Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I rather face monsters than human

That's seems to be the feeling I felt in my dream. 

I kept on having recurring dreams where vampires are after me and taking hostage of my cats. Especially Kurap. 

Gambar sekadar hiasan

The other night  I dreamt of real people intending to do me harm, and it scared me witless. I found myself reluctant to sleep because in my dream the people came to me in my sleep and I was scared. Sleep of course came and I dreamt again of vampires and cats and all is right again in my world.  I rather much have vampires and zombies and aliens ( I dreamt of them quite often too) in my dreams than psychopath made of real flesh and blood. 

Perhaps the state of the world scares me. The other night I was haunted by the face of the father who lost his 2 kids. Last night news reported there was a hit and run in Kelantan where a vehicle hit 2 kids on a bicycle. Seeing those poor kids still bloodied and still clad n school clothes while being watched silently by their father at the side of the road, there is no word to express how horrible it is. The perpetrator are still not found. 

Aside from this sad business, the many cases of robberies, acid splashing, murders are making me feel quite disgusted with humanity. I really can't understand how these people live with themselves. What kind of things they'd been taught at when they were small that they could bring harm to others? Of course tale of murder is as old as time. But do they grieve for their wrong doing ?

When  I was small  my sister and mother, caught a young man stealing mangoes from the trees at our home. We never mind if the kids climb up and take a few mangoes but this guy actually brought a guni to put all these mangoes in. My sister ( who is a small fearsome little thing) berates him and asked him what he is doing, and all he said is "Mintak maaf kak, mintak maaf, saya orang miskin". 

Is that the excuses that they keep telling themselves? Time is hard so it is ok to steal, cheat, kill? 

So give me monsters anytime. In my dream I run and fight and face these monsters fearlessly. When I dreamt of human psychopath, all I do is cower.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A pile of book reviews

The Long Secret by Louis Fitzburgh

This is the sequel to the precocious tale of Harriet the Spy, which I had read some time ago. I like Harriet the Spy, this one, not so much.


Harriet the Spy refuses to become ruffled when an unidentified person starts leaving disturbing notes all over the quiet little beach town of Water Mill. She’s determined to discover the author of the notes. And she drags her best friend, mousy Beth Ellen, into all kinds of odd and embarrassing situations in her efforts to reveal the culprit. Observing in her own special, caustic way with her ever-present notebook, Harriet the Spy is on the case. But will she be ready to face the truth when she finds it?


The Long Secret

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I like the book towards the end. When the characters shows more heart and emotion. I appreciate the ending.

However, this book felt bland . I like the first book well enough, but this one, I need to force myself to continue reading it.

I have no idea why I have a hard time imagining the story. Usually I have no difficulties in building the world the characters live in, in my min. However this book, make me feel dull and without imagination. Whenever I pictured the character it is against a white canvas. They interact with nothing. They only have emotions which we are not given glimpses of. Yes, even emotional Harriet, feel lifeless to me.

Maybe I am the only one who feel this way. Maybe I am just depressed when I am reading this book. But joy, is not what this book bring forth in me.


The Rest of Our Lives by Jeannie Johnson

The Second World War is now over and people must count the cost. Three women from very different backgrounds meet when they find themselves on Bristol Temple Meads station waiting for the return of their loved ones. Edna's fiance Colin comes home crippled. Charlotte's doctor husband, who was a loving and gentle father, returns a violent, disturbed man with no love for her and even less for their children. Polly, who is waiting for her GI boyfriend Aaron, is once again disappointed when he doesn't arrive. Adjusting to men who are very changed and, in Polly's case, to no man at all, is the core of this story. However, during the war years, the women have had to cope. They too have changed, and they harbor secrets that would be best kept


The Rest of Our Lives

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed the book wholeheartedly and it was a fast read. Manage to finish it in 2 days.

I'd always been interested in the stories regarding women during the war. The one that were left behind and kept waiting . I like the characters setup, though Edna pisses me of with her indecisiveness. The writing is simple and no nonsense which I appreciated.

I guess towards the end, I felt like there's could be something more. Whatever that is I don't know which is why the 3 stars.

All in all, it was an enjoyable read.


Waiter Rant by Steve Dublanica

In this book, the pseudonymous Steve Dublanica (a.k.a. Dan John Miller) achieves for waiters what Anthony Bourdain did for cooks in Kitchen Confidential. By the evidence of Waiter Rant, not even his seminary classes or job as a psychiatric worker could prepare Dublanica adequately for what he would experience pulling shifts at an upscale restaurant outside New York City. He tells story after entertaining story about customers, co-workers, and bosses who range individually from the imperious to the clinically insane. Along the way, the author-waiter delivers sound advice on proper tip etiquette and the art of getting good service

Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip-Confessions of a Cynical Waiter

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had been a fan of the Waiter Rant blog. Nowadays after the publication of this book, his update had been sporadic.

Anyway, on this book, I enjoyed reading it, but as a person who had read all entries in his blog, I guess, it feels redundant. Except for a few chapters, I felt like I had read most of the sordid true tales in the blog, and it was rehashed with more words in the book. The flow of the book is a bit uneven, felt disjointed from one chapter to the next. Like many other reviews before this, it felt like you are reading a collection of blog entries. I wouldn't say he is not a good writer, his style of writing is entertaining, though at times it feels like it is trying a bit too hard to be too philosophical (whenever he start waxing poetic philosophical stuffs, I tend to skip those paragraphs) and at times trying too much to be funny, when a simple fact should suffice.

I guess if you have never read his blog before, you might find it interesting and an enjoyable quick read. If you had, like me, it feels like revisiting entertaining entries while feeling is my money worth spending this much when I can just reread the blog?

(Though I have no regret buying this book as I got it cheap at a warehouse sale. My recommendation is: Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential for a raw tale of the restaurant industry. ).

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Random on Sunday

I have no idea why, but  feel like this Ramadhan was harder than before. Maybe because I gotten sick during Ramadhan? Or I am alone at home? 

I had finished watching Felicity. I felt quite sad towards the end, that I can no longer have my fix of Ben and Felicity adorableness. This only spurs me to see Dawson's Creek. If I can find the DVD. In the mean time, I'm watching Gilmore Girls and reliving how cute Alexis Bledel is and how youthful Jared Padalecki looks then. 

I can't wait for Raya, but more because I can't wait for holiday. I hope this week go fast. 

I am now quite addicted playing with the games on google plus. If you do play, add me! Especially Zombies Lane. I love that game but I need more people so I can chomp on their plants!

Manage to give a bath to all 3 kittehs. It does do me good as I was having a fever and a cold this weekend, so a little sweat always do you good in my opinion. However it resulted in me 'melepek' at 2pm. 

On Friday I am on MC. I parked my ass on the sofa and watch documentaries in my feverish state, while playing Zombie Lane. I quite like watching the Dog Whisperer. (a show where a dog trainer helps people to train their aggressive dogs). I wonder if he can handle cats. Especially when giving them a bath. Or giving them pills. 

I really want to drink my Diet Coke in the fridge. 

Selamat berbuka y'all.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cat Sanatorium

Last weekend 2 of my cats are sick. 

Kurap came home on Thursday all quiet. Soon she was puking around the house. I am immune to cat puke by this time, well almost. The one Fasha let out last week is enormous and disgusting but I manage to not retch next to it. However the one that Kurap let out is worrying because I can see blood in there. This is her on Friday night , where she had found a nook she want to be in. 

While Puteh came home that same evening limping. He was limping a while, but I didn't bring pay much attention because I am lousy, also it is also a bit on and off limp. 

By Friday, he can only walks with 3 legs. That it is him on the same Friday night where Kurap is asleep in her nook, he took position on the sofa and prop up his hurt leg to a position less painful to him. 

I now have 2 sick cats in hand and brought them to a vet on Saturday. I worry more for Kurap because all she wants to do is lie down. However on the way to the vet, she became incredibly active and mewed and clawed around her carrier. Of course when Kurap start up in the car, Puteh also mewed in unison. I swear they were synchronizing their mewing at one point when I was in the car. 

( Sometimes I called this guy who pet boarded my cats, and he do home delivery service. Every time I sent Kurap in his car, Kurap is incredibly loud in her protestation. However can he drive from Ampang to Cheras with that godawful persistent mewing? I had a headache from the 15 mins drive to the vet ). 

Kurap was worrying me a lot because she wouldn't eat any food at all. While I don't think Kurap is really fat, she's maybe a tad bit overweight and sudden loss of appetite to an overweight cat can be dangerous. So the whole weekend consisting me waving a considerable amount of food in front of her nose. It ranges from dry kibbles, wet food, boiled fish, cooked canned tuna, chicken, chicken soup. None she deign to even lick.  I haven't done so much cooking even for myself. 

All she ever do is just sniff it, then make some retching sound like a nauseous pregnant women might do if they smell tempoyak, and move away from the food. I spent the whole day yesterday, chasing her and forcing food down her throat. She does not like me at all yesterday. 

By nightfall, she was tired, I was tired, Puteh is neglected and Fasha pulak is now sick. (However Puteh get better right away after he got the medicine so I tak worry). 

This morning however Kurap woke me up looking cheery than I had seen her the last few days, so I accompanied her to her food and she will eat a small amount of it if I'll slowly rub her back while she's eating. At 5.30 am. At least it is sahur time. 

Now I have to monitor Fasha pulak and she better get better much quicker. Because I can't stand another round of waving food or chasing to force down food on a sick cat.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Bloggity blog

Sometimes I wonder if I privatize my blog, I will have more to blog about? 

Or maybe I should just accept the fact that I am like many other was just following a fad? 

But I used to love blogging. I used to think what I want to write and store all this little nuggets of observation, insight, conversation to be put in here. Nowadays, I am just contented, to read, read and read. Read books, read tweets, read blogs, read gossip sites. 

When I open my blog nowadays I can only do book reviews. Maybe I should change this blog name to - Dils Reads Books and Spout it Here? Or start a new blog and jot things in here occasionally. But when I want to abandon the blog, I will find myself itching to blog. 

So blog blog blog. Maybe I'll set it to private. I think whenever I decided to close down the blog, it will be set to private. And perhaps then I'll write in abandon, without thoughts, grammar nazi and secret people stalking through here secretly. The thoughts seems to be liberating. 

In the mean time, I think, you'll only get book reviews. Maybe I do need to change the title? 

Btw, Selamat berpuasa to y'all. Been to param ( Haha! I am calling it PARAM to irk you) only once this week, and spend way too much and the thing sold in PARAM (*snort*) nowadays, is way expensive and you'll always regretted it after you had finished one plate of nasi during the buka puasa. I think I will only go there to buy my stock of susu segar. Do you know it? 

I took this pic from here.

It is the best milk ever. I especially like the corn flavoured and the strawberry one. Not too fond of the chocolate one, but that is one of the few chocolate milk I can down ( I hate chocolate milk, it always disappoint my expectations) . When I was small, I think it was sold 90 sen. And then RM1. Now it is RM1.70. Sigh. Mahal ok. Dah la kecik. 3 kali teguk dah habis. But if I saw this being sold, I can never resist buying a few. Few. Not one. 

Hey. Lookie there. I blog.

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