Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Writing here Tuesday:

Some personal stuffs. You guys can skip it.


Oklah. Itu sahaja. By the way, I am lugging around the Inkheart trilogy books. Mak aiii.. berat betul. The book does get better towards the end of Book 1.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Posting this

Fasha and the clock. The clock just seems apt for this post.

Because am stuck in stupid jam. I mean don't some jam just baffles you. Also nak test post gamba. Alang2. Gah! Perut sakit. Masih stuck in jam with no end in sight.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Kittehs broke my heart

I just got back from Midvalley nye Pet Fair. The absolute cuteness of animals in there can just about kill you. I found myself gravitating to the SPCA one because the cats there absolutely broke my heart and also found me itching to add another cat in the home.

Bile nampak seekor ni, teringat Fasha masa kecik-kecik..

She is also very garang, where I observed she will hiss and spit if any other cats come near her.

Tapi yang ni is very-very playful and I absolutely love her/him for that.

Tak boleh duduk diam langsung, hence the blurry gamba. I was playing with it. Dangling my phone-nye tali charm to it.

Kucing lain semua duduk termenung di dalam litter box. Kesian okeh.

Oh, Pet Fair tu nak masuk kena bayar. RM 5. But the goods in there (alang-alang memang kena beli mainan kucing untuk kucing gemuk di rumah), is quite ok la price there.

I am going back later to the exhibition hall to buy a new cat litter box. The current one, a fat cat had broken it by perching on the side of the tray on all fours to do her business. Mana tak patah.

awesome smosome

Semalam I was fasting. Cadang-cadang nak balik awal buat spaghetti. Kemudian tak sempat masuk simpang pastu sesat mesat di sekitar KL selama sejam. Terima kasih KL kerna tidak memberi signboard yang clear. So I called my husband informing him I am 'sangat' sesat dan silalah beli makanan sebab I don't have the mood to cook anymore. 

And today I was bercadang to upload the gamba Langkawi, but then I I found out that I brought only the cable not the camera. So nope, no update about Langkawi. Prolly on the weekend. 

But the husband telah bercita-cita untuk cat dapur. Hmmm.. its been a while since we done any home improvement thingies, so I am looking forward to it. 

Tonight we would be watching Knight and Day. It looked fun. And while people used to hate on Tom Cruise, I'd always secretly love him and was secretly devastated when he and Nicole got a divorce. Kenapa perlu secretly and devastated, I have no idea. In Mission Impossible he was meh, but this movie, this is the kinda role which make Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise. Oh yeah, and one of my absolute favorite movie was A Few Good Men. Because it was awesome. "You can't handle the truth!" . I love that line! Granted it was Jack Nicholson who said that but the way Tom Cruise contorted his face and spit flying everywhere shouting to get Jack Nicholson to say that, was awesome. I need to stop saying awesome.

Okeh. Ramblings need to be over. Kena buat kerja and taip timesheet.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday, I write

Some useless random things: http://multipleeyes.blogspot.com/2010/06/snippets-of-conversation.html

Tengah amat-amat mood tidak best. No idea why.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back From Holiday

 Taken around 7 am at Langkawi. The sea was warm even in the early morning and cool in the hot sun.

I mean from this sight at Langkawi to getting back to work tomorrow. Bah! Ain't that depressing. 

Got back on Thursday evening, then picked up the cats and got a staggeringly high bills for the pet boarding that almost keeled me over. 
Then come night I am the one that is keeling over the toilet throwing up all over the place. As usual, I would get sick after a long holiday. I spend the whole night either throwing up or shitting. It is not pleasant. Yes, not pleasant to you readers too, but its need to be said. 

So on Friday, the only thing I can manage is to stare at the TV to watch How I Met Your Mother Season 5. Not so awesome. Yeah, I think Season 5 is the weakest season so far. It got a few high points, but most of the time I can only muster a smile. Ah well. 

Oh did we say that we went to Batu Feringghi for some dvds. My sole purpose is to buy Medium, but they had not yet have Medium. Gah! I need my serial killer fix damn it. And usually Medium served up the horror without the gore and no, thanks, I will wait before watching Dexter. I mean does Dexter have a killer who stuff a body of a toddler into a toy box that used to have a toddler toy in it?

So my husband bought The Big Bang Theory, which was ok enough because it have a lot of geeks and  nerds reference to bring out a laugh but nothing really extraordinary.

And a few movies of course 2 of which we had bought.

Date Night - Good comedy, nice down to earth feels to it. But I was either too sick/mengantuk/drugged out to concentrate much, so I feel it is just ok.

She's out of my league - A bit of There's Something About Mary. Funny, hilarious at the moment. But again. Nothing really extraordinary.

I am the type of viewer who like to feel connected to the characters, and all of the characters I watched on the movie above is either blah or I don't really care about. So yeah, those 2 movies are forgettable enough.

Movie ape lagi yek, oh ye. The Lovely Bones and Sunshine Cleaning. Maybe next week.

And I am ending this post now because I am trying to watch either the Big Bang Theory or Mercy.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Monday, June 07, 2010

Attempt in being a domestic goddess

So the planning on the previous post, most of it are not done. Go figure.

Nak pergi waterfall itu, but my husband was sick and I am having one of those womanly issues. Tak best la nak berendam. So instead on Friday, we went to KLCC. Blog worthy? No its not, but most things in blog is not blog worthy either. I am however itching to buy Kick Ass graphic novel. RM88++. Not bad. Was initially trying to find The Walking Dead, tapi pengsan tengok harga. But shopping, can only be done later. Bulan ni kena save sikit.

Since my Friday had opened up, I decided to take another spin on baking and try out a recipe of chocolate chip muffins. It was a pain finding sugar though since everyone seems to be stocking up sugar takut harga naik. Ugh. Anyway,  instead of just chocolate chip muffins, I decided to put in marshmallows as well. And make the muffin as chocolate as oppose to just plain vanilla in the recipes. Banyaknye la perubahan kan. Patut pon rupa misshapen. Heh..

So the misshapen looking muffins.

Ade besar ade kecik... the first batch tu sebab tak biasa lagi brape banyak nak kena letak telah menjadi giant muffins. Afterwards baru normal sikit. The burnt looking and whitish squarish things on the muffins adalah marshmallows. It does not look nice but those taste the nicest. I made chocolate chip muffins and marshmallows. The chocolate chip muffins tasted a little bland to me then I added some jam in the next batch.

Oven yang diguna adalah pemberian Cik Nai masa my wedding dulu. Terima kasih Nai.(Betul kan Nai ko bagi ni? Hahahha...) Nanti kalo aku rajin aku buat muffins untuk ko pulak.

Oven kecik tu je. Bole muat maximum 5 muffins untuk dibakar, and each batch of muffins must be baked around 25 mins or so. Ade la dalam 20 muffins telah dibakar. Takpe, sempat la kemas dapur, cuci pinggan dan mandi bagai sementara duk bakar muffins ni.

Next experiment. Banana muffins pulak. I still got a lot of sugar and flour left.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Esok adalah cuti

Saya suke.

Sebab, saya boleh mengemas belakang rumah yang asalnya adalah tempat kucing makan dan berak sekarang sudah menjadi macam kandang kucing. (Ada beza ke?)

Sebab, saya boleh tengok Sex and the City. Not.

Sebab, saya tak payah harung jem balik kerja. Suami baru tahu akan keperitan balik kerja dari Midvalley ke Ampang. Bisa membunuh diri. Itu menjadi realiti hari Selasa di mana merata KL jem.

Sebab, malam ni saya boleh tengok wayang dan balik lewat malam.

Sebab, saya boleh sambung menatap Facebook sambil upload gambar, lepas tu muntah-muntah sebab saya duduk di posisi yang tidak betul. Ye. Saya memang mengada. Dan saya tidak mengandung. Jangan nak  duk pikir kalo muntah = membawa anak di dalam kandungan. Adalah sangat insulting.

Sebab, besok pagi boleh pergi air terjun kalau suami tak demam dan jikalau kami rajin bangun pagi-pagi.

Sebab, macam-macam planning ade dalam kepala, dan semua nak laksanakan tapi bile hari itu tiba cuma mahu melingkar di atas sofa sahaja.

p/s: Berbelog di dalam bahasa. 98%

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Felt like screaming

Instead I can't. 

Currently I have a task needs doing, some configuring some thingies in the SAP thingies (believe me, I have no ideas what some of it called either) and the other part coding a.k.a code some workaround the so the things would work on a unfinished product. Andddd... when I had done my workaround, I need to undo it once the product has finished and redo the config and probably update the codes. ANDDDD I have to wait for the people over there (also known as EU people) to finish up their things or fix this demented thing so I can continue the workaround, and I am blooody stuck with nothing to go on because nothing is fix and nothing is being done and its crap. And I am crap. 

Gah! It make me wants to pull my hair off. 

So ranting over. Maybe dengan ranting, I am hoping some divine inspiration would come careening from the sky and plop in my head and EUREKA! A solution is born! Jeebus, it make you feel like going back to the 1700s Austen era, and all the gentile women have to do to while their time away is by reading out aloud or some cross stitching. (No... sewing clothes is not considered gentile). But of course if you are lucky enough to be gentile, if I have my luck and lived in that era, I am probably the chambermaid where I have to clean these gentile ladies chamber pots, go back home later to give my few pennies of salary to my abusive husband while I cooked a measly dinner comprising of the gentile leftover trash dinner and all the while keeping my 5 kids from tearing each other throats. That is of course if you are born in England. I think if I were to be born in Malaya if would be the same thing.

I am livening up my imagination and try to imagine what my past life coulda been if I were born in that era or born in a different country. Its a fun hobby. 

Yes, I do realized I am not blogging enthusiastically as before. I just don't have the spirit for it at the moment.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

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