Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I rambles on and on and on

So it's the long Christmas holiday, that should not affect me since I'm not on holiday. But it does! Why? I don't have a lot of defects! I don't have to turn off my computer at 8 pm ! I don't have to grumble about my work in Twitter! All because the good people in Belgium are having their off days.

In the home front, all is good. I am still lazy doing housework, and keep putting off to scrub the kitty areas. It really looked deplorable now, and I can't procrastinate that disagreeable job. Tetapi thinking about housework makes me ill. So many fun things to do instead. Like lounging around looking at Twitter. Watching Jdorama. Reading the Walking Dead. Jalan-jalan alone or with friends or family. Tetapi I still need to clean the damn area and bake me some muffins. All because ade orang tu tak reti habiskan fruit die. And because the kitties tak boleh do their own housework. 

Talking about the kitties, they woke up at 4.30 a.m. today and decided to have a party in my room.  Memang nak kena cepuk sesekor. 

Oh and I've been looking for a new affordable phone. I can't really afford the Iphone 4 price, and most good smartphones are around that price. I can't take the telco plans either, because I'm planning to stay as a subline under my husband. Mostly because he's paying the phone bills, also because if he went outstation di mana2 where I can call him and overseas charges does not apply, we can call each other for hours without worrying the charges. So that leaves mid range phone for me, which really does not make me quiver with excitement. HTC Desire Z is out of the question, tho I like it. Tak mampu la aku.

What happened to my Blackberry. Well, I'd terminated the BIS service, since it decided to go AWOL on me. Coupled with the fact that my free Blackberry phone is acting up (battery is terrible, can't download nor update any apps), I decided to just discard it altogether and not going to Blackberry again, since I'd beginning to hate the BIS now. Maybe when Blackberry have cuter designs kut. So those who had added me on Blackberry, boleh lah delete aku sekarang, since I'm not continuing the service. Sile contact aku on Whatsapp. Tapi tak boleh contact lagi, aku tak beli phone lagi. Sekarang my Blackberry is only good for calling and sms. Baik pakai Nokia 3310 je kan. 

Tomorrow aku planning nak tgk wayang. Been a while since tengok wayang, and probably gonna watch Harry Potter because Harry Potter movies usually looks good on the cinema screen. Bile tengok kat TV, rase macam there's something missing aje. I am thinking if I should buy the Signature one, tapi seat die semua in double. Adalah awesome kalau beli tadek orang kat sbelah. Sekali kalau ade. And orang tu smells? Or worse, like to make commentary throughout the movie? Tak ke rasa nak curah air coke kat sbelah. 

This reminded me when I went to watch movie with husband a while back. We got in early, and just about to settle in excitedly waiting for the trailers. Sekali ade bau busuk menerpa kalbu. Jenis mulut tak reti tutup, I asked loudly, "ehhhh... knapa bau stokin busuk ni. Busuk gile" . I honestly thought it just the general smell of the wayang, banyak wayang bau kepam kan. Sekali depanku ade kapel rempit ni, and the guy had just opened his sogging wet shoes and wants to dry off his socks. Tak pasal2 dengar 'luahan' aku die kena pakai balik kasut. Kesian la pulak kan. Aku pulak dah termalu dan terdiam. Tapi jugak tak sanggup nak bau busuk itu.

p/s: All these ramblings, aku malas nak check what sorta error up there. Also aku rase mcm aku dah cerita pasal kesah stokin busuk tu. Lantak la. Tak igt.


chics said...

Eh line apa call overseas, the oversea charge does not apply? macam best je

Dils said...

wahh.. aku melalut tu. I should mean it as, bile die outstation area within Malaysia je.

Kalau ade, tak ke bahagia.

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