Thursday, September 14, 2006

Losing it

Today I read about the killing spree at a college in Montreal. It bring back to mind again the events of another killing spree in a school in America almost 6 years back. And another one. And another.

The killer in Montreal cite his reason as problems with the women. Hence killing all he could find. The killer at the Columbine High School were believed was being bullied to no end and could not stand the peer pressure. Ted Bundy. The charming serial killer who chose his victim since they looks like his ex girlfriend who dumped him.

So? Why did 'cha do it? What reason indeed you can lamely tell somebody on why you choose to take the life of an innocent person.

Is it the one act of traumatic terror and events that can change you to take a gun and wildly shoots anyone around you? Or a quiet, persistent push and shove and constant pain, with silent sneer looking at you whenever you try to fought back that you just gave up and decide to let somebody else just feel that pain?

Some might argue this killing spree is becoming common in the Western world. I agree. But ... it is entirely possible you might see the same case to happen in our own country. Little mercy that can be counted upon is that at least at our country , guns are not sell in your own backyard or next to your friendly grocery store.

But hey.. let's not all clap hand and congrats ourselves. I hate the gang beating which is rampant in our local schools be it at the big town or the rural place too. So many of them can be seen so easily accessible via YouTube. Imagine the one you have not caught on tape. But that is another stories, another time.

If a father raping their own daughter. I would most certainly understand why you might want to plunge the knife into him. Again and again and again. Someone who hurt you. Understandable you want to kick and slap the person who hurt you back. You might even want to hurt yourself.

But those who are not related at all to your pain. Killing somebody daughter, son, wife and husband. Giving more sorrow that what your pathetic excuse of a sorrow. Madness perhaps?

Let see... if I wanted to kill. I would take my pick on the usual 4 : Greed, Love, Revenge, Fear... Probably not greed. No use killing a person over money and not enjoying the rewards. Revenge... probably .... yes. But Revenge is best serve cold and always. You don't quite satisfy your taste of S&M when they died immediately. is probably the same as revenge, you want them to suffer as much as you did. Not pain of death. Pain of living probably. Everyday feeling that pain they caused you. Everyday you feel that pain, you want that person to feel that too.

Thus, only leave fear. Fear is my valid reason if I wanted to kill somebody else. If I ever kill anybody, it would be out of fear. Fear of my own. Fear of somebody else.

What would push you over the edge?


obefiend said...

eerie......... but i made a reference about columbine in my latest entry

the thing about social lunatics are they dont give a hoot. sometime they are just impulsive. i remember a line from CSI a few seasons back

man :" did he explain why he did it?"
Brass :" oh sure,,, mother was a hooker. she put him under the bed.she did her business, her feet dangles over the bed..they were perfect. i dont believe it. you see juries love explanation and they love it nice and neat.they dont want to know we live in a random world. they want meaning its that simple."

IMHO. society is getting insane by the day.

iceroll said...

udah2 le tuh baca or watch movies pasal serial killer :P

Unta@Jitra said...

Baru kembali dari lawatan ke Jitra (balik melawat mak bapak hehe)... betapa sengalnya pc tukun + dial up... huhu

Anyway... for me, fear is no 2... i'll kill someone coz of revenge i guess... let say my entire family is killed cold-bloodedly... well, maybe that will drive me beyond my limit...

Raised as a cop's son, i know just how deadly Seksyen 302 Kanun Keseksaan is... if it is worth to give my life over the lives of my loved ones, i'd kill... no mercy

Hahaha saikonye aku... aku bace sendiri pon aku takut

Dila said...

yeah.. I remembered that episode. That guy was a feet fetish.

Social lunatics was always there. Only people are increasing and increasing since mankind had found various medicine to many diseases. So more humans are sprung to earth. Thus with every 100 babies born, 1 one them surely would have the genetic DNA tendencies to kill.

Probably descendants of Vlad the Impaler, Bloody Baroness, Jack the Ripper and other killers of the past.

*in mock horror* But those are my passion~

Revenge is quite a powerful tool to drive someone mad enough to kill people. I got to admit that.

Only I would dearly love to torture them.. again and again and again. Until they beg me .... *ehem*

taqiyuddin bakir said...


Dila said...


iceroll said...

aku akan membunuh kerana tuntutan agama atau negara. Ehemm (ayat poyo).

Dila said...

hihihi.. how noble. (dlm nada poyo)

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