Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Voices in my head and yet I am not crazy

Tengok ni dah kul brape, saya maseh di opis. Dah kena kerah berkerja kan. Sob Sob. Takpe. Nanti ade cuti 3 hari... Jangan sesiapa ganggu tidurku~


Oh... I was looking at a my YM list of friends and I realized haven't met one of them in a quite a while. However, in my head I somehow could still played out the sound of his voice if I choose to remember.

Some people voice are just so distinctive that it will be embedded in your head. And these are not particularly great or melodious voice. Some are mildly annoying and grating. But I can still played it over my head just as if they are talking beside me . I can remember a few of my friends and ex boyfriends voice even those from 10 years back. But most of the voice that I remember are boys. Also some of the guys I knew, have a laidback sorta way of talking that I raise my eyebrows at. Those inflections, their pauses, their slurring ways of saying out loud their words are what usually what I memorized. These are the one I usually found such glee in 'mengajuk'.

I have problems trying to remember girls voice tho. But there are 2 or 3 that kinda stand out. Maybe because I hear them so often! Hehehe...

And isn't it weird on how wildly different our voices sounds like when we hear them recorded. I always thought that my voice sounds deep when I spoke, tapi bile dengar dalam recording ke or voicemail, it just sounded pitchy and girly and just like everyone else.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Of Doomed Queen, 1001 Tales and the last Potter book.


Work kinda sucks at the moment cause I have to program things I don't know how to program. Anyone can teach me how to 'programming' using 'pattern search'? God! I hate programming and I dread my performance appraisal next week. I know I'm a moron in my job and I am afraid my boss may suspect I am a moron too. Yes, yes. I have low self esteem but somehow people who have this low self esteem problem does have valid reasons why their self esteem so low kan?

Gah! Lets not think about work. Absolut dreadful. Think about the lovely 4 days off free from work! Celebrate good people. Oh! Joyous dayssss, indeeed!

Anyway, the purpose why I blog today is to ramble on books! Whee! I haven't done that in ages! (Stop putting exclamation marks Dils!!!)

Ok. Let start with The Other Boleyn Girl.

I thought it was gonna be long winded, filled with unnecessary details and dull. But it was good. V.good indeed. It was gripping and the scenes are lovingly described. I love how Anne is depicted here through the eyes of Mary. She is portrayed as a villain. I may agree with some of the writer assumptions here that Anne is ambitious and can be devious, but if you aim for the top spot when you are not born into it, you must need to trample a few heads kan? But I still have a soft spot of that doomed Queen of England. I remembered standing in front of Traitor's Gate at the Tower of London and hearing our guide informed us this is the where Anne Boleyn had to pass through when she was herded in as prisoner.

I remembered reading a critic dismissing the book as trashy. Herm. Maybe the critic is right. My reading list is not that literary. But book critics does sometimes seems to have volumes of Britannica stacking up all into their arses. (Still I perhaps will take a peek through Twilight and see if its really as bad as it sounds)

However I enjoyed reading it, and I can now remember which queens from first to 6th and their names and also all the other supplementary characters that are involved at the times. Though I am still somewhat baffle on why Kinokuniya put up that book in the young adult fiction. I kinda doubt most young adult I know would enjoy reading it, but probably me myself at 16, would enjoy it. Who knows. So I am now interested to read her other Tudors work. Nanti la singgah lagi at Book Xcess as that place sold her books way cheap!

Now am reading Bill Willingham 1001 Nights of Snowfall.

The gist about the book is:
In the story Snow White has been sent to negotiate with the Arabian fables. The sultan, considering it an insult that a woman was sent to negotiate, holds her hostage. Snow White tells him a story every night to keep him from beheading her.
It do not have 1001 tales in it, a few of familiar tales retold with a twist. So far, I love the Snow White telling of her supposedly happy ending and I feel sad reading of the Frog Prince.

This is a late birthday present from my husband after I complained a lot that I didn't get any birthday present. Anyway, I'm not totally loving that the illustrations are more compare to wordings (I am still relatively new to this graphic novels business ok) but I like this Fable one off series. I am thinking of trying out the first Fable series to see if its any good. Tapi macam expensive hobby dah pulak if you start to collect graphic novels ni. Herm.

And you know y'all, I think I am giving up trying to kumpul all of Buffy 'graphic novel'. Its too much for me to continuously search for it and buy it. I give up. And heck! It's not even a graphic novel. It's a comic ok. Graphic novel is this 1001 Nights of Snowfall-like.

This also makes me yearn to have 1001 Arabian Nights Tale. Complete with beautiful illustrations. My husband found a collection of 1001 Arabian Nights Tale at Kinokuniya and pointed it out to me. He knows I am searching for it, but you know what... gile mahal that volume. RM800++ . Perghhhh... Ah well. There is always the children's book or the online version. ZzzzZZzzz

Oh and I am also currently reading the last book of Harry Potter. The last time I read it, I was kinda in a rush to know all the juicy tidbits and the wraparound of the story. So I decided to read it again more slowly to enjoy the book.

p/s: cilakak betul. Dah pukul 9pm, aku still lagi kat opis. Takpe, takpe. Cuti 4 hari. Cuti 4 hari.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nothing is free ok

Not in the mood for blogging. But here I am anyway. What's up with that eh?

My husband is now at Labuan for I don't know how long. Hurm. No one to teman me breakfast. Ah well, like I have time for breakfast anyway.

I, like Sheema would like to recap my weekend activities. But nothing particularly interesting comes up except one incident that I will talk about later in a few paragraphs down yek. Though before my gfs got all riled up, yes ... yes.. us friends held a picnic at the taman layang-layang (WTF is it called anyway?) on Saturday petang and the picnic that we had is rather memorable. Tapi kite pegi picnic/air terjun lain kali pagi2 boleh? Tadek masa nak bercerita sangat la.

The pics as above. Banyak gile makanan. Gile kenyang taw.

Well before heading to the the picnic, my husband and I singgah at Ikano for some chores not worth mentioning about. Sebab dedua dah macam kebulor, we decided to choose the nearest restaurant around and my husband decided upon Sushi King. Which is weird because he never chose Japanese. Mesti moi.

Anyway, we seated ourselves and ordered and do the all usual things any other people do. Though my eyes alight on 6 teenagers seated opposite us, their plates are already empty but they are energetically talking to each other. They look young, secondary school age range to me. Kinda like a snobbish, upper middle class looking teenagers too from the way they dressed and speak. Bercerita about movies and friends and theatres they had and want to see. All of that conversation are in fluent english with no stumbling y'all. Moi who is currently writing this entry (and most of her other entries) in English pon cakap BM pasar je with ma frens. Occasionally sprinkling our conversation with some English jugak la kan.

After some considerable time, the server gave me my cold soba (not that nice pon). While he was putting the dish in front of me, I noticed 2 of the teenagers are giggling maniacally while jalan terbongkok2 keluar from their booth like how nenek kebayan in theatres are suppose to act and in their glee, they kinda ran into our server who kinda jolted a bit. Nasib baik makanan tak tumpah atas aku. I kinda jeling and the server looks kinda annoyed, but they were oblivious and went on their way.

A while after that, my husband and I then notice that the teenagers are suddenly gone. Several of the Sushi King employees were now standing around their empty tables complaining that rich kids are the worst customer. Seems like the noxious teenagers had left without paying. Little brats indeed.

It must seems like a good joke to them and most probably they had laughed about it and told their other friends on their lil 'adventure'. Most probably too if their other friends heard their story, they would think the same too. Spoilt little brats. But who knows, probably they are little brats too. Orang-orang yang kerja kat Sushi King hari tu mesti rasa nak cekik-cekik je that brats kalo jumpa lagi.

Friday, January 16, 2009

From one thing that led to another

My husband decided to change from prepaid to postpaid. So I am his supp line. Dengan ini bole berleter berjam2 to my husband on the phone whenever he is in Labuan or even in KL. Heee!

Though, I found out one pesky problem arises after I changed to 'line'. I couldn't get my TAC request. Now, MAYBANK2u is a godsend. I hate queueing. I hate meeting and interacting with random strangers even through glass wall or booth. I like having menial task done away with just a few clicks away. Now the TAC request refuses to make its bloody way to my phone in form of a SMS, this is just unnecessary burden.

Le sigh.

Contacted Maybank Customer Service. So I get the usual reply that I used to make myself when I was a call center agent. "Our system shows there is nothing wrong... therefore it is doubtful that our system is the cause of this problem". I rolled my eyes at that. The call center agent asked me to contact Digi. Hurmph. This is also another set of usual reply we call center agents used that usually means "This is not in our FAQ list of knowledge. I couldn't be bothered so please call other call center which then would shorten our talktime thus improving our SLA ".

Contacted Digi Helpline. I got that usual reply yet again. " There is no problem with our system .. blablabla...." (you get the gist). Le sigh yet again. I don't even deign to roll my eyes as I had expected this and just continue to read "The Other Boleyn Girl" while hearing the customer service agent 'splain' things to me. The Digi call center agent then asked me to contact Maybank pulak.

I just sighed loudly after I end the call. This is going to be some ridiculously tedious back and forth volleyballs of problem between 2 call centers. A lot of talktime and moneyh of calling call center will be wasted. Daymn. Changing to supp line is problematic even after all that promises of 'easy breezy' procedure.

Hermmmm... This must be karma for all the customers I had "volleyball" to other call centers. Hahaha!

I am really malas to called those call centers again cause I know that I would receive copious amounts of "Our systems currently shows there is no problem" statements before I would see any progress. I also looked into forum and found few people with problems like mine. Changing from prepaid to 'line', they cannot receive TAC requests nor other SMS generated from the nets. Haih.

Nanti la try balik calling2 call center when I am in a better mood to amuse myself by call center-ing. I would also try to solve it on my own, as usually that is way easier (in term of tempers). In the meantime, I just have to make do with ATM TAC. Annoying betul.

p/s: I dropped my Cheezy Wedges on my MP3 player. And my Sony MP3 player now looks disgusting as di dalam nooks and cranny-nyer got that yellowish gooks of cheese. Gah! Not only I am a ditzy scatterbrains, I am also a ditzy butterfingers. Balik umah nanti godeh MP3 player with cotton buds. Adakah ini jua excuse to rasmikan my new Ipod?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The somewhat gist of that Penang trip pulak

I am in a particularly crappy mood. Kinda depressed in a not really interested talking about it kinda way. So I would not address my crappy depressive self and put in a somewhat lacklustre post of what-I-did-in-Penang so I can look back, remembered that I went on a company trip to Penang.

Soooo yet another picture laden post. Wheee!

So this is Penang

So I went to Penang and reached there petang. This person decided at the last minute he should be able to come and reached here a bit late.

Ronda-ronda Batu Ferringhi by night and manage to waste money on DVDs of movies and series. My only regret is not to buy more. Yuppety right,Effi and Dila, dirt cheap. I am very very tempted to go to Penang once a year for the sole reason of DVDs galore. Bought some Oscar movies and horrendous movies that is deignable only for dirt cheap DVDs. Bought also Chuck Season 2 and The Tudors. I am all tempted to buy it as currently am reading The Other Boleyn Girl and enjoying it so very much.

Didn't manage to do much beach activities. Was not in the mood and the beach do not 'scream' invitation.

Manage to Jalan2 at Fort Cornwallis to satisfy my curiousity of looking at old stuffs. Ok enough. For RM3, it is passable.

Then had the most excellent lunch/brunch of Mee Sotong where you have the options to choose Mee Rebus or Goreng. I took the mee rebus one while my husband ordered the mee goreng one. Without a doubt, the mee rebus one win hands down.

The ultra delicious mee sotong

Meetup with some relatives for another set of lunch which left us stuffed. Sambil2 tu tengok a horrible movie called "Duyung" at Astro. Honestly. Its kinda terrible.

Then back to hotel where I siap2 for my annual dinner where the theme is "Hawaiian or Beach Night". Looks 'beachy' enough. Hey! It's what I would wear for a night out at the beach.

And yes, I brought my book to my annual dinner. Afraid that its gonna be a dreadful bore.

Win myself a Shuffle which is no biggie as that is the lowest lucky draw prize and at least everybody who do not win big left with a Shuffle.

Gah! No luck there eh. But I guess I upgraded a bit from my 512MB Sony MP3 player that I still used to this 1Gig one. Bole la kalo nak MP3 player backup kan.

Well then we left for KL the next day. But not before waking up real early to have breakfast and walk along the beach all alone like some delusional heartbroken girl. I want to go about on the beach when the sun is just barely touching the sand. Always wanted to see what's the fuss all about. Hurm... I kinda like it. No crowds about, cool sea air, warm water swirling on and off your bare feet. I may just put "Walking along the beach" under "Interest" when I want fill in those pesky details in those dating site. Oh wait. I am married. Hoho.

I kinda like Penang. Maybe next time, if we decided on a holiday there we give you a call ye Dila. Hari tu got tonnes of activities.

p/s: The usual round of even more photos will be in FP. Tak update lagi. Tah2 tak update pon nanti. Heeeee.

Friday, January 09, 2009

From Penang

Here I am at a swanky hotel provided by the company for a company trip.

My assigned roommates for this trip, still tak datang lagi. Hurm, not sure if datang ke tak. And can I say my room kinda rawks. Overlooking the pool and the sea. Daymn.

We came over here by bus. Waited at KL Sentral at 9.15am. Its been a while since I had been in a PUTRA during rush hour. And man does it sucks. At one point, I was like a broken doll. Head facing west to avoid an angmoh armpit, one foot facing east, while the other facing north and with 3 bags to carry precariously while people are actually pushing me towards the pole. Gah! Its even more terrible than before. Really, ministers. People are REALLY using the public transport. Quit saying the public didn't use it enough and we are the cause of the massive jams on the roads.

Well, by the time I reach Penang I was a bit 'weng' and headachy. I get motion sickness very easily. (Before and after getting married, so if I heard another "Are you preggie" question, I will be mightily pissed off), so I am trying to put my head together by the time we reached the hotel. We were greeted with ice lemon tea and smiles and ushered to check in which I did easily as my name as usual is on top of the list.

By the time I got my room card and get out of the lift to go to my room I realized with a sickening thud that I only got 2 bags with me. I left my goddamn laptop bag on the bus. Damn it!
I am very pissed with myself.

However, I gotten the bus driver numbers and asked the hotel to hail me a taxi while praying the bag is really there. If not, kena bayar company banyak woooo. Moi do not have dollars. All the while cursing my boss because he asked us to bring the laptop to our company trip. Hahaha. Well, taxi hailed, bus driver was decent, I gotten my laptop bag back. Fuh!

Siap la kena bebel ngan husband because of my very frequently freakish ditzy moments. I really need a brain transplant.

So here I am typing on my recovered laptop y'all (swanky hotel got internet connection wheee!) from Penang all very casually dressed up for our buffet dinner. All ends well!

Whee! Later.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Melaka Trip

as requested by my husband... sudah pon update ye. :P

So when some people asked if we had gone to our honeymoon. I kinda lied. Actually there is no honeymoon but we decided to have a little trip to Melaka instead. So maybe its kinda like a pre-mini-honeymoon! I want to jenjalan at Melaka just for the heck of it. And I really like to look at really old stuffs. And my husband like to take pictures of stuffs. And its not that far. So its fine with the both of us.

Our long honeymoon trip? Nanti la dulu bile dapat cuti panjang as my cuti tak banyak pon tinggal. And I think, your honeymoon trip should be a long holiday, baru betul honeymoon. Huhuhu. Which is why I just regarded this trip is kinda like a pre-honeymoon. At least kalau tak jadi gi honeymoon, tadekle kempunan kan? Setakat kumpul mini2 honeymoon aje. Pon boleh! Hehehe!

And with my husband kept on being sent off for offshore and Labuan to work, kemungkinan tak jadi trip ke sana sini itu memang la ade. Takpe.... instead of "We will always have Paris", us humble couple can say " We will always have Melaka".

Apekah aku melalut ni....

Anyway, took a bunch of pics there among the usual sights.

Love walking up and down at Jonker Street looking at all the lovely trinkets and goods being sold.

Oh. Gamba macam kecik. Huhu. Adalah malas nak resize. Takpe. Tak penting. Skadar menceriakan blog post aje.

And even though money are a bit tight, I still bought these because...

Its RM 12. Its cheap and cloggy. And its red. (The pink one tadek my size)

RM 1 to "cow-ear" my books.

RM 1 for all naturel scrubber.

RM0.60 apiece for nostalgic reason. I didn't get enough of these when I was a child. Giving them to my niece to enjoy. Probably hoarding one of em and playing them in secret.

Guess its not too bad and its a good trip. Didn't get to eat as much as my heart desire. But had the best durian chendol ever. There's still a few places didn't get to go, but Melaka is just a few hours away. And I still really like walking around in Melaka, looking at the same sights.

Oh and the other slew of pics (slightly bigger) is at my FP.


Yesterday was on MC. Balik keje today. BANYAK la pulak keje. Blergh.

Ugh. Anyway.... you know if you see a movie when a character is sakit. They are in some kind of pain and then the doctor will prescribe some painkiller to ease the pain. Whenever the scenes called for that they need to be in pain, they will make this really torturous grimace-y face like hot rod is being poked at their ass. When they finally found that painkiller (after rummaging through several drawers), they will popped one in their mouth. Then they will kinda like slumped backwards, and their face seems to reflect that bliss is indeed here and and looking like they found Shangri-La and there is no word called 'pain' exist in this world...

Lies I told you! Blatant lies!!!

p/s: Nanti la update lagi...

Sunday, January 04, 2009

On 2nd thoughts...

I think I like this template better. Love the color. And I love the kitty in the 'perahu' overseeing the stars serenaded by the owl. The twinkling dreamy quality of the color and image, is just what I like it most. Its almost 'me'. Heh.

This lovely template is still taken from the same site as before.

Ugh. My feet is hurting. Its annoying. I don't know what cause it, but I had been limping like the Hunchback of Notre Dame all day.

Hurm. I think I want to get back to the lovely Jensen Ackles and proceed to marathon meself a Supernatural.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Roll it up, and roll em out.

Everybody and anybody are either doing resolutions or 2008 recaps or their worst/best moments of the year.

I am much too 'unique' ( can also be translated as do not give a damn or more correctly lazy) to do those.

So I am giving the lazy version of the end-beginning of the year post.

My 2008 roll up ended up with Sheema, me and Gohan chatting up and just hanging out at a kopitiam. More excellent than jostling with other wannabe parti-ers in the middle of KL.

My 2009 roll out started with meeting my husband who was coming back from Labuan at the airport and him then leaving to JB without moi :P and then spend the night bbq-ing with the 'Spammers' geng.

I am contented enough with these 2 days which mark the ending and beginning of the year.

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