Monday, December 20, 2010

The world was and is fucked up

I was reading some news, about the brutal killing of a girl and wondered if the world had become more heartless.

Then somehow, I was brought to the memories I had when I was in my primary school, maybe because the name of the victim reminded me of one of the girls in primary. In my all girls school there used to be 2 kids that is mentally handicapped (I am not sure what exactly the correct term, mentally challenged maybe?). One of the kid is a bit obnoxious since she talks and brags a lot and us kids being bratty kids, we looked down on her when we should be more understanding. However, looking back, I don't think that she ever realized that, and if she did she never shows it. I am glad nonetheless that I always had my manners on when I talk to her as young and naive as I was.

The other girl is even more pitiable. Even back then us bratty girls pity her. She is painfully shy. She was a big girl, somewhat disheveled but always with a smile on her face I don't know exactly what her illness might be, just that she is very awkward, smiles a lot, and often you don't really know if she really understand what we are saying. I can't remember of hearing her voice. Maybe she did talked, but it must be rare that I have a problem remembering it. Day by day in school I think she just going through the motion, copying what other does, but never understanding. However even from such a young age, she is what you might called, her body matured. While many of us, were flat chested, she already had big breasts. 

And I can't remember exactly how we know this, but she must have told someone, we heard that a group of boys harassed her after school. Sexually harassed by trying or even got to fondle her boobs. She was depressed for some times after that. And us girls are horrified and angry for her. At the time she was like a 3 year old child stuck in a 12 year old body. And this group of boys thought it would be ok to molest a mentally ill girl. 

So the state of the world even then is just as horrifying as it is now. 

I wondered what happened to those 2 girls. I hope they received a good care that they deserved.

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