Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Project Happy Malaysia

I felt like crying hysterically today. But still I wish to blog today on Project Happy Malaysia since I do think its a great idea. But was thinking.. what kinda stories I can contribute, with my obviously crappy mood today..

What kinda stories I could write with my increasingly cynical outlook on life... on how great Malaysia or Malaysians are. Trying to figure out this piece of puzzle are not helping when you had just got out from a rainstorm; walking and clutching a tiny umbrella, mind you and the piece of arse standing in front of me, refuse to yield his position of a path not drowned by puddles of water. Him a man. Me a girl. So of course, I have to give this piece of arse way, and step into the puddle so he could walk and not dirty his shiny black shoes. I cursed you , man. May some kind of dirt or bird shit are stuck at his shoes and burnt a hole right into his stocking.

Right. I got that out of my chest. Now. What ? Project Happy Malaysia. Oh God. I felt like bawling out now. *blink* *blink*. It's a hard day already, not that anyone care. Right. Oh sod it, Dila. Cheers up.

I may not have a good happy story since I don't feel emotionally stable for that yet. I will give a really short story why I think we are not half bad as anyone else in the world.

Story 1

- My family was involved in a car accident. I was the only one not in the car, since I prefer to watch cartoon rather than go somewhere. My sister lose control of the car and then the car spunning out of control, crash into the nearby ditch, upside down. A guy in a motorcycle saw what's happening and quickly stop. Making sure everyone is not horribly hurt. He stopped passing motorists to help them. They quickly brought my family to the hospital. The guy helped on what to be done to the car and also help on to register my family. My mother did not manage to get in contact with the guy again. But thanks to him, for fast thinking in bringing my family for medical help.

My Comment: No. We Malaysians are not just capable of gaping and staring at number plates and the grotesque burnt flesh when an accident happened. We do care. We help.

Story 2

- I need to get back home at the time I was studying at UTP, Tronoh. Without car, we need to wait for the Perak Roadways bus which is always slow. A kindly couple in their 50s, pulled over and offered their van for a ride to the bus station. Living in the now, it is highly dangerous, however me and a couple of girls agreed. Nothing in particular happened. We manage to get to the bus station quickly and not miss our bus.

My Comment: Highly naive of us to take that offer. However, to think that nothing untoward happen. And somebody actually care enough to give a ride to a few girls and again nothing bad happened. I consider that.. as a plus sign indeed.

Story 3

- Nothing of a helpful Malaysian this time. I was a young student at a school in Australia. When the Principal of the school learnt I was from Malaysia, he became so excited. I remembered he told me how lovely Malaysia is, and he loved being there, and are saving up to go there again. One day at school, he came into my class bringing with him a big (really big, horizontal portrait size big) picture of.... the local fruits of Malaysia. I almost gape at him. I meant as young as I am, I know the quality of art. Heh. This is no art. This is just a simple picture of our local fruits against a dark background. And he said that he hung it at his dining room. He even forced me to write an essay on our local fruits. ( I was not at that particular time feeling very warm to his gesture on this added homework) .

My Comment: I was highly amused at my principal excitedness. And it does warmed the heart when I think about it later. We , locals, Malaysians, so love abusing our own country and countrymen, while another person, a foreigner is praising it to the sky.

So tomorrow being an independent day, I do agreed with Vincent gesture. Once in a while, let's feeds our readers and put our blog on a positive note of Malaysia and Malaysians. So there... with the exception of that man in the rain ( which I still seethe about while am still very damp when writing this), am now feeling almost lovable of all creatures.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia.


obefiend said...

happy stories?

hmm lemme see. one day i saw a girl carrying loads of stuff near the elevator lobby of my apartment. being a gentleman that i am i help her push the button and even hold the door so that the elevator wont crush her to death. to my amazement she is actualy my new neighbour. a few days later i saw her again around midnight. she asked me wether i would like to grab a coffee or two at her place. consequently i agreed and we had a nice time chatting

the next day i realised the her house is always locked during the day. i ask some friend if they notice the fine looking lass living nextdoor. my friends gave me a quizzical look. they told me the haouse have been empty for neraly a year due to the death of a woman a few years earlier.

eh aku melalut apa.this aint happy this is horror!


i cant write a happy story to save my arse!!

happy merdeka DILS!!

Dila said...

Happy Merdeka.

Well.. you had always been a gud horror stories writer :p Maybe we can try a project horror story on Halloween next.

iceroll said...

Aye, fight and you may die, run, and you'll live... at least for a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!

Dila said...

Braveheart. Haih.. :p

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