Friday, August 13, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Bile tiba bulan puasa, mesti busy melampau. Sampai kena keje weekend ni. Haih.

And the not best thing about working weekend during puasa month is that we will be missing out the company's treat. Other than that, I can deal. Heh.

I could use the extra vacation time though.

And did you notice that the price of the kueh mueh is 50 cents a piece now. Hoh. And some of the kueh, don't need that much of a sugar anyway. Even just buying a few stuffs at pasar ramadhan can bleed you dry nowadays. But you just can't help it aight. Which is why homemade food is always better. And which is why I am going to buy some mata kucing myself and boiled loads of its during the weekend for some thirst quenchers. And try to cook as often as I can. Right. Unless I find some chrysanthemums tea or air jagung. Or kerabut perut. Hmmmmm. I just can't help myself there. 

Kepala rasa empty. Later.


Soraya Zainal said...

Harga kueh sangat cekik darah.

3 piece of samosa = Rm2
Ikan pari besar tapak tangan = RM10


Dils said...

Ikan pari tu dari tahun lepas... Gile mahal. Beli kat kedai makan biasa Ikan pari bakar + nasi + sayur pon mahal camtuh.

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