Thursday, October 31, 2013

Great TV

Warning: US TV shows talk

The latest Good Wife eps was excellent. Josh Charles just hit all the right note. Menacing, disappointed, heartbroken, rage, confused. I love it. I think The Good Wife is one of the good show and if the story arc is sometimes disappointing, the acting never is. 

Sejak ade anak ni memang tadek masa untuk tengok TV. Tapi naseb baik ade pumping time, which usually I pump around 30 mins time lunch hour. Time tu la nak tengok series yang 40 mins ++, selalunye pakai straps, kemas beg and all that took me around 10 mins total, so it is just nice la kan. This year, the only new show I watched is Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Reign. Oh and Shields. 

I like OUATiW ( bapak malas type) because it is ever so whimsy. I like whimsy. I used to think I was whimsy before I know that people mostly regarded it as highly delusional. Still... I am a bit whimsy, only now I know better than to show it. Haha. It is even more whimsical than Once Upon a Time. I don't really like Jennifer Morrison character. Alice in OUATiW is kickass, a bit annoying, but overall likeable. 
On a sidenote I wonder why female tv writers tends to write female heroines as moony and have preposterous idea on love. I love Scandal and Olivia Pope is the MAN. She is an ultimate badass, but lame when it comes to love. I always struggle with her feeling with Fitz. So annoying that she is depicted that way. If a relationship is destructive to you, your being, moral compass, marriage etc. Leave it or stay and bear the consequences. But don't go all indecisive. Kejab ni kejab tu. 
Anywayy.. balik kepada topic asal. Reign is also kinda wonderful in a sorta fantasized historical drama directed at teens. It tells the story of Mary Queen of Scots. This is set in the Tudors era, but after Henry the 8th la. I love me some Tudors. So of course la I am watching even though the costumes are preposterous but very beautiful. It plays hard and loose with historical facts but apart from that it is fun, the location are beautiful, the cast a bit kayu especially the male actors tapi I forgive em sebab they are nice to look at. I wish they include other older hot looking dude. Ohh.. and Megan Follows of Anne of Green Gables fame is playing the Evil Queen. So of course I am watching.

The last one is Marvel Agent of Shields. It is kinda boring. But that is the usual with Joss Whedon shows. Like Dollhouse around eps 7 or 8 it started to get interesting. Buffy got kickass in Season 2 ( but that maybe just Spike). But the thing is, Joss Whedon' shows are known as having a slow build up. However I just can't seem to like Skye who is the lead female character. She got the Jennifer Morrison qualitylike where try as she might, I just don't like her. And also she is kinda bland, vanilla, no bite to her even when she is snarky. Eliza Dushku one note she is, is very talented in delivering snarky comments. There should be convinction in there!  I like everybody else .. hope it will rubbed off on her. 

The show is still trying to set up the Big Bad, so we are heading to the interesting bits. The one where the looked for people with extraordinary ability/things with extraordinary abilities are still kinda yawny.. so like I said working progress I guess. The thing is... I don't see Joss Whedon feels in this show. They are some tv creators that you just know their signature, Bryan Fuller, David E Kelley, Ryan Murphy, Shonda Rhimes, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson.. they all have their own 'feels'.. what is the word.. I am missing the word. I am sure I will get it like tomorrow, but right now,.. I can't find the word. Anway.. all these creators above and Joss Whedon included, when they created a show, you just know their trademark.. the dialogue, the scene, the cinematography, camerawork. But I don't feel Joss in this one. I guess he must be very busy with the next avenger and maybe just a big name stamped on a show run by his son or maybe it is just not very apparent. Oh well. 

I hope Shields get better because with a big name like Joss... it should. 


Oh talking about Julie Plec and Kevin Willamson, I am liking The Originals which I also watch. I think it is now finding its own feet in a short amount of time. Compared to The Secret Circle which takes 21 episode to really find its groove and Vampire Diaries for me, took 10 eps for me to go like... "I can't wait to watch the next episode". The Originals, now took 5 episode.

I also like Klaus apart from Mystic Falls, though I wish Caroline can be in here too. As the supposed love interest Cami, is ok laa... but not enough chemistry kut. I am thinking this show will stick around compare to Reign and OUATiW ( not many watch those it seems... sigh..)


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fasha & Puteh

Both died this month, Fasha 12 Oct, Puteh 22nd Oct which is today (ops.. I meant on this month, Oct, they died on 2011). I miss them.

I don't often think of Puteh because simply we had him for only a few months. But he was the sweetest cat. Rase takde langsung sesalan la bela die.

Wahh.. kete kuningkuuu. Rindu jugakk kereta ni.

Haa tu antara one of the earliest pic I took of him. Time ni die stray lagi. Suke datang depan rumah mintak makan. Lawa. I always had a soft spot for cat yang ala2 kucing siam ni. Mata biru. Macam my old cat kat Kelantan dulu.

I love Fasha fur. Susah taw nak cari tabby yang macam ni.

Masa Puteh tengah makan tu kat gambar atas tu, Fasha duk la perhati die dari sliding door. Haha. Biasala kan kucing-kucing ni territorial. Mula-mula Fasha paling emoism. Pastu jadi kawan. Main tangkap lipas sama-sama. Sekarang ni Gollywolly la champion tangkap lipas utama di rumah ganti Fasha. Kurap tak boleh pakai.. die nampak lipas, main-main kejab, pastu lapar datang miau-miau suh bagi wet food. Lipas tu lari balik.

Saje je post ni. Post kenangan. I missed my dearly departed cats and this is the way I remembered them after they passed on.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday blues sangat

I need to make mental notes that Ochado lemonade is the worst lemonade ever and to not buy it again. I kept on forgetting that. 

 My kid demam semalam and I lost my temper at him semalam sebab die merengek. That was before I realized he was not well. I feel really bad. Tolong bile besar nanti jangan hantar ibu muu di rumah orang-orang tua *start buat tabung untuk duduk retirement house best2* . 

Sebab die demam semalam , for the first time ever he slept 13 hours straight. Like wow. I even manage to mop and lipat baju and all. 

I will be munching a muffin after I finish typing this entry.

Kena buat documentation untuk training tapi malasnyee. 

Shit. I may need to plan for holiday in Singapore. *suke sebenarnye... I suke plan2 holiday ni*

Dan jugak my holiday tak banyak mana pon tinggal, lagipon sejak masuk taska, taska pon ada ala2 cuti semester. Husband pulak tadek, so cuti sakit I, cuti taska I. Bile cuti pon I malas nak pergi mana2 sebab malas nak drive with little Ajis strapped kat belakang melahau. 

Ade terasa nak pergi hotel memana dengan baby and just ordered room service and be lazy. Tapi nanti kesian kat kekucing. 

I get guilty leaving the cat indoor all if I am cuti. The cats can only go out bile I cuti sebab nanti kalau keluar lama-lama the cats merayap-rayap, balik and tengok pintu tak bukak, will go even further from home. 

I am not going to freak out if my kid prefer to play with make up or masak-masak or kemas-kemas rumah. I don't want to force gender specific toys to my boy. He likes to wear my hair band and he likes to play car toys.  I am ok with that. * I said this because I am deliberating to buy a toy broom for my son. Die suke  main penyapu... alang2 kan...* muehehe. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My book reviews of sorts

Plain TruthPlain Truth by Jodi Picoult

The gist of the story:
An Amish, Katie girl give birth to an illegitimate child. The child died afterwards. The girl then held for infanticide and an attorney from the city, Ellie tried to help this girl.

This is my first book for Jodi Picoult. I thought it would be too depressing because most of the stories I seen of Picoult seems to be dead depressing.

Well.. apart from the infanticide issue, it is not that bad. I guess why I picked up the book is because I am curious how they portrayed the Amish community here. A community who shunned technology is very fascinating. That keep me going. I like the book best when it is about the community.

The plot itself kinda flounders. Most of the characters are a bit one note. The main females character I don't really identified with. The only one I like are the secondary characters. Katie is weak willed in my opinion, while Ellie is a predictable hard ass city attorney. Sometimes I just feel like shaking them by the shoulder and yelled "get it together for pete sake!"

The story is exactly as the one I stated above, except some so called development character progress for Ellie which to me is no progress at all and predictable. I hated the ending. HATE. I feel it was unnecessary, as it is spoilerish I won't say it here, but really, it was a weak ending as I think it meant to shock but in turn kinda spoil the book to me.

Apart from my complaint, it was an OK read. Predictable, nothing spectacular, ok enough for a holiday read. Except for the ending.

David GolderDavid Golder by Irène Némirovsky
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

David Golder is the story about a self made millionaire who is now in his late life, living an opulent life with a greedy wife and far more greedier and giddier daughter. It deals with how at the late stage of his life and in the brink of ruins he is questioning everything that he hold dear or thinks he hold dear.

I bought this book because I enjoyed Suite Francaisse. This book is not for me. It is different from the unfinished Suite Francaisse. It deals of a man bitter disappointment and therefore it is a hard book to swallow.

However depressing I found it, and how one-note everyone is.. there is nothing wrong with the writing. Only the on the bleakness of it. If this is rich, I don't want to be rich. But even he saw it towards the end, it does not matter.

Area 7 (Shane Schofield, #2)Area 7 by Matthew Reilly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gist? Shane Schofield is back again! This time he deals with adventure/shenanigans that happened in Area 7 ( US most secret base) while he was protecting the POTUS.

Because I can only think Matthew Reilly books in point form. I will write in point/short paragraph form.

Same as the other, very exciting. Action packed. Highly unbelievable yet entertaining.

I especially like all the genetically altered creatures lying around the area 7.

As somewhat mentioned by other reviewer, he likes to disjoint his action sequence. I have to turn back to the pages because I can't remember what had happened because he had cut with another action sequence experienced by other characters. I don't have time to read in one sitting Matthew Reilly!

I think it is cute that Matthew Reilly try to tack in some character development to the story, because while he called it development, I called it continuation. But.. I do like Mother background information. I imagined Mother is kinda like Sigourney Weaver in Alien 2. But more buff.

It is all shoot, wham, boom! But hey, I go in there totally expecting it. A light thriller book, with simple story and the only purpose for the plot is to move forward.

The Du MauriersThe Du Mauriers by Daphne du Maurier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A novelization based on Daphne Du Maurier, great grandmother, grandmother and father.

It is more on her grand mother and her father as her great grandmother already have a standalone book on her own. Her great grandmother, Mary Anne Clarke was a mistress to the Duke of York. Her grandfather Louis Mathurin married Mary daughter, Ellen. Louis Mathurin was a dreamer and good for nothing kinda person while Ellen is a person long disillusioned by life due to the exposure she got from her mother world.

She painted a critical look of her ancestors. I like it. I know of many Louis Mathurin and Ellen of the worlds and understand their struggle, and seeing it written it is almost she is only critical of Ellen harshness and not Louis Mathurin irresponsibility. However I must say she must held both of them in great respect because in that age, there is only so little a woman could do. Not everyone could be Mary Anne.

Her writing of his father is almost sympathetic and apologetic to all his failings. It was said she adored his father exceedingly and it showed.

It was a good read and a nice novelization based on a real life of bourgeois French and English people. Enjoyed it immensely and I always felt sorry for Ellen and Louis. Sometimes, women do have all the ill luck and all the responsibility.

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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Kelam kabut

Husband gone back to Turk early Sunday. On Sunday tu rumah macam kena tornado la budak kecik mengumbah. I only manage to semi kemas malam tadi -_- .
Baju tu.. Adorable but cheeky.
Little Aziz boy ni pulak suke tidur bangun-bangun, so agak susah to do things. Malam tadi la quite ok die bangun sekali je. Hari Ahad tu... setiap 10 mins.. Selagi I am not on bed, selagi tu die tanak tidor. And die dah tidur, I sneak keluar dan do stuffs ( sterilising, cleaning, washing of dishes..) tak sampai 10 mins die bangun and nangis. Sheesh. You know they always say enjoy your time now when your kid is clingy sebab bile dah besar they don't want to sleep on top of you, be hug by you as much. I always have to remind myself of this when he is being extra clingy at night!

Since baru lagi I am fending for myself, so tengah kelam kabut lagi la. However, it is ok, sebab usually I reached home lewat.. 7.30pm sampai tu awal la tu., my sister maid fetch the little boy from taska around 6 pm and she took care of him in the mean time and Aziz akan main dengan cousin2 die... so I usually have time to settle the cats need and mandi and solat bile sampai rumah. I usually eats at my sister house pon if I am alone. So I have help. Things are not bad. Kena adjust jee. Tak terbayang if sensorangg je.

But I know of other mothers who can do it, so I do believe women ni flexible. We bitch and moaned and complained this and that and thus... but if it gets down to it... we will manage. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going .. is what I think most women adheres to. Macam perempuan yang kena amik duit zakat sebab laki tak guna die duk main game je tanak keje. Mana boleh survive zakat je, mesti die kerja and all untuk bagi makan laki tu dan anak-anak die jugak. Cuba kalau perempuan tu keluar dengan anak-anak die tinggalkan. Mati kejung kat dapor kut jantan tu. Tataw nak buat ape. Tetiba masuk topik tu. Haha. The thing is .. most guys if tasked with being left alone with their kid will hantar their kid to kampung. Perempuan ni.. cakap je nak hantar.. tapi takut anak rindu laa ( cakap je anak rindu.. tapi sebenarnye kite rindukan anak) so hempas pulas jugak la untuk pandai hidup. Ni baru sorang anak.. kalau lebihhhh... kalau twin???

Macam pagi tadi, dah settle mop atas and dapur, mandikan anak, I pon mandi, hantar dak kecik gi taska, bagi kucing makan, baru perasan kunci kereta tadek. Kelam kabut cari.. then teringat I last put it in Aziz punye beg taska. Dah kena pergi taska balik dengan malunye hahaha. Naseb baik memang ada. Yang Aziz tu pulak, bile pintu taska tu bukak die first sekali menerpa pintu. Alahai kesiannye. Tapi dia tengah comot2 sebab die orang tengah breakfast, makan ape tah. Dah ambik kunci nak balik.. Aziz pon drama air mata balik tengok mak die datang tapi tak ambik die balik. Kesiannye.. Takpela. It is gonna be a long weekend nanti.

Friday, October 04, 2013


Hey! I had time to watch movie dekat wayang at long last! Actually tadek la lama sangat. Last time I tengok wayang was World War Z. Zombies and Brad Pitt... it is an irresistible combination for me. 

Anyway sebab my husband akan balik semula ke Turk berkerja and I would take care of little Ajis sensorang after this. Hahaha. (Egads!) So die kasik wife die time alone untuk tengok wayang sebelom die pergi. Nanti kan after this susah laa. Bukan tak boleh.. susah.....

Ni dah paragraph ketiga dah ni. Saw wanna blog that I watched Gravity and here's my point form review sebab aku mengantuk tapi tetap nak blog. 

  • What is it about. It is about space. About what can go wrong when you go for a little spacewalk. And you get lost or drifted away from the safety of the spaceship ( is that what it called? spaceship? )
  • Quite a great movie but would be even more 'enjoiceful' if you watched in 3D. So I beseech you .. those who don't wear specs, see it in 3D for the whole gloriousness of it. It is meant to be seen in 3D pon . Kenapa aku tak tengok 3D? Agak sesalan.. tapi I hate holding the bloody glass throughout the movie if I want it to stay still . Sebab I wear glasses see. 
  • A very good performance by Sandra Bullock. I am not blown away by her performance. I think she is a good actress but not great. She don't quite get me breathless. Actresses that can get me breathless is Cate Blanchett and Marion Cotillard. But it is a great performance, though I think if given to a more powerful actress, I would even be losing my shit together with Dr Stone. 
  • The performance I am blown away by is George Clooney. He had always been a charming actor. He can charms the pants off anyone, hetero, homo and bi alikes. And this persona carried through here, but there is a little glimpse of  a great performance here and there especially when he have to let go. His expression breaks my heart. That alone nailed it, only that one scene carried the movie way up for me. I never knew he is quite a great actor and from that alone, I will look into his other dramatic role ( not Syriana, too boring.). 
  • The story is GREAT. It started like most thrillers... light.. then when the action start.. it goes big. It slowed down, then it goes up again. Slows down.. and up again. Just when I start to think the story is kinda dragging it feet, the action start back up. 
  • Summary. I would called it an action drama movie. More to drama.. but with a very well put out action that is a must see in 3D. So it is very worth to spend more sebab with all those things flying, floating around, I would imagine it would be very nice ( lagipon lagi lawa if the movie is dark kan..) . Tengok nyesal lagi tengok in 2D tapi aku tanak pakai spek tu okkk. 

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