Friday, August 04, 2006

Frivolous, I am.

Hi, my name is Dila. I am frivolous.

It is to be applaud that I did not buy much during the recent sale. I bought one lousy shoe. Its even not that expensive. But I did splurged needlessly in one jewellery? Antique? item. I got carried away and splurged on a piece of broken crockery. You know the bowl and plate kinda one. Except this is in pieces. Well, but it is not exactly just any piece of crockery. Who can brag that they use to have a piece of something from a sunken ship! I can!

Am I mad? Well a tad bit. Someone ask me , isn't it a bit expensive for a piece of crockery. I know! But I don't mind. Really.

Initially, I want to buy a pendant. But since wearing tudung and the pendant is really big, and I don't really hanker going after the big-necklace-wore -out of tudung-Datin-look, I took a look at the bracelet. And wallaa. Mine look somewhat like this.

What? SO puny one? Of course la. You think I am so rich ar to get something like the picture below? Actually have to say, I salivate more of this. But must not spend so much on a piece of broken crockery. Have to save for trip overseas and more pieces of jewellery I can sell later when I am old and penniless, at a higher price.

The real picture of my bracelet? Probably I would post it as an update to this blog this night. Probably is the operative word here.

The one that I bought is from the Ming Dynasty era. Its from the Wanli collection, so it is salvaged from a sunken ship up at Terengganu coast. The ship was a Portugese ship which was believed to have been boarded by a rival company and they set alight the gunpowder room. Thus the ship blew up at sea, circa 1625 (Gunpowder room... doesn't it sound soo war-ish and pirate-ish) . More information are taken from: here. It is a creep factor to know that this used to be under the sea for hundred of years, but that what also make it the "ooohh" factor . My sister said , don't blame her if I got strangled by some Chinese or Portugese ghost later on :P . Let's hope I would not misplace this bracelet.

A lil more update, I got my pin number from HSBC today. I signed myself for another credit card. Sigh. I never learnt . I almost got "palpitation and nerves" as what the old English matron might say, when I saw my Visa bill online. I promise on my old credit card, this would be the last credit card I will sign up.

And to my dear beloveds out there, I dah pon book your PGL online. The extra charges bloody expensive. ( Yeah yea.. I am ranting the extra rm16++ I need to pay online , than the broken crock. I am just weird that way). But I paid my other tickets online, its not that expensive laa. So I just have to complain about it, here.


obefiend said...

boleh ke beli national treasure.. thats my pertinent question


credit card is the new form of slavery. i know.. i watch OPRAH WINFREY!


iceroll said...

u definitely gone mad

Dila said...

I think it depends on the treasure. As we know that most of the salvager of the sea are sponsored by an independent company even though they are collaborating with our goverment. Say that if the find , uncover a particular find which is rarely found, then of course our government would fight for it .

But we were informed that the piece that were being sold are the one that already found in pieces. The one which are complete or not so in pieces are given to the museum and others, perhaps some to them. Museum alone surely would not cover the salvage and excavation cost right.

as the same I would say to guys who spent thousand of dollars "make-up"ing their car.

taqiyuddin bakir said...

thats really kewl! i like it! cept that i dont wear jeweleries.

i love those alternative jewelery. wood rings, lego pendant, granite beads.

antique porceline? thats new! er... old

iceroll said...

btw rugi la ko beli tiket PGL awal. staff celcom dpt diskaun 20%. hehe. and kalo nak gi tgk concert rock INXS pun bleh. Dpt diskaun 40%.

Dila said...

I know. I always love trinkets... as what they said. Only I just move on to slightly expensive one now. But I always on the lookout for a nice lovely unique trinkets at flea market or pasar malam.

well.. awal ke tu? I book tiket tu... tinggal less than 10 seat je lagi available.

And no INXS for me. That JD (the ROCKSTAR persona) ruin INXS for me.

Some said...

since it is ancient relic, will it give you superpower?
just like smallville...

ska_ocean said...

Woooaa, siyes here. That pendant cool. Real cool.

Dila said...

Dunno. Have not start to wear it yet. Maybe if I rub it hard enough a genie will appear and grant me 3 wish!

Heh.. if I am not wearing tudung, prolly I opt for the pendant. Cooler. But.. sigh.. I love my trinket as well.. :P

taqiyuddin bakir said...

ahhh you're still wearing tudung.
there are speculations that you've opted a liberal way of life. but i guess the speculators underestimated your spiritual integrity.

Dila said...

I wonder who the speculator might be ? LOL

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