Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2nd trimester now

.. but still feeling pukey. Sad indeed. However it is not so bad. It is no longer 24 hour agony session. More like it comes and goes at all hours. But it is not too bad compared to a few weeks ago. I can eat at least. Though still have to choke back down vomit a couple of times a day. Disgusting I know. But better than puking all out and crying afterwards. Vomit and crying goes hand in hand. 

Maybe need to give it a couple or more weeks before I can feel fully like myself. My sister is like, why are you not cooking, but the thing is even looking at the kitchen, I can feel bile coming up. Terrible. 

So to list out all of the things I feel pukey around -

  • The smell of grass and fresh earth mixed around. Holy crap this is the worst. 
  • Cat pee. (and the stray cats who keep spraying around not making this any easier)
  • Detergent and soap smells except for precious few I can abide by. So I can't smell my freshly laundered clothes without feeling like tearing my clothes away. MaxKleen is cool so been using that now. 
  • Air Freshener. Husband had given up on this. Scented candle is ok if not excessive. 
  • Teh O. I can't drink it. If I did, then I will feel a major urge to puke. The aftertaste is blergh. 
  • Sausage. Even the smells of sausage I can't stand. 
  • The taste of ginger. So that tips the internet keep on giving that ginger can helps. Hah! 
  • The usual strong smelling food being cooked itself. Bau food court anyone? Gah! 

The things I can abide/or make me feel better are: 

  • Milk or anything milky drink. If I am feeling pukey, this makes it ok. Which is weird, because people usually avoid milk in fear of puking. 
  • Very cold icey drinks. But this is normal kan. 
  • Have to eat nasi consistently or the next day, I will get a massive puke feeling. Baby ni penuh demand. 
  • Chewing gum consistently. 
  • Minyak kapak FTW. I tried all sorts of oil, but minyak kapak is the best reliever so far. 
  • Hearing music at loud volume. It kinda takes the mind away. Tgk movie pon tak sebegitu. 

Ok lahhh.. Itu aje. For the baby, nothing to update. I hope he or she is well, healthy in spite of my earlier unable to eat prenatal pills phase. Be strong baby. You need it to face your 2 abang. 

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