Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chick Flick Book

Don't you ever have so many interesting things you want to blog about when you were up and about gadding around town. Then you are perched on top of your chair in front of the computer and open up blogger. All your seemingly wonderful inspiration seems to always dissapear. My muse had forsaken me. Why? Tell me why?

Okay. No. I got no new things I bought that I must show off. Actually I am always buying thing, just the usual commonplace clothes that is no need to brag about. No place to go or planning to go. No new movies seen. Same old same old.

Currently feeling horrible because of the meds I am on now. Horrible. Baaahhh. Hate meds. Meds are suppose to make you better. Not make you felt like you must throw up or crawl under the earth and lie there. Its either this or the horrible itch. Somehow when you are suffering under one kind of pain, you felt that is the worst.

Then 2 of my corporate personas are on leave and MC today. One of them have a lower priority. So I have to take all the calls. So I am feeling too blah . Malas to describe further la.

Need to feel chirpy chirp. Come now. *slap slap face*. Okay, right now I am just starting to read the Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (I know, I know , it is sooo 5 years ago). And it is funny. Almost as funny as Bridget Jones Diary. Although I still have to say that Bridget Jones is still the queen of all chick flick books. Simply funny and outrageous. This , this is first runner up.

I don't like all chick flick book. Bridget Jones is just too funny. Then I try to read the Nanny Diaries. Why it is sooo popular and being made into a movie, I have no idea. Need to even persuade myself to finish the book. It was yawner to me. Then I bought another chick flick book. But it was too vulgar for my taste that I don't wish to lay my eyes on it again. Its fate now? It is up there on the storeroom gathering dust.

So I end my chick flick book lookout that can tickle me senseless and just read my usual classic children book that I usually love or thrillers. Alternately reading children wanting ponies for birthdays and serial killer abusing and slaughtering their victims might just be the thing to save your mind from eternal sunshine of happiness and the abysmal pit of human suffering.

I am contemplating if I want to or not to buy "The Devil Wear Prada". Would it be as priceless as Bridget Jones, the book which I never fail to pick up and read all over again at least twice a year? I love if I found a book that I can read all over 2 times and still be tickle. Maybe I will. Hmmmm.
p/s: A lil update.
1) I am wrong. It is Chick Lit Book. I thought it sound similar. *scoff at self*
2) Bridget Jones stories will be compile to a book by the end of this year. ! Yeay.... so maybe I will have a new Bridget Jones part 3 by next year. So nice !!!!


nawaba said...

ever read the adrian mole series? its not really a chick book(did i get the term right?) but its something along the line as bridget(or so an avid bridget reader told me).

Unta@Jitra said...

U just gave me an idea... blogging about muvies n books... thanx... coz i've seen many movies to begin with... suddenly we have lotsa servers with lotsa movies... new n old, i watched them all... i even made another LOTR marathon yesterday haha

Anyway i've seen the book, dila... n boy i like the cover... high heel with a devil's tail... dunno bout the story yet...

I've read only a portion of the 'best' novels ever written n i guess, action thriller whodunnit fiction is my fave genre... i kinda hate fantasy fiction (yeah with dragons n mages n fighters n sorcerers) but i do like LOTR though ahaha... but that 1 only

I'm running out of books... no wonder i cant sleep every night... i need something to make me sleepy :D

Dila said...

Bcoz of its diaries. Probably not. Maybe I'll try to rent it and see if its suit my style .

Huhuhu.. mcm byk aje muvi ko dah tgk. Maybe buat comparison of movies.... huhu.. or what line is the most used. heh.

Dunno la, if it any good. Mungkin nk browse through Kinokuniya skit kut.. Byk aje buku yg best kuar skang. I do like fantasy.. but I like others first. Trying to buy all book Michael Crichton ever wrote. *fangirl voice on* He's the best!

obefiend said...

talking about book to movie adaptation. Michael Golden's Memoirs of a Geisha was a big yawner. took me a year to finish the bugger. that was the last timei believe in literary reviews. that book sucks! and i heard the movie sucks too

Dila said...

I actually love Memoirs of a Geisha book. One of my all time favorite. Its a beautiful descriptive book.

However the movie does sucks.... I wonder again and again, does the Oscar juries are blind to nominate Zhang Ziyi in that film. Baah. Stupid Oscar.

taqiyuddin bakir said...

No! Zhang Ziyi is cute like cherry muffins

kuncihilang said...

can easily recognize ur writing as usual.
Only i feel some sugar this time.

nawaba said...
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nawaba said...

siout..michael golden can actually make you picture all the colors on the geisha outfits..and i actually could imagine their houses(especially the time when she dropped from the roof and fell into the neighbour's garden). dont be dissing memoirs of geisha yo!

sheesh..i should be writing something down instead of menyibuk at other ppl's blog and venting out...

p/s: the way they wear the kimono collars low at the back of the neck is downright sexsay! it just screams "oh i'm really the prim and proper southern belle, but opps.."(can also otherwise be interpreted as "meow.."). gehrooowl!

p/s: yeah yeah..i'm going i'm going..

Dila said...

She's cute, yeah. But thats about it. She still have a long way to go actually.
(macam diri ini dah idup lama plak)

kunci hilang:
And you're back! I'm all sugar and spice , which make everything nice :P

Agreed! You can almost hear Sayuri voice narrating her story at the end. Sigh. I miss that book.

But just admit it.. you are just crazy about Japanese chick. Be it this century or the later.

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