering under one kind of pain, you felt that is the worst.

Then 2 of my corporate personas are on leave and MC today. One of them have a lower priority. So I have to take all the calls. So I am feeling too blah . Malas to describe further la.

Need to feel chirpy chirp. Come now. *slap slap face*. Okay, right now I am just starting to read the Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (I know, I know , it is sooo 5 years ago). And it is funny. Almost as funny as Bridget Jones Diary. Although I still have to say that Bridget Jones is still the queen of all chick flick books. Simply funny and outrageous. This , this is first runner up.

I don't like all chick flick book. Bridget Jones is just too funny. Then I try to read the Nanny Diaries. Why it is sooo popular and being made into a movie, I have no idea. Need to even persuade myself to finish the book. It was yawner to me. Then I bought another chick flick book. But it was too vulgar for my taste that I don't wish to lay my eyes on it again. Its fate now? It is up there on the storeroom gathering dust.

So I end my chick flick book lookout that can tickle me senseless and just read my usual classic children book that I usually love or thrillers. Alternately reading children wanting ponies for birthdays and serial killer abusing and slaughtering their victims might just be the thing to save your mind from eternal sunshine of happiness and the abysmal pit of human suffering.

I am contemplating if I want to or not to buy "The Devil Wear Prada". Would it be as priceless as Bridget Jones, the book which I never fail to pick up and read all over again at least twice a year? I love if I found a book that I can read all over 2 times and still be tickle. Maybe I will. Hmmmm.
p/s: A lil update.
1) I am wrong. It is Chick Lit Book. I thought it sound similar. *scoff at self*
2) Bridget Jones stories will be compile to a book by the end of this year. ! Yeay.... so maybe I will have a new Bridget Jones part 3 by next year. So nice !!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Frivolous, I am.

Hi, my name is Dila. I am frivolous.

It is to be applaud that I did not buy much during the recent sale. I bought one lousy shoe. Its even not that expensive. But I did splurged needlessly in one jewellery? Antique? item. I got carried away and splurged on a piece of broken crockery. You know the bowl and plate kinda one. Except this is in pieces. Well, but it is not exactly just any piece of crockery. Who can brag that they use to have a piece of something from a sunken ship! I can!

Am I mad? Well a tad bit. Someone ask me , isn't it a bit expensive for a piece of crockery. I know! But I don't mind. Really.

Initially, I want to buy a pendant. But since wearing tudung and the pendant is really big, and I don't really hanker going after the big-necklace-wore -out of tudung-Datin-look, I took a look at the bracelet. And wallaa. Mine look somewhat like this.

What? SO puny one? Of course la. You think I am so rich ar to get something like the picture below? Actually have to say, I salivate more of this. But must not spend so much on a piece of broken crockery. Have to save for trip overseas and more pieces of jewellery I can sell later when I am old and penniless, at a higher price.

The real picture of my bracelet? Probably I would post it as an update to this blog this night. Probably is the operative word here.

The one that I bought is from the Ming Dynasty era. Its from the Wanli collection, so it is salvaged from a sunken ship up at Terengganu coast. The ship was a Portugese ship which was believed to have been boarded by a rival company and they set alight the gunpowder room. Thus the ship blew up at sea, circa 1625 (Gunpowder room... doesn't it sound soo war-ish and pirate-ish) . More information are taken from: here. It is a creep factor to know that this used to be under the sea for hundred of years, but that what also make it the "ooohh" factor . My sister said , don't blame her if I got strangled by some Chinese or Portugese ghost later on :P . Let's hope I would not misplace this bracelet.

A lil more update, I got my pin number from HSBC today. I signed myself for another credit card. Sigh. I never learnt . I almost got "palpitation and nerves" as what the old English matron might say, when I saw my Visa bill online. I promise on my old credit card, this would be the last credit card I will sign up.

And to my dear beloveds out there, I dah pon book your PGL online. The extra charges bloody expensive. ( Yeah yea.. I am ranting the extra rm16++ I need to pay online , than the broken crock. I am just weird that way). But I paid my other tickets online, its not that expensive laa. So I just have to complain about it, here.

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