Friday, November 10, 2006

Another trip down memory lane with...

Yes, yes I will update. I know I got increasingly lazy. But its due to my schedule really. Still not very happy, taqi :P I woke up at 4 am now to get to work to 5am. So all days things just seems very blurry and very yawny. I am so not a morning person. But its kinda nice to get back at home early and I got to watch some Buffy action alone. (I am a HUGE Buffy fan, so don't keep on asking if I am still watching it..Because, yes I am still..)

Anyway few days back.. or last week, I suddenly had a dream about one guy. No one special. He used to my classmate when I was in school at Johor. We had been classmates for several years, but both of us rarely talk. He was the strong silent type. So its also one of the reason I rarely talk to him. Not to mention he was sitting at the opposite end of the class.

I got a little crush on him I think at the time. Not the real school girl crush where at few months or weeks time, you kinda pine on him or get excited and jump up and down telling your friends whenever he talk to you. Nah.. not that kinda crush. Its even lesser than the crush I have on my previous colleague. I just kinda wonders about him from time to time. And kinda like it when he talk to me.

Well... so its just about usual that I had forgetten about him when entering university. There's a lot of guys out there, damn it! It came as a surprise several years before, in your typical cold Tronoh night I received a sms from him. Don't expect me to remember the exact content of the sms. But I replied..(of course, duh..) and several weeks later we are in constant contact with each other via the wondrous technology we called the mobile phone.

During that time, he told me that he got a major crush on me when I was in school. My oh my, am I ever so flattered *flutter eyelashes in American Southern belle sorta way*. I even found out from my friends his ex girlfriend at his college uncannily look like me. And they say imitation is the best flattery.. We flirted a bit. Oh of course we do. Remember the itty tiny lil crush But its all very innocent via sms and phone call.

Few months down the line, the phone call lessened and as does the sms. He did asked me out in several time, however the time are inappropriate or not suitable. We keep in contact only a few time since that time.

So last week, with him suddenly popping up in my head. I pick up the phone and type down a few words. Click on Send. Several sms later, with my headphone clammed down my ears, I put down the phone on my desk with a smile.

Now I remember why the phone calls and sms lessened. He is a self-important jerk.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

ahhh.. nice ending. kinda shamalanesque. totally unexpected.

taqiyuddin bakir said...

but that don't really explain the smile after the phone conversation. that is kinda enigmatic. i would expect that the protagonist would be upset after such a phone conversation.

however, the main character's smile might be meaningfull if the story teller suggested beforehand that the main character have a pessimistic view on the world, that encountering a self important old flame kinda strengthen her skewed view. is that what the writer aims to impart?

but of course, we can argue that we are reading a blog, and most readers might have already known that the protagonist does indeed have a masochistic tendencies.

iceroll said...

more like a smirk a guess.

but i will not agree with u. he is not a self-important jerk. he asked u out, and he thought u are just not interested.

Dila said...

kinda like expecting a smile but got a slap.

Its more like.. I should have known better. Thus the smile.

Haih. I know I have to explain. Just because he asked me out, doesnt mean he have to a jerk and a brat 80% of the time whenever we were in contact.

And no.. I don't feel flattered when he asked me out. It was last minute, replacement thing, totally inappropriate for girls and so many things that are not suitable. Not once did he asked decently. So no. YOU don't get to judge me that way. I can since I knew exactly little I go through and what I will went through if I went ahead. So NO again. Don't judge me thinking I am high and mighty for not accepting his offer if you can even deemed it as such.

I don't have to explain the details further.

By the way it is a smile.

Anonymous said...

dejavu.. i've known someone in collage who acted just like this. random calls.. random sms when she needed me. when i asked her out on my time she usually sez no. and like you. i also had a smirk on myface when i realised she's a selfcentered beyatch

i totally understand that smile..

i think people judge others without knowing the whole backstroty. which is unfortunate

Dila said...

Ah.. I think I had a bit of temper on the above comment. Heh. Didn't meant to sound so harsh anyway.

And yeah.. I understand the smirk. The smirk reserved for the silly people eveywhere. Hahaha.. but I still gonna say its a smile.

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