Friday, February 27, 2009

Super Unmotivated

That's because its a Friday. Kepala cam berpinar. This maybe due to a heavy lunch I had. Maybe the last heavy lunch I will have for weeks.

I started writing this in point but the paragraph looks retarded so make it like a highlighted points. Woots!

Toll for AKLEH had risen 50sen which sucks. I depends on AKLEH quite heavily. "Its only a jalan alternatif". Not when taking the other road would increase my on the road time to more than 1 hour.
Edited: Oh tidak jadi. Yeay!

Fashion faux paus for women wearing heels. Price tag underneath your shoes. Peeled it off altogether. Not just the price bits.

Thinking of making a kebaya. Money is a problem. As it always is.

Another fashion faux paus for women. Blemished legs. Wear pantyhose when wearing a skirt.

I wondered why some women are afraid of colours. One even kinda weirdly asked me if I would wear a bright red blouse. I would. And experiment with colours la girls. We are still young. (Walaupon other people might indicate otherwise :)

Tried Malaya Straits Kopitiam. Its Honey Lemon Juice is weird. Do not think will be frequenting the place again.

I am enjoying online trivia quizzes from Facebook and Try the Click your boredom away for a good cause.

I now have Fables Book 2. Yet to read it. Waiting untuk dibalut molek2.

Tah hape
Mix.FM is running the lie detector test again. This time for celebrities. Anyone who are able to convince celebrities to take the test win RM3k. Anyone interested? As much I love gossip, I don't have any celebrities I would like to grill questions. But perhaps Natasha Hudson?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Have to work overtime today. Kenapakah mesti overtime apabila aku tak makan lunch. Kepala jadi weng okehs.


Tidak mengapa kerna ade orang dah order 5 Dominoes Pizza. Woootsss!

Eh. I thought that I didn't want to comment much on the Oscars but I watched the Star Movies Red Carpet moments and I just can't NOT comment. This is the Star Movies reporter y'all so the one who is not important enough to get past the velvet rope but have to make do by reporting it just on the sideline.

So that is gonna be tough. I don't relish his jobs. If Seacrest who is walking on the Red Carpet pon kena dissed by Brangelina, apatah lagi these reporters yang tak dikenali. Although I cringed when the reporter calls to Robert Downey Jr was unheeded by the Iron Man who was then answering questions to the journalist next to him, I have to chuckle when Fred Willard swooped in and said " Robert won't talk to you! But I will!" . Heh... And no. I don't think I know exactly who is Fred Willard but he have a mighty familiar face so IMDB him to get the answer where you might had seen him before!

Much love for Taraji P. Henson for being so enthusiastic in every damn interview no matter who's interviewing (I made mental note to watch Benjamin Button for her then and there). This of course greatly contrast with Amy Adams who kept on looking at her side or her back and was very distracted when interviewed. To be fair though, the Star Movies reporter does seems to ask rather idiotic questions (but still way better than Seacrest). However Amy Adams was much more gracious with Tim Gunn.

Ho hum.

And I have no idea what to type next. Seems to have a bit of a blogger's block. Huh. This can also be due to being somewhat busy and frozen at work and just lazing around doing any other things that you might do any other day too. Being frozen might largely account for the lack of updates. When it gets to cold, all you really want is to hide your numb fingers away from the air-cond ok.

Oh sigh. Then laters I guess.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ho hurmph Monday

Oscar Fevers all around. Don't feel like commenting on a whole lot of it. I am only excited that The Duchess does deserved its Best Costume awards. I think this is probably also because I only manage to watch that film of all the films nominated (Dark Knight is expected to win on its win and also of course la Wall.E) walaupon film itu hanya dapat 1 nomination. Tapi bile I watch it movie I was actually really amazed with its costume design. The wigs are really monstrously gravity defying high and the clothes are really lovely. While watching Keire Knightley cried her eyes out, I was also thinking "Oh God. Her dress fabric designs of little blue roses is really lovely. I would love to have those as my curtains or sofas. I would even love it as a blouse.Heck! I could even wear it in sync with my sofas and curtains."

Now. With thoughts like that don't it deserved its own Oscar? And I still would love to have that fabric of blue roses for a blouse.

Ho hum. Anyway. My computer is somewhat clean now. I think the virus may lurk around somewhere but I will hunt it out bit by bit. Seems like it infected not just the C drives. But ALL drives. Gah! But after my husband fixed it somewhat, I can now watch my series yet again! Yeay!

Manage to watch eps 2 of Dollhouse. I was thinking of giving my thoughts on the show. But I will wait til next week to watch the 3rd episode. So later. Kena test Danish language pulak.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Hey you, its Friday night.

Been planning to download me some Grey's but little fuckers that is more widely known as computer viruses had burst into my computer and having a party wrecking through all of my programs. The computer is now a mess and downright unsalvageable. I can't even get into Safe Mode and it changed all of the .exe files in my computer to malicious files.

So haruslah mengformat komputer di malam sabtu inih.

Though actually my husband is adoing it while I am typing this blog entry on his laptop. Theeheee. I am one of those females who are completely at lost when it comes to formatting their computer, walaupon aku adalah kekononnyer system programmer though I am actually kinda handy with eradicating computer viruses. (Percayalah statement aku yang boleh di-vouch oleh lelaki2 macho yang pening kepala nak buang spyware dari computer. Yelah kate dulu keje dengan antivirus company. Kononnye. ). Tetapi these little fuckers is too persistently horrible that we both think the easiest way to get em all is reformat. Bah!

Dahlah I am not good in organizing my CDs and installers. Now di mana jua la aku letak cd-cd for my gadgets ituh.

Anyway, computer problems aside. I was browsing through a list of online shoppings ni. While I am squealing and thinking that perhaps I will give online shopping a try after all, my eyes caught an advertisement for online shopping for books. Ah! It's worth a look. Browsing through, I was kinda delighted. The usual popular items are about RM25++ but then I notice that the postal cost for 1 book is about RM5. Bile dah add up, macam tambah tolak dua tiga ringgit kat Kino je kan. Haih. So takpeler, beli je la di kedai dahulu or even Ebay.

Ho-hum. In the mean time, I am kinda enthralled with this lovable website where you can read about the life of a receptionist in London. It is all in form of an email correspondence. So you will read about her correspondence with her boss, co-workers, friends, boyfriend and families.

Kelakar ok. Sampai dah ade successful novels. Heh. Though if you ask if this Holly is a real person, I very much doubt it. The site is: . Though I do think it its not updated anymore, dan kalo nak tahu seterusnyer kena la plak beli buku yek. Most probably it is a promotional website. Now there is even a text messaging updates from Holly for those in the UK. Macam ala2 Twitter updates. Ah well.

But there are a lot of emails in it for me to enjoy in a while. So it can be a fun light read. Boleh aje time bosan.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shorts short

Something baffles me.

I want McDonald Milkshakes.

But am afraid of weight gain.

My head still feels woozy.

I also want Tomyam.

I think I kinda stupid.

Wonder why somethings are different.

Don't feel like driving aggresively today.

I don't feel thin enough.

My cat is cute when she is nipping my fingers at early morning.

She is not cute when she is nipping at my feet when I am in a rush.

I sometimes hate a person

I don't care to elaborate who.

Hurm, I wonder if I did something correctly.

I will write more later.

About something else. Obviously.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh belog ku...

I was thinking about writing about my exes. Adalah 1, 2 cerita yang hendak di-rehash and gelak-gelakkan. But I just couldn't find the mood yet. Kena ade mood ok nak belog2.

Anyway, I don't have any big plans for the weekend, rilek2 aje lah di rumah.


I was thinking the blog world had become a little lacklustre. I don't really know why. Probably too many people are doing it. So many are cashing in on it. Which comes to another question on why haven't I joined that Nuffnangers.

I wondered that myself. At first I am kinda hesitant to blog for the sole reason of money and was thinking bukannye ramai pon visitor aku. Sekarang ni macam... hmmm macam menarik je kan. A lot of people are doing it and aku pon like money. And most of them love to blog. Some of them blogs are pretty mindless empty postings anyway. Posting full of fluffs. But most of my posting are like that. It have no defined body in it. Bercerita je la pasal ape2 pon.

My purpose to blog seems to differ as time goes. At one point, it should be kind like a journal. But like I said before. You can reveal yourself only up to a point. And to be honest. The reason autobiography or 'diaries' are really fun, is when there a lot of dirty dishes to offer. I can't bring myself to dishes on the most controversial or my innermost feelings or dirrty dirrrty secrets. Huhu.

Then it comes to a somewhat mindless rambles from there. The books I read. The films I see. Its not particularly interesting. Boring in fact as one of my ex dare to say. Hoh! Boring di katanya.

Hahaha. Well, this is a different story from the stories I originally wanted to tell. Oh ini juga bukan ex yang sama from the stories I want to tell (banyaknye ex aku la kan). But I think few years back, my ex was bemoaning the fact during our IM session that he was bored and was asking me for any cool sites to go to. At the time I was enraptured by the Gaijin Smash blog. His blog is awesome. I still like his postings though it kinda rare nowadays. Anyway, I was saying "Why don't you go tu blog ni..." ( I had not finished typing yet.) . Then he said something like
"Oh... I dah go to your blog. Arrr.. its not to my taste. I macam bosan bile baca."

Damn! Talk about insult la kan. Bwahahaha. And how the hell does he know my blog anyway. I coldly replied "I was not asking you to go to my blog. But to this blog."

Cilaker sungguh. Ade ke patut die dissed my blog. Its not like I was forcing him to read my postings and say stuffs like... "Eh, read my blog laaa and komen la skali". Aku tak sekeji ituh, tapi die secara unintentionally (ke intentionally?), telah mengkeji-kejikan belog aku.

Eh... and do I worry if he would read this posting? Tak punyer. Dah die cakap bosan. Haha. Gile ayat tak puas hati.

Hoh. Dari nak cerita pasal blog reason and Nuffnangs and people who post mindless stuffs on blogs last last ke ex jugak.

Takpe. Itu gunanye topic "Random Ramblings".

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend Snaps

This morning I am so pissed myself. Packed myself a chicken bun my sister bought yesterday. Then tertinggal di atas meja. Gah! Missed my breakfast la camnih. Anyway... I think I would post my past weekends recap briefly.

I figured out that I would mostly put up just few pics to recap my past weekends. So here it goes.

On the long Federal Weekend, went to Melaka.

With the usual girls.

Went to Jonker Street.

Bought these stuffs.

When gotten back to the hotel room, we played these old card games again and basically we had a blast that night and for the whole trip too. (Gohan might have a different idea. Hehe).

Also before getting back to KL, manage to stop at that Melaka Dataran Pahlawan Megamall as we saw a banner informing that there is a Times Warehouse book sales ongoing. Bought a few, of course.

Last long Thaipusam weekend pulak, on Saturday morning pergi ke KLCC to catch Bride Wars. Ok enough la. Pretty fun and predictable.

Afterwards, went browsing at Kinokuniya and bought myself the Fables graphic novel series, Legends in Exile (Vol. 1). It is pretty good. Still currently reading it. I think, I would continue to collect the whole series then.

Then, went to MATIC on Saturday night for the Pesta Sarawak and Terengganu thing that was held there...

Went there for this mee kolo, prepared by Rozie's family. They manned a booth there.

It was delish. So does the Teh C Peng, which I didn't take a snap of. Didn't bring my camera, so just use the trusty old phone camera.

Afterwards went to see the jamming session held by Lan's group of friends. It was great. They were good. Nah, that I didn't take a pic.

Well, the other activites are just the usual stuffs, watch series, lepaking sessions, errand trips, lounging around membalut buku-buku baru dibeli with plastic cover. Which reminds me that I need to buy new plastic cover for my books.

Ok lah. Laters!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Peep A Boo

Currently there are a few incidents at the office (as reported by the management) that a peeping tom had been alurking. Described as some witnesses "a figure in a peeping position".

I wonder what is the so called peeping position.

I remembered girls telling stories of the very weird psychotic lustful 'kakak' at campus who took pictures of her housemates in the shower from the top of the shower cubicles. Supposedly she was going to give it to her boyfriend for both of them to enjoy. Afterwards, heard that her housemates become a bit jittery and had to resort going to the shower in pairs, one of them guarding the toilet door outside to ensure no illegal photography being taken.

Also, there was another case of a peeping tom at my previous office that seems to prefer to do its 'activities' during the night shift. One girl telling a friend, saw a hand from below her cubicle (reaching? groping? taking picture?) and she slapped it away with her bag. When sheopened her toilet door, the peeping tom had already ran away.

So there is 2 way of going about peeping in the ladies toilet. Which way indeed the peeping tom at my office seems to employ eh?

But the thing is, why the need to peep? There are loads of p0rns for men or women to enjoy. But prolly that is just asking , why some rapist who are married need to rape.

And, enjoyable ke tengok orang lain about to do the no.1 or the no.2? Disgusting meh. The smells nyer adalah satu. And why you even want to watch ?

Maybe these type of person is just a step away from a golden shower and 2 steps away from that weird sexual acts involving any kind of feces. Gah! Even writing that make me feel like puking and wanting to take several baths and scrub my skin off.

There seems to be no conclusion to this post. I am just disgusted and bored and about to go to the toilet while hoping I do not need to 'baling' my shoes at someone face or hand.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Kete rusak pulak

and I am currently at home abeskan tengok True Blood. Cilaker je kan. Padahal ade banyak je keje kat opis. But lantak la and I need to wait for the 'pomen' to come pon.

Kalu tidak camne esok aku nak gi keje? Naik teksikah? Dah la selalu balik lambat. Gah! At least nasib baik the car wouldn't start at home. Last night ada tanda2 dah, but I manage to start the car after all. Bayangkan la kalo kete itu rusak tengah2 that dark parking lot where ade transvestite melakukan aktiviti2 "servis". ( I was just about to drive out of the parking lot one night and terkezut aku taw. Tetiba je ade 1 she-man kuar out of the dark macam creature of the night. Muka die dissapointed je finding out its a woman driving that car and she went back to her dark place ).

Ah ok la. Laters.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

So busy

and I wish I am not :(

Ugh. Anyway. Performance appraisal is over. That is a load of my mind. However, I am still very busy, so I guess I am just updating to say I am busy, not in a coma or dead.

Got few posts wanting to put up, need to wait til later then.

Ok. Later.

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