Monday, September 18, 2006

The diary note of dils

I was thinking.... that I don't really live my life quite healthily. I love good food. What I meant by good is.. those oily, extra fat, red meat, rich in cream and goodness food. So okay.. I need to exercise.... a bit.

Last weekend....

8.30 a.m: Gaaahh.. alarm clock. Head feel heavy. Cold. Rain had just stop. Want to sleep..and be fat until will grow disgusting to all creatures and men.

8.38 a.m: Peel self from blankie and other blankie. Rinse head in water for cold water shock treatment and brush teeth.

8.45 a.m: Went to room at top a.k.a storage room in search of decent shoes. Obviously cannot gad about exercising in sandals or high heels. Very unseemly.

8.55 a.m: Baaaahhh.. could not find shoes.. rummaging through piles brought from UTP that had not been opened 2 years ago. Could not find shoes. Found high heels. Found sandals. Ooohhhh.. I forgot I still have these sandals. But no shoes resembling shoes that are fit for cycling or running.

8.57 a.m: Found a neat red sneakers that wouldn't look out of place. Bounded downstairs.

8.59 a.m: Push bicycle out of house.

9.00 a.m: Forgot most important tool of exercising. My Sony Beanie MP3 player.

9.03 a.m: Hurmph. Battery is flat. Too lazy to recharge even though the manual state " Easy and fast rechargeable !!! Charge for 3 minutes to get up to 2 hours of listening.." . Grabbed Sony Walkman handphone instead .

9.05 a.m: Have a quick drink of water. Fluid very important, as those articles that were always being shoved to our face say.

9.08 a.m: Wheee~~~~ Ready to go.. Cool wind on my face.. cool crisp after-rain morning smell. Love morning smell.

9.10 a.m: Pedal, pedal uphill... to go up to the other side of taman. Greenery around. Love morning. Should had woke up earlier.

9.13 a.m: Opps. Song stop. Stop bicycle. Fiddle with handphone and earphone. Suddenly eyes are caught upon 2 stray chocolate color mangy dogs lying beside the road 20 m ahead.

The first dog suddenly stood up. Ears perked up. The dog tilt its head to its friend. The other more mangier and skeletal-like dog also bounded up.

Arrrgghhh.. stray dogs are trotting, almost running to meself. Push bicycle to opposite direction.

9.14 a.m: Whizzed through road in fear of rabid dogs.

9.16 a.m: Stood in front of scary 90 degrees hill , the road to go to the other side of taman. Either this or rabid dogs. Contemplate to go home and slept again. Push lazy thought aside as do not want to scorn self.

9.18 a.m: Have to push myself and bicycle up the hill. Pant. Pant. Could not cycle self uphill 90 degrees hill. Pant pant. Cursed stupid rabid dogs. Obviously the dogs are too lazy to come up to this road and chose the more scenic and more horizontal-like road for their haunt. Pant. Pant. Cursed lazy mangy rabid stray dogs again.

9.23 a.m: Hahaha. Am top of road. Am the King of the Hill. Or Queen. Whatever. Very tired but get on bicycle and cycle

9.35 a.m: Cycle and cycle around the houses. Got bored. Miss greenery thingies..

9.38 a.m: Went out to scary road leading to highway. Many cars. Cycle carefully with scary cars going past beside...while eyes glanced fearfully to very big drain beside road.

9.43 a.m: Back to greenery thingies again.. yeay.. with little squirrels scampering around.

9.51 a.m: Pant. Pant. Very tired now. Argh. Legs must keep on moving to avoid toppling over. Pant. Pant.

9.55 a.m: Feel like puking due to tiredness. Pant. Pedal. Pant. Pedal. Slightly green in face. Encountering a truck bearing large picture of ayam percik. Ayam percik does not look at all nice when feeling very nauseous.

9.59 a.m: Cycle . Pant pant. Pedal pedal. Pant pant.

10.03 a.m: Ahh.. home sweet home. Water....need water.


kunci hilang said...

Too oily - one reason why i dun like about malaysian food.

(Un)fortunately, there are too many reasons to tell why i do like nasi lemak, nasi minyak & nasi dagang.

obefiend said...

girl. you are getting old. all those exertion and u r dying? hahah. i feel you. i swin once a day now for 30 minutes. the first time i swam i cant even do the full length ofthe pool without regurgitating my lunch! but these days its alot easier. plus having those sexeh bikini clad babes in the pool is good for motivation! hehe

nasi lemak? i havta have em once a week. i must have my nasi lemak with sotong or i feel bad. a sign of a true malaysian? maybe

btw- sony beenie. any good ke? im using a creative zen micro. nice sound beter than my sister's latest sony mp3 player. huhuhu

exercise dils!!

Dila said...

kunci hilang:
I like the oily one.. (bad dila, bad)

However.. not so much the sweet one. Malaysian food is just too goodies to give up~

Ah yes.. not so much as old.. (maye a bit) but more of out of shape. Or roundish shape! Heh.

I haven't try Zen so couldn't really compare. I think in term of fiddling around with the Beanie, (its not that user friendly..take some time to get used to the very lil buttons are there), but I love the sound and its small and pinkish. Not too mention.. very long battery time. 50 hours... if you had charged it for 3 hours. I usually charge it like once every 1 month or 2 month.

Dila said...

isk isk.. test blogspot.. test..

*konpius gueh*

nawaba said...

dont anticipate DOA dila..true its a spin off from the highly successful Dead or Alive game in PS2, but there is no story line to be found there. simply lacks essence.

non existent story line, but really really awesome 'exposures'. now i just wonder..what type of movies are similar to that..

can i get a plate of jaime pressley and a side of davon aoki to go please! :P

Unta@Jitra said...

Jaime Pressley... thinkin of good ol Poison Ivy III... sweettt~~ hahahaha... Devon Aoki... why the name Devon whyy~??... she was Suki in Fast n Furious kan?... Holly Valance... kiss2... gelek2... owh Prison Break S02E05 anybody?

I lose faith in exercising, hence i gain some weight... man i'm in the region of 'slightly overweight' now... aaa... is there a software than can reduce body weight n be healthy? i can exercise 18 hours straight that way LOL

Dila said...

Heh.. too late. Already watch it. Had not yet think of any movie to anticipate to ganti that pic.

But its ok enough la. Only that we have to identify the muvi as what it is. No, it won't be nominated in any Oscar category.

But the storyline ( abit lame , yeps yeps, ok some of it kinda lame.. esp Princess Kesumi thingies) but it is a whole lot better than other gaming movies. (Except Resident Evil... i like Resident Evil, plot and gory-esque). Not to mention.. hot chicks. I like watching hot chicks.

Its the inner lesbo in me.

eh.. die ek blakon? Well.. she is pretty muscular in this one.. but kinda sweet.

Devon Aoki.. looks ok enough. Holly Valance is hot.

Hahaha.. there is a software on how you can calculate calories kut?

Probably u can buy yg game dance tu. Yg nari2 atas tikar tu. Heard its a gud one for exercising. Huhu.

Dila said...
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