Friday, November 30, 2007


I concede defeat. I can never finish a novel in time for the NanoWrimo. With the getting sick part of the last week, I ignored the writing. Thus no fruits to bear.

Haha. Actually was sick and I couldn't bear the idea to write anything coherently. But laziness is also a part of it and it took me a lot of time to finish a chapter.

I wonder if my story would be continued. I guess it would, but it would be spun slowly. Spanning centuriesssss!!! Ehem.. a bit melodramatic. Nah.. if I have the idea and the free time, I'll submit myself to it and perhaps more chapters will be borne and perhaps an ending.

But now.. I am playing Sims at home. So let the story be for a while. I guess I will try it again in another 2 years time. Why not next year? *winks* Next year on November is gonna be a busy month for me. ( And that's if the current story had finish in 2 years time)

So that's that.

Moving on to new chapters. I couldn't be arsed to comment on the current political rumbling goin on, the eventual price hike for almost everything we see, touch and consume or the entertainment but I do want to say the Hindraf rally.. well.. I don't know what I think about it. I agree on some of the memorandum sent, I found myself disbelieving in others but I maybe ignorant on that matter and I wonder how many people really knows the purpose of the rally. If not a whole lot, it defeated the whole shenanigans.

Ok. Moing to another topic plak (Ala ADHD style) .A bit of a time since I commented on books. So let's touch on those plak. So I just had finish Deafening. And it was beautiful.

Beautifully written of course. The plots and characters are a little too recurrent on many of World War 1 books written, but it doesn't make it a whole less enjoyable.

I am still wrapping my head on all the reason of World War 1 and World War 2, and does the veterans of the World War 1 feels all their efforts awasted when WW2 arrived?

It's hard to say if World War 3 can or did erupt or the matter of when? Some say the new War will be war of econonomy (gahhh.. people had been doing that for centuries, hand in hand in with war of bloodsheds). Some say the Post 9/11, its kinda like a war. I think it is on a bigger and grander scale. Who knows. If it will happen ,we might even don't know it. Since we would be blown up to smithereens by atomic bombs before we realized it.

Truly dreadful thoughts for Friday. Yours truly.

p/s: Am wasting company time reading the WW1 diaries and memoirs. Interesting.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gile Malas

I hate to go to a meeting at 7pm. I hate to go to a meeting when it is my off day. I hate to go to a meeting where there is no free food. I hate meeting.


Planning to go to KLCC jab lagi. Lots to buy, but the big "M" is ever-lacking. So nothing to buy, in summary. Nak tengok wayang, but the time yang sesuai cuma cerita Bee Movie, Beowulf and whateva movie yang Magical Emporium tu. I would feel like choking to death if I saw that movies alone. Wait, Beowulf adalah tidak sweet and senseless. But whatever, the graphic don't appeal to me.

Nak siap2 la nih. Sangat malas. Eh... kenapa blogger tanak add smiley dalam function die. Duh, blogger. Come, on. Improve more.

Senseless. Fine.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

25 Candles

Yeay! Birthday today. Boo! Sick today.

Lazy to make a long post. As so... nothing particular to say pon. Thank you for the well wisher even though 90% of your guys birthday I usually forgot. I know, I know I need to make more of an effort to remember. So thank you all, it means a lot to me.

Got a brand new CPU for my birthday present. Hehe.. so no complain from me anymore on how my DVD writer do not work or my computer sucks. Its a small CPU, and the specs, gosh... I am at loss when it comes to specs of computer. All those numbers are confusing to my little pretty head. But its pretty fine, before ni dulu nak main Sims pon tak larat, so now I think my Sims can dance around in glee without my computer hanging.

My officemates also dengan baiknye telah membeli pizza dan membelanja diri ini for pizza. Thank you, opismates. Tak sesia keje tonight. :P

My tunang last night treated me for some Japanese food at Kiku Zakura. He have the photos so probably he will post it at his blog or his photo blog. The food is something like you get from Yoshinoya, but better (duh.. of course considering the price )and have more range. My tunang said it was delicious. He ordered the salmon. Mine not so much, since perhaps I ordered beef. Adalah sangat full bile balik, sampai sudah nauseous. Gile mentekedarah makan sampai nak termuntah. Tapi sedap. Huhuhu.

Oh.. well.. that's all for the birthday post then. Happy Birthday to me and thanks again y'all.

Gile malas nak keje.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cheap Books! Cheap Books! Come and read Cheap Books!

What did I do last Saturday morning?


I bought these..

I read Suanie blog early Saturday morning when I was working, mentioning about the Pearson & Penguin Warehouse Book Sale at PJ. Since its a bit near from workplace, I decided to go after work with the fiance. The Warehouse book sale is quite big and it had a lot to offer for everybody. It came to a point that I was so tired (with not sleeping due to night shift) from scanning rows and rows of books that I had to just randomly stand at some spot in front of the table, take a breather and Tada! found what I was looking for.

All those above are what I bought. All around 16 or 17 books and spent almost RM200!! 3 of those 17 are my fiance's photography books. The book cost around RM10 - 15 and the hardcovers one usually at RM20. This is the most I ever spent on books at one go (excepting text books of course). A good bargain and I am not regretting it one bit. Very happy in fact. Early birthday present from moi to meself. Yeay!

The list is.... panjang. Malas plak nak type. But as you can see bought 2 Gaiman's work, got 2 of the Adrian Mole diaries series, manage to find one book that I had been searching for years and thrown in some Classic books to ease my guilt on buying those guilty pleasure chick lits. Wanted to get familiarize with Woolf works and try to see if I would like another work of Kazuo Ishiguro.

Stack of books. Sangat happy, so played around with the books after got home. Crazy!

There's a lot of chick lit (a lot of it from popular authors too) , and mystery/thriller too, Cromwell and Patterson, few of Clancy I see strewn about. However, I refrained from buying Patterson and Cromwell (except Women's Murder Club series) but I just couldn't resist that Predator book. A bit bummed tho that I can't find or they don't have Michael Crichton books.

You can still catch the Warehouse sale since it is there until 21st November. The address is Pearson Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Lot 2, Jalan 215, Off Jalan Templer, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

I get giddy in trying to decide which books I want to read first. Yeay!

Oh, the weekend before this I went to another Warehouse Book Sale at Low Yat Plaza (next to it actually). Not as big as the Pearson one, the books are cheaper but most of it are those by unknown authors. Its get very dizzy and headachy in trying to find the books you want to buy in a Warehouse sale (since there is no such thing called organization), much less unknown books by unknown authors. So at the Low Yat one, I only bought 3 since it is just too tiring to read all those summary. The books I bought there are currently on my Currently Reading list and reading Deafening so far, it's quite good.

Will not have to spend on books for at least another 3 or 4 months. Reading galore ahead!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Am. So. Behind.

Its November bitches. Ehem.

November is a very special month for me. Becoz its my birthday. Hahaha. Its like a month long celebration. Cewah. Macam sangat special.

Actually not. But I do kinda like it when November came. (The anticipation of presents kut.. Hehehe. Sungguh materialistic)

But my birthday.. not till few days yet.. (uiks.. agak hampir jua), but that's not this post is all about.

No sirree. I am writing because of NaNoWriMo. I sign up. Yeps. Yeay for writing. Boo for procrastination. Knowing me, I haven't started anything yet. My word counts is so pitiful I am embarassed to announce it to you guys.

But its the thought that count. Ha! Right? No?

Writing day after day (more like a day in aweek after a day in a week), I found out that being a writer is tough. Finding a coherent plot is a tough steel of nut to break. Writing headlong recklessly is even tougher. I found that I liked editing my stories, damn it. And pondering at the words.

Shit. I am suddenly getting cold feet. WHY DO I EVEN SIGN UP FOR THE STUPID THING WHEN I HAVE ABSOLUTE NO PREPARATION NOR CLEAR IDEA FOR A NOVEL? I can never finish this in time. Argh..

:: typing furiously in imagination due to writer's block ::

Oh, I wrote/typed my story in another blog. If you care enough to look in my blogger profile. However, access is restricted, unless I am prepare to submit myself to pure humilliation.

:: still walking round and round thinking what to write ::

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


.... is amazing.

It is even better than the book or almost borderline there. The first time that I ever hailed a film as so... the movie is better than the book. (Tho reading Neil Gaiman interview, he might takes an issue with this statement) Wow. Let me gape at that statement for a while.

Seriously, its better than some of the fantasy flicks. There are some things that are off ( the pirate ship for instance, I'm not sure.. what is off.. but like it should be better).... but most are OK. Very tongue in cheek and not the conventional magical fairytale and rigid righteousness of most fantasy stories. But that's Neil Gaiman for you.

The intro kinda baffled me tho. What is it trying to narrate? What is the question? What is the answer? More like.. the point is? Skipped the 1 minute intro of bafflement, it was a joy to watch after.

The movie manage to turnaround the boring part of the book to the most delightful scenes in the movie. The climax of the movie is done nicely, as some critics pointed out, not as original (and the climax in the book differs with the movie), but at least its not as anti climactic as I expected. It even turned out nicely even if its as cliche as it could be.

Robert De Niro as the fabulously flamboyant sky ship pirate captain is fabulous. Claire Danes is rightly cast , she is simply luminous. I missed Claire Danes at the screen. I am still searching for Stage Beauty. The hero, Charlie Cox, ehem.. yummy. What is his age again as so I might not feel guilty? His IMDB is seriously lacking in resume. Act more as so I can salivate after you! (Which means, I had taken a peek of his IMDB and there is nothing to feel guilty of)

Come, come. Watch Stardust before it is gone from your cinema. I walked out smiling thinking that I want to buy the DVD. The original DVD. Ain't that something.

Friday, November 09, 2007

All that Jazziness

I list somewhere on a long ago list to see Chicago, the Musical (not the city, but I won't say no to that either..) and occasionally mentioned it. Thus my fiance bought me this, and lauded that it is his idea that we got to watch Chicago. Right :P .. Haha.. fine fine. He bought the tickets and belanje me, so I will acquisence. Right. It is your idea. Haha.

So on 6th November, we got the premiere tickets and were raring to go. Excepting of course my fiance have got to go to Miri on that day. Baru nak resigning to myself that I have to go alone, he made it, albeit 20 or 25 mins late.

Which of course pisses me off since I believe I missed some early bit from the show since I need to wait for my plus one. Its nowhere his fault, but damn I'm still pissed. Sorry, but that just who I am.

Which also causes me to not be able to wholly enjoyed the show as I was steamingly furious. Have to say again, and I know and he stated a few times, its not his fault that he is late... but THAT IS JUST WHO I AM, me who hated waiting and being late for shows (be it wayang or such). Ehem.. now I get that off my chest, let's get on the program.

I won't go into a lengthy review, but here's what I like and don't. Those who wants to know more about what's the story about, of course can kindly head to wiki here (where else..).

I like..
  1. few of Velma Kelly dance numbers. Shows great stamina and skills.
  2. Mama Morton number on "When you're good to Mama..". Great vocal. Wishes it have more snaps and vim into it, in term of performance. But the vocal as itself is spellbinding enough to be kept entertained. Her voice is extraordinary.
  3. Witty and cheeky lines. I meant lines in term of songs and dialogue (that is not incorporate in songs). Even better than the film ( which I thoroughly enjoyed..).
  4. Amos. He was sad in the movie (and make our heart breaks..) and in term of the stage, he still makes me feel the same, funnier even but a lil heartbreaking as the man cuckolded.
  5. The songs and the orchestra. Eiii.. nice... Kudos especially for the orchestral crew on their loud extravagant brassy numbers. I fell in love with the saxophone player (ohhh.. childhood memories flooding back) .
  6. Their songs is really great, even the one I didn't like before .. "We Both Reached for the Gun". The ventriloquist number is awesomeness.
I don't feel like I like..
  1. The sets in general. I felt like we didn't get our full entertainment value in term of the high price of tickets they charged. The sets is lacklustre. It is bright, yes, keeping in theme with Chicago. However... that's it? For a musical stage, that's should be a successful one in Broadway, all we get in term of the stage special effects is bright flashing lights and prison bars silhoutte at the back? Props is few and the sets, is what you see is what you get. Dissapointing. I am not sure if this is because of KL Convention Centre vs Istana Budaya that is more equipped to handle more stage effects,sets and props in its full glory or Chicago don't depend on a whole lot of stage effects or sets. We'll see, maybe will watch Beauty and the Beast next year pulak and compare if its really the case.
  2. The wig or hair or extension on Roxie. Small things to harp on, I know.. Tapi in this production Roxie and Velma have the same cut. So yang duduk jauh tuh2, dark haired and red haired looked almost the same lor,thus hard to differentiate at first.
  3. Some of the dance numbers, especially All that Jazz. Not enough snap and vim as I said before, as much as I like it or expected of a show that boast of its choreography numbers.
  4. The girls are not as scantily clad as I wish. Hahaha.. kidding, but wishes adalah lebey sexeh okeh.
  5. The humongous head that was in front me thus blocking my view especially during the delicious number of Cell Block Tango. Eiiiiii... Okay.. bukan salah production, but still la kann.. Gah!

All in all, I felt somewhat satisfied (even if I was simmering a bit) watching all my favorite numbers in action. Not sure however if I want to give it another go. Rather popped in the CD for the movie version plak. More satisfactory and besto.

So.. abes dah ke Musicals I wish to see? Nah. Wicked!!! Datang lah Malaysia!! Paling bangsat pon Singapore.

From what I heard and seen in little bits in Ugly Betty, Wicked macam awesome and the songs is quite nice. Sigh.. tho methinks its gonna be quite a few years baru a tour would be coming around in Asia.

Oh well..

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Catty Attack

I always love cats. Always did and ade cita2 untuk memelihara cat yg lawa nanti2 ( but responsibility of a pet is too burdensome a.k.a malas nak clean up and train said kitties). Well, we don't have any pet cat except for a regular visit from the neighbor cat. Used to have those only on my childhood years. Skang malas.

The thing is we have this problem with kitties, I don't know stray or not (I hoped stray so owners won't feel too bad if I strangle it).

Last year, something crawl up the smoke ventilation thingies to die in there. No.. not from inside, I think it clawed itself from outside, past the screen to the ventilation.

Around awal puasa last year, there is this God awful stench coming somewhere in the kitchen. At first we thought a kitten or a rat had died somewhere at the back. We look around and shrugged our shoulders. Then the stench is becoming unbearable that you have to hold your breath everytime coming into the kitchen. My sister and the maid was looking around the kitchen by then if something had chose to die inside the kitchen cabinets.

Then, rain down the maggots. It feels like thousand and thousand (more like berpuluh2 but coming out persistently) came down from the smoke ventilators hood. We were aghast and nauseous and every disgusting feeling that can be feel are felt as we try to make the best of the situation. (at that time it was night so calling for help is quite impossible). My sister try to put something below the hood so the maggots can be contained sambil sambil spray with Ridsect. We were arrested with the irrational fear that while we were sleeping, the maggots will crawl upstairs and feast on our joyous flesh. Hahahahha.

The next day, the one who installed the ventilator were called and asked as so those ventilators are taken out and replace with a new one. I don't think that those men who replaced the thing quite know what they had gotten themselves into. My sister said they looked quite traumatic after finishing the job. We were never quite sure if a cat really died up there, or something else... since the carcass was beyond recognition by then. It took a bit of a time for us to use that ventilator comfortably now.

Then, there is another problem where cat poos seems to litter in front of the gate since it is quite sandy there. My bro-in-law geram2 and shovel those sands away. The cat must be geram2 as well, cause afterwards it clawed out the kunyit my bro-in-law tanam in the pasu at our house and leave its poo in the pasu as souvenir. Had to laugh at that one.

Now, the cats seem to revenge themselves on our house to a whole new level literally. At first I strongly suspected that a cat poop itself on the roof above my room few months back, twice! It smelled horrible. Gah! Never I had ever hate cat, I hated them now.

Then... probably the roof above my room, is probably not a good spot for them. They chose now to poop at the roof just outside my windows. Thrice! Great. All that is left to do is for me is to invite them in my room and let them shit all over the place.

I am at a loss on what to do. Its there some cat karma that I am not aware of? Had I tortured a cat silly during my youngish undeveloped memory years? Is the spirit of the maggoty cat (if its really a cat), ordered those cats to exact revenge on us for its shitty decision to die in our kitchen?

Gah! This is gonna take some work to rid of the poos! And the smell!

I hate cat!!! I am gonna buy a hamster or a pit bull. So it can chase those cat.. Hahahaha (Maniacal laughter..... )

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