Sunday, October 01, 2006

The entry without my spec

I am now typing this without my spectacles. Well.. nooo.I haven't start wearing contact lense again. I lost my spectacles when I was sleeping. I fell asleep yesterday. SHeer exhaustion from overeating. Hahaha. Ehem. Anyway. So if I fell asleep without any of the necessary preparation of going to sleep... you know, eye cream, brush hair, glass of milo and a book on my lap. That means.. I fell asleep while still wearing the spectacles.

I woke up. It isn't there. I think my sis or mom maybe had taken em off. Ad put them somewhere where I can't see or find.

It make me think that this is the time I long for a contact lense. Iused to wear one. No fear. I am not such a geek. It was during my industrial internship. So I can afford to get one. But when I got back to UTP again, it get kinda tiring (having to continuously take it off and on since my sleep hour was erratic) and expensive.

Now, with a steady job (I hope), the thought had flit my mind once in a while. But I also have a condition called astigmatism which is a pain if wearing contact lense. The light at night will become so blurred and glaring that I doubt I can drive that much. But if I want to, I'm sure I can work something out.

Its boring nonetheless if I eery decide to wear contact lense.. Some people prefer me with my specs. I guess they are familiar with the ol look that endears me to them. Is it? Hahaha.. well, I don't know. Some people are pestering e to get contact, saying you will look so much better. without the spec. Some opinion you can laught it off. Some are just... at times.. you are left wondering if they are right.

I prefer wearing specs actually. Easy,/ No need to put a sheet of plastic thingies on my eyeball and peel it off everyday. Not to mention , such a pain if I want to take a catnap.

At times like this, though. I wish I have a contact lense. Maybe I will opt for a lasik surgery. So if I ever go snorkeling again, I won't have to see the coral under the sea looking like some blurred glob of white.

p/s: I apologize forany typo mistake. As you know.. this is the entry I so unimaginatively called..


taqiyuddin bakir said...

The entry without my spec

iceroll said...

The entry without my spec...ificaton.

Cleo said...

Interesting night time rituals you have. Before I sleep I must, repeat, MUST, brush my teeth.Then comes eye cream and the foot lotion and the vaseline for my lips and oh I better stop before I bore you.

I've got astigmatism too. It's really expensive to get contacts since I'll need them custom made, so I decided to keep my glasses on instead =)

Lotsa friends tell me I'm prettier without my glasses but I'd rather have them on. Been wearing em since I was 9! Besides, my prince charming should just like me with my glasses and all, if I ever find him!

Hope you didn't misplace yours.

Dila said...

Haha. I brush my teeth way before then right before. Something like that. But my night time ritual is pretty simple. I don't use lotion much (even tho have, have to start)

Yeps. I have to say it is easier wearing glasses. Take it off and and put it on again when needed.

As for the prettiness factor... It really does depend on some (some like it, some prefer not for me to wear it). Hard to please everyone.

I please meself.

Found it wayy under the bed. Haha

Unta@Jitra said...

Me got a syndrome of LAZy EYE...

Basically, aku rabun sebelah LOL... my right eye is damn rabun... 210 power while my left is 0... terer... why lazy? becoz my right eyes is not that hardworking as my left... so eventually becoming lazier la...

I hate to wear spek... having a thing so close to my eyes n plus the two transparent getah thingie on my nose is so 'f'ing annoying laa... n lagi, my face is oily so it will be my habit to push up the frame ala mcm org kunun2 nampak genius tu grahahahah

Cleo: Ritual sy sblom tdo... turn off pc monitor, pick my book, tepuk2 bantal... bace sambil tdo... sampai tetido... 2 minutes!

Cleo said...

Dila - "I please meself" Nice! I admire that. I'm so Monica Gellar sometimes. I feel this need to please everyone. Sigh.

Glad you found your extra set of eyes. I'm about as blind as a bat without em. Good for u gurl.

Unta@Jitra - Simple ritual. I wouldv'e adopted it if I were a MAN hahahah. Kidding.

I've heard of Lazy eye before. The transparent getah thingies do get annoying sometimes but we girls have this thing called FACIAL BLOTTERS. And boy do they come in handy! =)

Dila said...

unta: the pushing of glasses up the bridge of nose. well.. that makes some ppl look interesting

cleo: I do have to say I dislike facial blotters. Haha. It look unsightly in public view. Do your blotting in the privacy of own room or at least in the toilet..

Do not. *gasp* *shudders* blot your face while you are obviously walking under the sun on your way to classes. Or *even more gasp and shudders* in classes.

Hahaha.. I am just bias that way.

Some said...

get a lasik

obefiend said...

the part where the mom took off ur glasses and then put em somewhere

thats annoying. i like puting my glases under the bed. so bangun tido its there. tapi when im at home my nom loves hiding it somewhere else. end up bangun pagi with sepet-litis

oh.. squinting the eye to improve one's vision is so gay

Dila said...

some: expensive

effi: Isnt it annoying that someone would put your glasses away. Or things away. No matter if it seems like it is in a random place or places we would likely forget. We left it there. We won't forget.

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