Monday, April 27, 2009

Off, Berjimba.

That's the word often used when my housemates in UTP decided to go Ipoh on Friday's night.

Well, that's the word I am using now, though Ipoh is not exactly in mind. My husband and I will be off to Siem Reap for a week. Holidaying!!! (Extra exclamation marks are indeed needed) Dan seperti mana my Out of Office email stated, "... I will have no access to emails". But who knows if the wifi is good enough for me to blog eh? We'll see.

Those are my various bags of medicinal stuffs, toiletries and electronic stuffs. Anything I can label, will be bag!

Will write more later! So excited. Oh, jab, I have to eat my 'travel sickness' pill. For the weak stomach in plane. Gah! I hate that. Count yourselves lucky, anyone of you who don't suffer bouts of nausea at the slightest hint of sway during your vehicular passage.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birthday Shoutout

To My Husband. Happy 28th Birthday. 28th kan? Gah! That means I'LL BE 27 this year. Bah!

Anyway, brief post as well, as kira ni shoutout post je la yek.

Nothing special ongoing. Bought him a gift, which I will not be showing it to y'all cause that would be tacky. Hahahahaha. (Also aku malas nak amik gamba).

Treated him lunch at one of a restaurant nearby my office.

I think the restaurant name is Bisou. Bijoux is one of the branch? Or whatevs.

Had the most spiciest salad I ever tasted, ever. Seriously, my perut still bergelodak sebab pedas sangat. The pic above is my salad btw. Didn't take a picture of my husband food (he ordered dory fish with ginger rice), cause to be honest its not even worth it.

The restaurant? Beautiful interior. Quite expensive beverages (Ice lemon tea for RM10?) Taste so-so. I am not sure I want to frequent there again. Probably we did not order the signature dishes? *shrugs* A bit dissapointed actually. Takpe. Saturday to Alexis plak for some delish Laksa Sarawak.

Decided also to buy him a small cake. He don't really mind. It's me yang mahu kek itu actually. So I bought the small Black Forest cake from my favorite bakery to be brought home so everybody at home can also enjoy. ( Everybody love it except Abid. )

It looked as good as its taste.

So, again. Happy Birthday. Sempat lagi nak wish ni kan?

Yeah. He looked fairly ecstatic in potong that kek. And slightly creepy too. Hahaha. Sorry. I just can't resist some digs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Curious Case of ... ?

There is a curious sight I found during lunch break earlier. After aimless wandering at Sogo, I decided to take the lift down to the supermarket area.

Getting into the lift I am slightly befuddled at the sight of a very smartly dressed lady in a kebaya asking us (in rather bad English) if we would like to go to "Ground" level. I mumbled something incomprehensible back. Never mind that she was speaking English badly, because even if she speak perfect Queen's English I would still fumbles my word. She was dressed to the 9 as if there is an annual dinner ongoing, complete with heavy makeup, overdone hair and an overpowering smell of perfume that threatened to mortally harm you if you stay in her vicinity too long. She's wearing a Sogo name tag and I wondered if she is a very helpful employee here.

I am even more curious to find out that her job is obviously the lift itself as before the lift door closes she stepped out for a while and somewhat wailed "Going down!" (okay, she 'said'... but it sounded more like wailing, honestly) and came back in the lift. Looking down, I am surprised to find that her demure kain kebaya had quite a long slit up to the higher part of the thigh, almost reaching the pelvic area. This slit is not the peekaboo type where you can see a glimpse of a thigh when a woman walk, type of slit. It is more of a gash long slit snaking up to show a half a thigh even when a woman just stand around slit. She's wearing a black silk stockings at least. Hmmmm.

At last I reached my floor and can scurries out before I ogled her some more. I think all the people in the lift are visibly relieved to get out of the overly perfumed elevator. At least she seems pretty cool enough just stared at the spot above my head when the people in the lift including moi are gawking at her. I can't help it ok.

Oh, on Saturday I finally got a book that I had been hunting for quite a while but it went suspiciously MIA in all the bookstores I think to look at.

It was this book.

Noticed the book about a year or 2 back at Kino when I considered to buy it but bought the Memory Keeper's Daughter instead. Kekonon nak baca deep stuffs. Bah! Depressing stuff it turned out to be. Which is why now I am staying the hell away from Jodi Picoult.

Anyway back to the book, from the synopsis it sounds like Indiana Jones meet Dan Brown. Hmmm. Not to mention I have an unhealthy obsession with the 7 Ancient Wonder of the Worlds. So I decided around this year, I will buy the book. But alas, I couldn't find it. Too annoying.

Imagine my delight when I found the book during my daily browse on online book shopping. At RM24. Saving myself around RM8 if bought at its retail price. Kewlness! Happy! Had I read it yet? No. My husband is currently engrossed in the book. Quite a curious sight actually. I never see him pick up a book (that don't involve photography or boring things such as engineering or study stuffs) before.

"Is it any good?" I asked him excitedly.

"Bolehlah". He answered nonchalantly. Gah!

Monday, April 20, 2009

And my heart goes dup dup dup...

Say, if you are married. Do you get a free pass on talking about sex?

My husband will sit up when he will be reading this. Nah. I am not talking about you okeh...

I had a pretty good 'sexy' dream in the weekend. It literally wakened me up with a smile. My husband was a bit suspicious on who the perpetrator is as I am not telling ok. It does involved someone I know. Sadly it is not James McAvoy (that was his first guess) Why, McAvoy? Why not? The thing is, when you had this type of dream, it always involve someone unexpected. Like whoa! I never like him or think about him in 'that' way, but in your dream he's the hero, you are the heroine. Totally weird. I would totally blush when I will see or think about him in the next few days. I will get over it, it is only a dream. *shrugs*

And last night I dreamt I was Blake Lively. Wahahaha! Tak nak kalah okeh. Blake Lively terus. I know I was her because in my dream I was dancing in my underwear in front of the mirror and I was Blake! Of course. If it was my own self in front of the mirror in my undies, that dream would turn into nightmare and I would wake up screaming! Also lepas tu my boyfriend is Hrithik Roshan. Ye. Sila la gelak guling-guling. Kenapakah mimpi aku mesti retarded macam tuh.

Oh, I still dreamt about zombies and aliens and vampires and ghoulies. But nowadays it is also peppered with insane dreams as well. That is fine. Maybe one day McAvoy or McGregor would care to drop in for some very special appearance in one of those insane dreams. Bliss~

And the title of the blog? I was feeling a tad bit like that for the past few days. I can describe it as 'achingly beating'. Not aching as in physical pain though. Nothing to it. It will come to pass.

Can't wait for the end of the week and it is just Monday!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Things are all messed up

Are they?

Heh. Random ramblings commence!

It's a Friday. Another weekend yet passes me by. I felt yet like another useless human being, slugging through the week without any clear goals or objectives what I want in life or if I even contribute anything to whatever.

But hey... it's normal right? Right? Someone, come and be all agreeable with me!

You know I think I have mentioned it a coupla puluh2 time that I kinda am through of being all personal and feelings shmeelings in this blog. Yet sometimes, you feel like you want to burst with keeping sane and quiet and just let all expletives, words, torrents of raw emotions being washed out of the system and let it explode all over the blog.

Then someone would get insulted or be angered. Someone would be hurt. Another would whispered. People would laugh. Or even worse, pitied me. Ugh.

Sooo feelings. Yes. I hav it. Don't think because I'm all quiet in the emotions arena in a while, doesn't mean that there are no shits stirring (atau adakah itu sembelit?).

I read in a book where an author wrote that the gods do not like it when mere mortals are in perfect happiness, thus the happiness would be taken away. I may not agree on her theory of gods, but I do agree on the question of perfect happiness. There were times when I thought I was sublimely happy. A happiness that make you all giddy and you view the world in rose tinted color (but ain't that the color of rage?). But that kind of happiness always goes awry. People get hurt, heartbroken, sad. You know, the usual. And those who know me, knew.

So when someone mentioned that their joy are boundless, my incredibly negative thoughts would be, "Then when would it be awry?". Yeah, I am not such a comfortable joy-sharer eh?

But on my way to lunch just now, right in front of me is a father. Holding a daughter in his arm and the other hand leading a severely austistic boy of about 10 year of age. Talking lovingly to him on where they would go.

What right do I have to be so unhappy or negative about things then?

Gah! Why so serious on a Friday. Have a lolcatz!

Picture courtesy of lolcatz!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Fasha was a bit pyschotic yesterday. Banging herself against door and running from room to room like mad. Weird. I felt like kicking her ass. But she was cowering when the rain comes pouring down complete with thunders and lightning and redeemed herself to us by snuggling quietly next to me on the bed. At 5 am. Then she started to be annoying by squashing me on my nose to get to my hands so that she can lick it or nip it a bit as a sign "I wanna go potty now! Can you puhleezz lemme out of the room?"

I had been waiting for this bread at my favorite (can also be read as nearest ) bakery. Chicken Potato bread, which the sign said filled with chicken and potatoes with mayonnaise sauce. Every time I want it, it's not available. When it is available, I had a hankering for something else. I wonder if they make it every other day. It looks much more nicer than it taste though. And I have to get to the middle of the bun to finally get the burst of combined taste of potatoes, chicken and mayonnaise with a hint of black pepper in it. Glad though I finally bought it. Then I would not have to think, "Is it nice?" anymore.

Speaking of food. Whenever I walk around KLCC, I always take a glimpse at The Lawn menu. Wonderingly thinking if it is delish. Or just wanna plain try it out. Yeah, I like eating. Sue me. Took out the above breakfast set. My husband one (English breakfast) is OK enough for the price. Mine (pancakes), I think it is even more cost saving if I made it myself. Baik lagi makan lontong with sambal for breakfast di Melawati yek?

But I would be content to have breakfast here (Leo's AEON AU2) just for the taste of its milk tea alone.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Annoying that come Monday, I will always seems to have problem with the connection at office. I have no idea why my computer seems to have this Monday Blues. It annoyed the hell outta me, since I can't open a few things using an alternative connection. Tambah lagi dengan the factor it is a Monday, it just make me feel blah.

Oh yes, on Friday manage to catch a viewing of He's Just Not That Into You. I haven't watched yet Confessions of a Shopaholic and was also insulted that they changed British Becky to an American one, so I just don't feel like watching it yar. Yes, yes the book is always different from the movie, but sue me. I always like the book version more. Maybe I will watch it later.

Anyway, He's Just Not That Into You. I pulled along my husband to watch it. He asked me several times what is it about. I have no idea actually but from the all star ensembles, I just said it is kinda like "Love Actually" where there are different short story intermittently going on with the characters actually entertwined (story wise) with each other.

We got the Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Alex (Justin Long) story. This is the sweetest one of all. IMHO. My husband declared Gigi is sweet.

We got the Jen Aniston and Ben Affleck story, which is also kinda sweet.

Also I kept on thinking how more and more Jennifer Connelly beginning to look like Demi Moore. And how harsh and old she looks. It does suits her character though in the movie. I also think that Scarlett Johansson needs to wear a bra pronto. Anyway, it was a fun movie. People were laughing.

My favorite parts are when they did what the earlier seasons of SATC used to do, like showing people on the streets kekonon being Q&A on "Why does a man do not call" or "How does your ex break up with you". It was fun. People were laughing especially on this one line, on how a man is actually bullshitting you when he said this line "I don't deserve you. You deserve someone much better" when he wants to break up with you. There are even a few claps in the cinema, ok. Heck, I guess 70% of the people watching the movie that night had received that line. Including moi. Hahaha. And it is bullshit. So, HA!

So, He's Not That Into You. Wildly recommended!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bid-bid First Birthday

Note: Please do not mind the insane allignment and layout of the pics. I just couldn't give a damn.

Post with pics.

Last weekend buat la sikit-sikit makan-makan. This post actually specifically for the eyes of a family yang jauh kat Middle East sana tuh, sila lah lihat gamba yang di bawah ini bersama captions2.

The makan-makan is adalah sempena Abid cengeng dah capai 1 tahun.

The family or my mom specifically decided to whip out fantastic cookings such as Nasi Tomato with Kurma Daging and Ayam Merah with Acar Timun, Makaroni Goreng and Soto. (Lapar balik bile type). Also several kueh mueh and kek for pencuci mulut.

Abg Yin tekun memotong nenas for the acar. Did I tell you I L.O.V.E acar timun intensely. I can eat that stuff alone with rice and be perfectly happy but chose not to as people might view me weird. Or cheap.

While preparing, Abid excited main belon. Die duk berguling-guling atas belon ituh. Tak jugak belon tu pecah.

Afterwards, he had been cleaned up a bit and pakai baju molek sikit. Kasik nampak ensem untuk berjumpa chicks at party okeh. Letak je kat lantai kembali mengeluarkan belon-belon dari basket.

Itu die. Caught! Actually 2 people are actually taking pictures of the same scenes. The less prettier one of the pic is of course moi punyer.
Gamba ni blurry la.

And of course the point of a birthday party, is that there should be cake! Let us eat cake! Okey. Chocolate kek with unhealthy amount of colorful icing that is simply delish. I love the cake. And it was just about enough for everybody. Termasuk la Seri yang aku perasan amik 3rd helping OK. Hahaha!

At first glance I thought the "Express" is Espresso.

Below pics are of some of the guests that came. There were loads. Some sempat disnap. Some not. But kira nice jugak la they make the time to come. Thanks y'all. You know who you are.

The spread. The dishes is like what I mentioned earlier. Not forgetting Firdaus telah membawa Sata (delish!), and Wawa buat extra lengkong. Not pictured, is the makaroni goreng. Dah habis by this time, sangat lah laku. This pic is taken bile da petang-petang sikit pon.

Some of the random pics of the majlis. The kids were having fun enough time. Fasha relished the attention. She tidak malu-malu mahupon memalukan tuan die. Dan Abid was neglected at his own party dan opted to bermain di bawah kerusi. ( He was also seen menghisap selipar jiran sebelah )

Afterwards presents opening session. Gamba last tu muka Bid2 sudah sangat mengantuk. He liked the truck best. Penuh lego besar-besar tu dengan air liur die.
Hoh. So that's it. So Akak and Alisha, more of the pic Some will uploadkan dalam my Facebook. Hehe.

Huh... Really tiring posting and somewhat editing all those pics. Gah! Now I know why those self absorbed cam whoring blogs are always lacking in words. It takes sheer willpower to post up all those pic of yourself.

Dengan itu saya akan habiskan Abid-centric post ini with moar picture of himself looking into his pembalut hadiah.

p/s: Amcam Dilla. Ada calon untuk jadi belog makcik tak? Hahaha.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Filler Post Masquerading as Random Ramblings

A retarded saying from a manga state
"...good shoes will take you to a nice place."
Huh... True enough to an extent if you wear crappy shoes, you will not be enjoying your journey much less your destination with blistered heels/toes. But not in mood to be almost philosophical. The shoes above are a good enough shoes though. Used to have a strap to it but one of the strap had 'putus'. Still wearable I thought, so *snip* *snip* off the straps go.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Entri yang Materialistik

Anyway... I think my blog muse had now migrated herself to the stars realm and beyond. Therefore my blog post for now will be laden with pictures of various stuffs with the customary texts to balance it out. Savvy?

Anyway... let start. Okeh. My husband is now at home! Yeay! Sudah ade bedmate. Fasha tak kira. He came back with his bags filled with chocolates. Our house is now over-choc-full.

Indecent the amount of chocolates, us family can consume. And our favorite is the Cote d'Or. Incredibly nutty and delish. Some of it are going to be distribute among families and offices.

Chocolates are not the only thing my husband brought back from there. He bought me a new phone too. Wooots! An LG Cookie!

It's a fine phone for me. Nice graphic. A touch phone, kinda like a PDA but do not have the full range of a PDA. The sound is OK, test out camera is fine enough. but not too sharp. The applications is pretty easy and simple to navigate to. Do not have wi-fi nor 3G, but DiGi do not offer those and we are using the Data Plan when we need to go to mobile internet-ing. And this phone browser is pretty OK when I want to go to some my favorite sites or update my Facebook status.

I can now mo-blog! So excited! A bit slow here in catching up with tech. Heh. But after a certain age, I think you just do with whatever you have and you can't spend all your money in playing catch up with all thing latest and trendy eh. However the battery had now run out because I think we had been tinkering with the phone a little bit too much. Though I blame my husband on that cause whenever I leave him with my phone, I found him adjusting some settings or navigating through or playing around with the games in the phone. He is far more excited in testing out this new phone than I am.

Also, I manage to win myself some goodies bag by joining an online contest for the movie "Underworld 3". Yeah, kinda a long time back. But just received news last week that my entry won. It was a kind of essay-writing thingies (or more like slogans) on "What would I do if I am a vampire/werewolves?". Wrote some stuffs. Win some stuffs! Goodies! The picture below are some of the stuffs that I won.

The Bedtime Stories are an added bonus to the goodies bag. There is a Bedtime Stories nightlight which I gave to my nephew. The really nice keychain had been quickly taken up by my brother, the letter opener had been taken by husband, the pair of Underworld shot glass at the moment is next to the others shot glasses on the shelf. The T-Shirt is mine as so the notebook. There is another prize which is a voucher for free membership at a gym. But it had to be forfeited as the gym clubs is so far away and the end date for the voucher to be redeemed is yesterday (which is the same day as when I went to pick up the prize. WTF right?). Shame, really. I do not mind giving it up to others as I don't go to the gym, (which is why I am not really upset in forfeiting the voucher) but the kiasuness in me feels really blah that it have to go to waste like that. Oh well! At least got other goodies bag! And other contests to win! Heh...

Oh and I dipped just my toes in the deep, deep pool of online shopping and bought myself a second hand book. The book arrived yesterday.

Love it. The price is around RM12 inclusive postage, so it is quite a steal. The book a bit yellowed and dotted at the front though but I don't mind as much.

Yeah, it is a children's book but didn't I said before I love reading and collecting children's books? Haven't read it yet as there is a long list of books waiting to be read yet. Kumpul dahulu... I guess I feel safer in buying books online cause I know the retail price outside, and basically you do not have to worry if it do not fit you. The person who sold me the book is also very nice which make me look forward in buying books from her again in the future.

Ok. I think the post had gone on long enough. Dinner time!

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