Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My computer died. What else is new?

You know. I am feeling so guilty towards my blog for not updating. So sad to see the old date still there... yet no update.

Hah.. Okay. Actually there's plenty of reason of not updating. Before this I was busy and the internet at home is playing hide and seek.

Then.. my computer sucks and it heard I say it sucks so it kinda 'mrajuk' thus refusing to boot up and somehow my harddisk also crash along. I am feeling so sad remembering all the jdorama and series I had. I am feeling somewhat thankful that peoples around me had copied off the series so I can copy back. But some of the jdorama and series such as Veronica Mars Season 2 and Season 3 and Greys Anatomy the current season, I had not yet copied into the dvd. Thus lost forever. Sobs. Unless, downloaded again (ARGH!) or spent hard earned cash on DVDs.. Sobs!

Thus, I lost my mood and appetite to blog for a while. Not until I got my computer back damn it.. Then I can blog about something such as Phantom of the Opera and post the photos you guys wanting to look at (tapi la kan.. the photos not much pon..)

Hahaha.. Eh.

As so currently. I have only my brother laptop to keep me company for a while, which sucks too since only when it feel like it, it would let Streamyx in.

So I get even more depressed and played Sims Theme Hospital. (Yes. Its an old, old game.. I don't care.. I still like it)

So there. But I will update. Promise. Kesian blog. I will ok.. so don't mrajuk2 with me plak ok..

Who knows computer can be so temperamental as a woman.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thinly veiled fog


" I don't know"

*insistently* "What do you think it meant..?"

"I don't know. Its a dream ok."

"Well... in your dream, he is taunting you aight.. Surely you must know what it signify?"

*exasperated* "Listen. I don't know. Half of the time, when he is speaking to me, face to face so earnestly, I think I knew. But then I realized later that I don't know him at all. Much less if he ever meant what he said. If in reality, I never know what to believe, you think I know what he said in my dreams?"

"You can't forget him."

"Oh. You are repeating him now."

"I'm not. Those line. It can be a fact, a statement or a question. In fact I think its all of them."

"Hmmm. That's silly. *sigh* "I just don't want to think about it. Forget it"

" How mature of you."

" I think its a pretty good defense." *shrugs*

*raised eyebrows* "Did he attacked you then ?"

"Quit it. I'm trying to be realistic." *rolls eyes*

" The line of dreams and reality are just a thin veil of fog."

" You should know."


Eh. The above? Just saje-saje aje.

Will update a more rational post later. Just very tired lately. I can hardly keep my eyes open.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Tornado Rush


So many things happened this week. And event upcoming too!

First of all.. jeng jeng jeng. I was selected as one of the lucky contestants for the Mix FM Cash Tornado. I went through the Tornado already on Wednesday. Thank God it was my off days. If not, how am I to get there during workdays huh. And I am just so glad thats its over. Its nerve wracking Okay.

Was surprised on an early cool Tuesday morning by my phone vibrating beside my bed. I thought at first I was dreaming. Picked up the phone and heard my sister asked if I register for the Tornado Cash. I mumbled "Yes". Then she said excitedly and with a lil whoop, my name had been called and to call the radio ASAP. Ehh.. just wake up, fumbling to find specs and pen. Couldn't find a pen, so I just grab a marker and jotted down the radio station number on some random books strayed around the house.

Couldn't go to sleep la after that even though I feel like I really want to. But charged with adrenaline, I am better of by languishing myself in front of the TV and lulled myself with some documentary. Then was surprised by a call from my car dealer thingies asking to go to some luncheon where even more prize goodies goodness is awaiting. Eh. April is such a good month for me? It got to the point where I was thinking, "eh am I dreaming of all these calls ar". Since this is the girl who never even won a tub of cream free. (Even when I buy some expensive product the free gift is not for me. Gile tak fair to the purchasing power!). The most I got is a handful of chewing gums. Eh. Oklah tipu. I used to enter an essay in a magazine that won me a few books. But that's it! I swear!

Well, on Wednesday.. my siblings decide to drop by to the Tornado event which was on Ampang Point. Moral support la kononnye. Eiiii.. got me even more nervous. I don't do well with moral support you know. All those expected expectations make me tremble.

But I went through it ok la. It was hot that day! We had some fun. The Roadrunners are an energetic bunch. And what I walk away with? Not too shabby. Could had been better.. and I was expecting better. But hey.. out of the many who registered .. I got selected ok! And nobody would give that much of a cash! So I'm Oklah. Furthermore, the Tornado will be ending this week! Talk about Lady Luck! And my siblings all went away with some Mix FM goodies giveaway. (My brother in law got complimentary meal at a fine French restaurant). I got some extra extra moolah to spend. *GRIN* Very happy. Dance a lil jig. Can shop a bit in Singapore this weekend. Yeay!

Got some photos to post. (And I was thinking to post a photo of me with DJ Sham together in this post. He's kinda cute and very nice). But really lazy in transferring pics and stuff and uploading. Maybe I will post all of those together went I get back from Singapore.

Ohh. I can't wait to get to Singapore this weekend. But.. I still dreading that I may had not packed everything yet. Phantom of the Opera! Here I come!

p/s: Ah yes. I feel my writing kinda sucks. That happened when there's load of things going on and I get tired. So then my writing get even more sucks-er

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