Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I always looked at some lifehack. If there is something I can use there to speedy up everyday things. One of those is that they used some sorts of stand to put your ipad on while you cook. While I don't think I can bear to put my tab directly atas when I am cooking sambal belacan.... I think for me lagi appropriate I put it somewhere near the sink whenever I have to wash a boatload worth of dishes. At the top I got one of those hanging thing and those are good enough for my tab to go into. I can watch my series while doing dishes!

Semalam our team at work have a team dinner at Majestic Hotel. Free buffet.. well.. I meant sponsored by company buffet! I really like it. The yakitori is really delicious. Some of the dishes as with many have their hits and misses.. but the Japanese selection is quite ok and really awesome. There are the usual sashimis and sushis and yakitoris and tempura, (only manage to get terung tempura je. people are really piranhas) but also ade udon and miso soup which I don't see lot in other buffets. 

The pizza and pasta we can order so it will be served fresh and hot, which everyone love. The Malay food is quite nice, for some.. udang die they said sedap.. I love the kerabu sebab they are not afraid to put cili padi in it. Too many time hotel food is kinda bland to cater to the mat salleh taste, but the Asian dishes are as spicy as what it should be. Not too spicy but it have enough kick la. It got a cheese platter to my delight, but not a lot of cheese. However I had now found a new way for me to enjoy cheese. Not sure if it is cheese snob approved. Cracker, cheese and dried fruit on top. Stupendously good when you chew on them! 

The service I like! Heard that in Saturday it won't be as good due to crowd tapi they are very fast as soon as we finished our food, they will whisk them away. The best is when I asked them to grill the yakitori and they informed me it will be ready in 10 mins. Before I manage to get the yakitori, they delivered it to my table. And I was sitting really far away from the station to. Excellent service taw. Harga pon is quite ok, compare to some. Tak sampai RM100 per person I think. 

Those are the desserts. Some are ok, some are I guess not so ok. The eclairs kinda cold. I hate cold eclairs. The chocolate in the mug thing is delish though.

Won the BBW preview pass. Will be going on the 5th. I still got loads of books unread so I will just mainly go to the children section and travel section then tengok2 if this time they got more for young adults... Children books in BBW sales goes fast I tell you. All good books will be snapped up quickly. 

Last week we went to Bentong for the cendol and ABC and the homemade local ice cream. Over jauh sangat. I did not enjoy the food so much because I forgot I get carsick. LOL. I rarely get carsick sejak dah jadi adult ni tapi it can happen if the roads are winding enough and if I am not sitting quietly. Sitting quietly with Little Ajis memang no longer an option sebab kena entertain budak kecik yang kena strap kat carseat. So I got to Bentong looking a little green in the face. Pbthh sangat.  So we had our ABC and cendol and the nasi lemak there, and an extra ice cream afterwards which Aziz walloped down.So I recovered enough untuk ajak husband to go to Chamang. Untuk ngusha je. We didn't bring extra baju and husband do not want him to play in the river just yet. 

Tak mahu share ice cream dengan mommy.

Asked him to pose dekat jambatan gantung there. I was petrified. He was ecstatic. Posing cool tak boleh kalah. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More book reviews - romance and explosions. Not the same.

I got horrible headaches nowadays due to my eyesight. Can't see very well nowadays and I hope with the new and improved specs I will get very soon, it will correct itself. Sakit kepala weh. Went to one kedai spek mata and they got my prescription power tu completely wrong, and went to another shop because I no longer trust that shop. Husband said I should at least get a refund. Can I do that? It cost a bomb taw. Grrr. Lepas ni I will only go to kedai yang I know can do their job properly.

Synopsis for The Lost Duke of Wydham...

The Lost Duke of Wyndham (Two Dukes of Wyndham, #1)Jack Audley has been a highwayman. A soldier. And he has always been a rogue. What he is not, and never wanted to be, is a peer of the realm, responsible for an ancient heritage and the livelihood of hundreds. But when he is recognized as the long-lost son of the House of Wyndham, his carefree life is over. And if his birth proves to be legitimate, then he will find himself with the one title he never wanted: Duke of Wyndham.

Grace Eversleigh has spent the last five years toiling as the companion to the dowager Duchess of Wyndham. It is a thankless job, with very little break from the routine... until Jack Audley lands in her life, all rakish smiles and debonair charm. He is not a man who takes no for an answer, and when she is in his arms, she's not a woman who wants to say no. But if he is the true duke, then he is the one man she can never have...

The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Julia Quinn is one of my favorite romance authors. Love her style. Her writing simple, precise, and the dialogue is witty. Most of the time.

I won't say much of the plot because like much of romance novel it goes the same way.. meet, attraction, conflict with some sex embroiled in it, ending with happily ever after.

However this is not one of my favorite. Maybe because I am like.. pbtthing Jack problem. He seems like a brat to me. I am not fond of brat. Grace could do better...

I don't feel invested in their love affair. If they end up together or not , could not care less. Grace is a wonderful girl, but I just ain't feeling it with Jack.

Synopsis for Mr Cavendish I Presume

Mr. Cavendish, I Presume (Two Dukes of Wyndham, #2)
Amelia Willoughby has been engaged to the Duke of Wyndham for as long as she can remember. Literally. A mere six months old when the contracts were signed, she has spent the rest of her life waiting. And waiting. And waiting ... for Thomas Cavendish, the oh-so-lofty duke, tofinally get around to marrying her. But as she watches him from afar, she has a sneaking suspicion that he never thinks about her at all ...

It's true. He doesn't. Thomas rather likes having a fiancee --- all the better to keep the husband-hunters at bay --- and he does intend to marry her ... eventually. But just when he begins to realize that his bride might be something more than convenient, Thomas's world is rocked by the arrival of his long-lost cousin, who may or may not be the true Duke of Wyndham. And if Thomas is not the duke, then he's not engaged to Amelia. Which is the cruelest joke of all, because this arrogant and illustrious duke has made the mistake of falling in love ... with his own fiancee!
Mr. Cavendish, I Presume by Julia Quinn
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This story run concurrently with the book Lost Duke of Wydham. I guess this is an experiment by the author, but I think she would do better to combine the 2 books to one.

Like a few other readers mentioned before... it gets tedious. Some of the scenes are the same, albeit with different perspective... but we had gone through this before, and since I read this right after reading the other book, most of the time I skipped some of the scenes because I already know what is being said and done. The thought process are different, but it really does not vary much.

So this book gets a little bit hard to finish because I already know how it goes, the journey, the conflict.

Like I said, would be much more satisfying if she had combined to 1 book as I really do like Thomas... ( and have a secret wish that he should have ended up with Grace.. pbtth)

Scarecrow (Shane Schofield, #3) Synopsis for Scarecrow

 It is the greatest bounty hunt in history. The targets are the finest warriors in the world-commandos, spies, terrorists. And they must all be dead by 12 noon, today. The price on their heads: almost $20 million each. Among the names, one stands out. The enigmatic Marine, Shane Schofield, who goes by the call-sign "Scarecrow." Schofield is plunged into a race around the world, pursued by a fearsome collection of international bounty hunters. The race is on and the pace is frantic as he fights for survival, in the process unveiling a vast international conspiracy and the terrible reason why he cannot, under any circumstances, be allowed to live!

Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In this book I am now starting really like Scarecrow. Before this he is kinda lukewarm to me. Mother had always been my favorite badass here, but Scarecrow had now blasted my ice wall ( That is what he do. He blows stuff up..). And Aloysius Knight seems like a sexy beast...

And I really, really like this book. I love that OTT castle of torture. And the chases that involved, rally cars, sport cars, rigs, armored cars, helicopters, fighter jets!!, warship!!!!!... it is just so ridiculously Michael Bay-ish it that you just have to join in laughing while reading and trying to imagine Michael Bay trying to top this in his film and just can't.

Matthew Reilly, I do love you. Never change.

Friday, November 08, 2013


Awal Muharram tu I think it would be a good fun for Ajis untuk bawak die ke park...and duk pikir which park to go to. Oh I brought him to taman layang-layang kat MRR2 before this but I was so stressed out sebab orang-orang kita ni suka littering, anak aku ni pulak kaki pungut barang that half of the time is spent of me taking trash out of his hands! Stop littering people ok! So not going there again until Ajis dah over his phase of picking stuffs up from floor. 

Last time I went to JPO bulan lepas, there was a fountain of water and Ajis terus meluru ke situ dan basically have a shower with his clothes on,  lepas tu meraung bile kena angkat keluar...... so I suggest KLCC Park je la. Sepanjang hari adalah mendung because it was raining early morning. So it was a good day to bring the kid out to play as it was not a hot day. 

Manage to snap a pretty good pic showing on how much fun can be had. Perut anak akuuu. 

Dah la I forgot to brinig a towel, but I do brought him spare clothes and diaper and swimming diaper. So guna baju je la lap badan die afterwards. Seronok gile la. Left him with his father while I patah balik to KLCC to buy a drink and donut dan minum and makan sambil usha him playing while I am reading my book. Bliss I tell you. Though not for long sebab I sibuk jugak nak amik gambar die. 

The wading pool is very cetek, kalau little Ajis up to his waist je la, but still parental guidance at all times especially for toddler kan sebab at one time die main-main kejar-kejar and he fell back into the water and all submerged and could not get up. His dad was next to him and picked him up quickly and tepuk2 sikit dan he is good to go. 

It was a good place for him sebab the pool is just right for him dan he made friends easily. Ade this one boy who is probably 2 or more years old and looked a little bit like my cousin. Ajis was drawn to him. So die orang main-main together. At one point I saw Ajis keeps on poke2 the boy. Rupanye my husband told me that Ajis duk poke that boy punye nipple -_- . Curious gamaknye. Haha

Afterwards fun time in water bile bapak die detect Ajis pooed. Erghh. Quickly picked him up and nak salin kat toilet nearby. Harapan la. The condition of the toilet is erkkkk. I hate public toilet. Thank God the disabled one is working and semi clean so I cleaned him up there. Tukar baju and let die main dekat taman lak. 

Muka enjoice/in awe main swing. Seronok gile weh. Siap kepala tilt2 lagi ke bawah. 

Afterwards when he had begun to look tired we headed to KLCC for lunch la. Sebab aku malas nak pikir and the first restaurant I saw was Harrods Cafe we went there.

Ambience memang tip top la and got baby chair. The waiter likes Aziz and duk panggil2 die. Ajis ni memang pantang ade orang admired, terus jadi macam merak. Ordered pie and mash so I could eat mine with Aziz and husband ordered the meatloaf  . The meal was so so only la but I don't mind going again since I like the environment. Feels very relaxed there. Kat belakang Aziz tu ade banyak kek2. I salivate la thinking about it.. tapi decided to order the creme brulee sebab memang I pantang tengok dalam menu kalau ade creme brulee. 

I bawak his drinking cup when we go out to eat so aku tak stressed out die tumpahkan air.

Kecik ni je taw. Sudu kat tepi tu sudu desserts tu. kira kalau scoop 3 kali habis dah aku ngap. T_T . The taste was ok la. Not to die for, tapi tadekle tak sedap. Would try something else kut nanti. 

Anyway lepas tu jalan-jalan shopping mall, contemplate to buy balik Walking Dead... aku tak beli pon Walking Dead as I am not sure which volume I had it last and Aziz dah meraung nak susu dan mak die cerdik tertinggal thermos for hot water untuk buat susu. Nase baik nursery Isetan ade. So next time I bole tinggalkan thermos ( diaper bag aku berat macam bawak anak gajah kenkadang) if I go to KLCC so when bile decide nak buat susu I can head to the nursery there. 

Also from the amount of fun Ajis had going there, far surpassing of any other fun I saw him had anywhere else, I think we might bring him again to the park. If the weather is right. Tak jauh mana pon. 


Monday, November 04, 2013

15 months!

Well yesterday anyway.

My husband and I were talking yesterday on how big he is now. Besar taw. And now he knows his own mind too. Very adamant when saying no. And tantrum thrower.

Bersama kakak Kurap yang garang. Baru-baru ni kena cakar kat hidung sebab pergi hempas buku kat Kurap. Kurap kan tak genial. Habis ade line. Meraung terus tidur. Nowadays he is wary around Kurap.

Also he picked up a bad habit from a girl at taska. The girl is a biter and he got bitten once. After that macam werewolf pulak die duk gigit-gigit orang. I think he didn't know it is wrong sebab after he gigit orang he laughed like it is the funniest thing ever. He thinks it is just playinig.. A bit hard to correct this sebab he likes to bite the cousins and not me. Once he did it to me, I scolded dan kira macam lecture him in my stern voice. Comel sangat taw bile I used that tone of voice tu. He knows I am not pleased, then his face would go all serious and nodded emphatically as if understood. Setakat ni no more biting, but we see how it goes.

Vocab not so much. His first clear word is 'Airrr' . I think he called me 'Mama'. And for other words he likes to rolls word out of his tongue when he heard unfamiliar words, but it is just a one off things.
He likes Lego a lot, K-Nex ( things that goes together and go apart can keep him interested for a while). I also just realized that he will only babbles around people he is familiar with him. Balik JB baru-baru ni my mom asked me if my son is bisu kee...Hahaha.. Only after a day at JB baru heard his voice.

I bought him a toy violin quite some time ago and left it unopened, a cheap thing bought from UO. I tried to play the violin in front of him one day and he was so excited and siap joget2 goyang2 bontot lagi. Haha. Sibuk nak ambik my violin so I bukak his toy violin. Excited la die try gesek. But it didn't produce any sound. Cuma bile tekan at certain place will play the usual 'electronic songs'.
Tengah telek dan pikir kenapa tak sama gamaknye

Played it like a cello..walaupon terbalik. If you are good I will buy you a real one.
Oh sekarang ni jugak, makan nak suap sendiri. Tapi sebab makan sendiri tu macam lambat dan setakat 3 4 sudu sambil feeling2 buat mende lain, sambil2 tu aku suap gak. Huhu. *macam mana anak nak pandaii ni mak tadek patience*. I usually fed him at the living room, so my white carpet tu I replace with a rotan mat. Yang paling seronok adalah the cats.
Anyway... I am not sure what to write more. Typical day to day with him had gotten easier, he sleeps better nowadays. Still cengeng bile nampak mommy goes to the other room.
Oh.. hari Jumaat tu I nak hantar die ke taska. I let him walk to the taska sebab jalan tak sampai 5 min pon dah sampai. Anyway I saw 3 stray dogs lepak across the road from the taska. Rase tak sedap hati dah. Bile dah dekat, the dogs noticed us I terus la angkat die and dukung sebab dogs viewed small children as preys from what I heard. Tengok Ajis terkedek2 jalan kang ade die lunge. Dah la anjing tu tengah jalan depan gate taska tu. Camne nak masuk! Bile dekat je, terus one of the dog lari towards us and barks! I backed away softly with my  things in front and holding Ajis. Cuak wehh.. bole sangat anjing tu nak terpa. Just reminded myself to stay calm and walk away slowly. Kalau lari memang la kena ngap. So I diri la kat tepi jalan a little out of the way for several mins. Then I noticed yang anjing garang tu dah tadek. Walk quickly to the taska, hantar Ajis, tetiba the dog came running heading towards us. Menjerit la aku masuk taska tu jugak. Hahha. After the dog barked at us, she probably thinks that this is not such a good place to hang out then go elsewhere. Baru la boleh I keluar dengan leganye.
Ajis in all this? Memula die excited nampak doggy. He made some excited noise tapi bile anjing to datang barked at us he turned quite serious and silent. I guess he knows it is not safe. Nasib baik Aziz pon senyap. Kalau die meraung kee... I don't know what the dog reaction would be. Rase lemah je lutut after the doggie ordeals tu.
Esok cuti! Plan to bring him to a park, hermm.. need to think which park.

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