Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tiny tot went to Bintulu

Update basi ni, balik Bintulu ni dah 3 minggu lepas kut.

We started out first on Ajis first flight. 

It was terrible. LOL. Ajis ni memang ada masalah nak tidur tengahhari and flight tengahhari is kinda disaster. Masa takeoff it was ok enough I gave him bottle, and he slept around an hour. Sempat la I makan dulu. Habis je makannn.. terus bangun, and seeing there is not much space, he was cranky afterwards. So husband brought him back and forth the plane, then there was turbulence and he was cranky at the back of the plane since he was stuck there. 

So the stewardess took turn in holding him because my son dont like guys holding him. LOL. During touchdown, I can hear him crying and can't do much about it because have to be strapped in... Sebab tu la bile keluar plane je cuak tengok Ajis muka naik macam ruam2 merah sebab he cried so much. Kesian baby. 

Naik merahhhh

The next plane ride going back to KL I was much more prepared. The plane is also not full so we got an entire row for ourselves which make it easier for me to breastfeed him ( Ajis tak suke breastfeed tempat sempit2. I think because I am uncomfortable, so he is uncomfortable too) . And I asked husband to not walk him back and forth because once that start, he will cry if we sit down. So I entertain with all sort of sounds and songs since we are not sitting so close to other people to irritate the hell out of them. Entertain la die, sampai mummy die naik motion sickness. Naseb baik tak muntah je. So bile balik tu tadekla die nangis sangat, start nangis je mummy tuka lagu, games puting. Fuhhhhhh.. penat la I tell you. Dalam kepala... wahh ini baru 2 jam lebih. Cuba kalau 8 jam plane ride. Maw aku suruh plane stop aku balik naik kapal dengan Ajis. 

So that is his first plane ride. I am hoping the next subsequent rides will be much easier since he will be older. Aminnn. 

The family at Bintulu was overjoyed seeing him. Suka benar main-main with him. He laughed most of the time, and cried half the time sebab nak tidur buai. But during that time also I know how to put him to sleep without buai, cuma kena sentiasa have to be beside him je if tidur tengahhari. Banyak benar la peelnye. 

The akikah went on splendidly. Beramai2 la sedara mara gathered to cook the one lembu they felled. Bukan lembu sekor untuk Ajis, this akikah also is for his cousins mousins kat Bintulu tu. Share2 terus. Time akikah tu baik je. Fuhhh. He slept while the nenek2 was holding him up and down, and halfway through the  majlis he slept so that only mean he wakes up happy.

Balut dengan songket

Tu tidurrrr... ye tidur berputing . Macam2 la kan. Berbuai, berputing. Asalkan happy la anak. 

We didnt stay long at Bintulu, I dont have much holiday left and work was piling up. So few days je spent there. Ajis like Bintulu well enough, especially during bathtime. Amboi suke betul mandi kat sana, air sana sedap kut...

Eh, panas la pulak update ni (blogger ni tengah kepanasan depan computer, nak berbaringan). Nanti update lagi. Wah wah.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Super quick reviews

Ever since the baby arrival, it is super hard to find the time to bathe much less reading books 0_0 . But I manage some. I think there is more, but this is the one I remember finishing. I am still not being able to finish Bourne Supremacy, not sure if I could, and with my harried state nowadays I dont think so I am in the mood of a serious or action packed books. But I will try to finish it somehow, if I can find the book. Don't know where I misplaced it.

Anyhow below are for the 3 that I recently read.

The Moonlit Cage: A NovelThe Moonlit Cage: A Novel by Linda Holeman

A woman life in mid 19th century Afghanistan, troubled from the start until she met a white man. (Of course) 

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Reading at first, I want to rate it a 4, then halfway through it became a 3, towards the ending, I was so disgusted with the book I wanna give it a 1, but change it to 2 because I like it enough at the beginning.

The author started beautifully then she somehow feel like changing her mind and gave the beautiful, complex strong heroine a weird character that make me feels like punching her on the face. Ah well.

Just as Long as We're TogetherJust as Long as We're Together by Judy Blume

Stephanie’s best friend is Rachel. Since second grade they’ve shared everything, good and bad. Now, as they start seventh grade, Stephanie meets Alison, who has just moved to their neighborhood. Stephanie hopes all three of them can be best friends, because she really likes Alison. But is it possible to have two best friends? Or is it true that two’s company, three’s a crowd?

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my 2nd or 3rd book of Judy Blume. While the other books I read, I like it well enough, I really like this one. I couldnt stop reading.

It captured perfectly the inner struggle of a tween girl struggling with hormones and best friends and changes in family dynamic. The book is lighthearted but if I ever have a daughter, this is one of a few books I will give her to read when she is a tween herself.

Reaper Man (Discworld, #11)Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett

In the eleventh Discworld novel, Death is missing – presumed . . . er . . . gone.

Which leads to the kind of chaos you always get when an important public service is withdrawn. 
Meanwhile, on a little farm far, far away, a tall dark stranger is turning out to be really good with a scythe. There’s a harvest to be gathered in.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I recognized that Terry Pratchett is a genius amongst many. Many favorite authors. This is my 2nd book that I had read written by him and while I am entertained and find it ok, I have to push myself to finish the book.

However I am only tickled on the part of Death. The other parts in the book I am meh. So am giving it a 3, love the style of writings, but story telling wise, not for me.

Or maybe I just don't read Discworld.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Books Part Deux - 2012

Went there during last Tuesday, time birthday Sultan Selangor as I took a leave on that day. Big mistake. I thought there is no public holiday on that day! So the crowd that day was quite... crowdy (hihi.. 2 am writing this, my vocab is like shit at this hour). Bahh. Tapi its not really a loss as I am mostly there to take away the kiddies and let my mom and my sister shopped. Also I have Ajis in my hands, so tadek masa sangat to pick books. And in the middle of the hall he was cranky to be fed, so memang la got no time. 

Tadek masa pon I still manage to pick one or two and a few for my niece (not pictured). The rest my husband picked, especially the True Blood series because he known I was looking for them. 

Eh.. .. not bad for around an hour trip kan. And I was not shopping either. 

Oh I am glad that the BBW organizer ade a play area for the kids. Really great. RM10 per hour and RM5 subsequent half an hour I think, max RM30. My nephews love it. And I saw that the people manning the play area is really great with kids too. Kudos for the organizers. 

Well then, am out. Just updating my purchase. Dont think so am going again. Buku tahun lepas pon havent read them yet. Though am a bit tension I didnt purchase for the Red Readerhood charity thingies too, because when I went there last time. I got no cash. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Izinkan saya merapu

- Am listenng to Game of Thrones soundtrack. I love soundtrack. I especially love this soundtrack. Other soundtracks I love Bridget Jones, Romeo & Juliet (yg Leo & Claire Danes punye itu), Titanic ( Of course!) and The Last of the Mohicans. Best woo listening to soundtrack. 

- Am horribly busy. Which is why I blog. Obviously

- Am wearing my Mulberry today. Alang2 nak pegi Tamarind Hill for team dinner, I bawak beg bersesuaian. Cewah. 

Untuk Dila: Beg Mulberry yang diletak unceremoniously je atas meja lagi sikit nak kena coke. Nanti amik gamba posing dengan beg... kalau sempat. Righttt... LOL. 

- Sangat tempted nak beli breadmaker Kenwood. I love breads. My family love bread, and why not make own bread!

-  I honestly think I have a mild case of Number Dyslexia. Am ok with words, but horrible with numbers. I had been in trouble several time because when I changed coding for defects, I need to put in the defect number as reference. If I am not careful, I always mixed up the number. e.g. 14531, I will put it in as 14351 so nanti bile cari balik the defect orang akan emo with me because they cant find the defect description. So aku kena terbalikkan2 nombor tu untuk get the correct reference -_-" . This is the same with bill. I HATE long reference number. I always have to triple check, because most of the time I got the sequencing wrong the first time. Or I might just have terrible memory. But like some teacher noticed, I have photographic memory (which is diminishing by the years. Banyak dosaaa! ), but I can't seem to get numbers correct. So yeah, paying bills to me is a chore and take a long time. Sebab I always need to triple check. Dan kena calm and without interruption so I bole concentrate typing number!

- Husband brought Kurap to the vet for her yearly vaccination shot. Sebab I can't be there, I asked him to take a video for me. Tadek ape2 yang pelik. Only Kurap meowing je. Kurap memang bising at vet. Bobby pulak suke lari sikit-sikit. Tengok2 dah kat hujung table ready nak terjun. Gollywolly setakat ni tak dapat predict lagi. Yang paling baik at vet is Puteh :(

Sambung buat kejeeeeeee

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Sales 2012

Well then, got meself a preview pass again. Yeay!

This time it is held currently at the Mines and manage to haul my husband along to carry my loads. So I went today! Yeay!

As it is still the preview pass, there is not much crowds, but there was still quite a lot of people. Cuba bayangkan kalau time sale tu nanti. 

The books are LOADSSS. Depending on whom (which authors) you like la. I didn't find a lot of Young Adult authors that I like, (kalau ade pon I already got), but there is still quite a selection for everybody. I didn't find any Twilight books this time though. Noooo, it is not for me, but my friend pesan. So I have to disappoint her. 

A lot of cooking books, the travel sections don't look too varied, but I may have not been looking hard enough, and I couldn't find the CDs that they posted they had. Maybe tak keluarkan lagi kut, tapi I dah penat to look sana sini pon. 

But for everything else... there is a lot. A lot Ludlum, all the usual chic lits, Laura Weisberger, Jane Green, Madeline Wickham/Sophie Kinsella.... I helped myself to quite a lot of chic lit. Didnt hunt for serious books this time. Only glanced at the Non Fiction one, except for Parent and Kiddies section, so I can't say what you want maybe there. A lot of Nigella books, her fans would be delighted. 

Oh the graphic novels selection would thrill a lot of superheroes (X Men, Spiderman, Ironman, Thor ... those are the most of it) fan. Lots of Marvel. Not a lot of graphic novel that I like, so I bought only one. The kiddies section are massive. In my experience, the kiddie books go out fast. So I think when I go there the second time, a lot of the popular Disney and Pixar books will be gone. Which is why I grabbed some for my nephews. 

Now... finished with all my wordiness above. My haul this year. 

I am thrilled the Wolf have this. These books cost a bomb in bookstores. 

Ok tipu, I have 2 graphic novel. Yang tetengah tu comic collection. 

CATZ! *no added words necessary*

Both husband and I agreed on this book. Berat wehh..

Nope.. that is not all.. meh I tambah lagi gamba di bawah ini...

Express housekeeping! For the clueless like moi!

Buku resepi dalam BM! RM 2 and RM3 je wehh.

I think I already have some of this...

Baking wares pon ade wehhh. RM10 je yang muffin tu... Murah wehhhh

Belom habis lagi. Ade lagiii.. ade...

The complete set of Malory Towers!  Ko ingat senang ke nak jumpa niiii. Kat MPH jual  box set ade 5 je. Macam mana ko boleh jual box set tak complete niiii. Buku ni dah la dah berzaman

My books! All minee!

Dan last but not least, sebab dah ade Ajis in our life.

Children's book. Terbeliak mata Ajis tengok buku Colours tu. Kaler die terang benderang. Actually not all of the children book in the above pic tu Ajis punye. A lot of it are for my nephews and nieces. Ajis punye buku, ade 4. Yang The Incredibles tu buku Mummy die. Haha.

Oklah. Gonna do other stuffs. Had fun at the sales, got to shop till trolley gotten heavy to lug around. Maybe I'll go again this Tuesday tapi bringing along my Mom and nephews and nieces, so I doubt I'll be doing much shopping on my own. Ye la tuu..

Oh... the damage. RM500++. Gulp. Kthxbai. 

Monday, December 03, 2012

I shop and shop and shop

I think it is frightening how much I shop this weekend. Aku tak amik gamba la my damage, because I always forgot to take, 

Kite start dengan Mom Expo at Midvalley. 

- I went 2 times! Lunch hour sekali for a quick look and a quick buy, second time to buy MamyPoko because lunchhour the queue is turrible. 

- Damage - 4 baju for Ajis ( totally acceptable, Ajis dah besa, baju dah sendat ), thermos flask for travelling, food container, detergent, 2 cloth books and 2 MamyPoko. 

- Then went Amcorp Mall on Saturday sebab nak amik preview pass BBW *insert big wolfy smile here*. 

- Damage - 1 baby book for Ajis, 1 baju India cotton style tu for moi, puting for Ajis sebab Ajis melahau mummy kepala weng tinggalkan puting die. Hahaha. 

- We tried to go to PWTC sabtu malam tu, tapi jam walauwehhh... parking penuh, then hujan pulak tu, Ajis tidur. Kesian la pulak. So husband cakap tak payah la.

- Sunday morning , I pujuk husband through Ajis to go to PWTC this morning. Sampai sana baru perasan rupanyeee perhimpunan UMNO tu habis on 1st Dec, gueh ingatkan 2nd Dec. Dah cuak dah ingatkan gerai2 jualan ni dah tutup laa, tapi still bukak lagi, tak semua bukak, tapi more than enough la to do some damage to the wallet. 

- Bought 10 tudung yg RM5, tudung warna warni itu. Bought 40 kain ( Bukan semuanye untuk akuuu, nak bawak balik Bintulu ni...), husband bought baju cotton batik, I bought kain batik warna hitam ( I like ) which cost me only RM220 which is my budget. Tak kose aku nak mahal sangat.. The woman selling me the batik told me I am lucky to come at the last day, as people just want to get rid of stuff, so jual murah. Ini bukan luck. I memang nak datang last day sebab mahu murah. Tapi I tak cakap laa, hehe. Tanak revealkan my cheapskateness. 

- Husband bought me my first Mulberry! Fiiwitt. Matik laa. Adakah lepas ni aku akan terjerumus dengan aktiviti2 salivating after expensive handbag dan mengeluarkan duit bonus untuk handbag? 

Husband mentioned it is kinda scary on how ape ekk,.. my appetite for shopping seems unquenchable. Aku rase masa pregnant tu aku duk postpone2 nak shopping, tadek mood la bagai, tetiba lepas dah naik keje ni,, macam wahhh.. ini mahu, itu mahu. 

Pengsan. Tetiba aku cuak nak check kredit kad. Gah

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