Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tidbits and Thoughts on Bridget

Today is such a sleepy day. I finished reading the Bridget Jones articles. Ended with her birthing a beautific baby boy while I am screaming (in my head of course), "I want more, I want more."

Its rather puzzling. I was reading all the columns from 1995 to 1997 .It ended abruptly in 1997 when Bridget was caught snoggin a 14 year old boy. Shocking, but quite accidental. Then it started suddenly in 2006 again with Bridget having a prenatal scan with Daniel. She obviously are pregnant with Daniel child. WHeeeEE! I am pleased. But the non-explanation on how she get pregnant and all is very confusing which makes me yearn for the book to come out faster. However the book and the column , not to mention film are very very different. The column, beforehand does have Mark asking Bridget to marry him and then chucking her. The film just ended up on the note of Bridget getting asked, but I couldn't for the life of me remembered the ending. The book, The Edge of Reason just ended with Bridget going to move to Thailand with Mark Darcy? V. confusing. Do not know which to believe since all are created by same author.

Now comparing Mark Darcy and Daniel, we all know Mark Darcy is all superiors in term of (can't say look because this is fictional characters therefore personal taste in looks could not be determined) wealth, manners, caring-ness, opinion and his personal qualities. While Daniel is shown as a sexist pig who can't commit and very shallow. (Somehow if both of these guys are real, I still got a sneaking suspicion that Daniel will be handsomer). But you know, I always kinda wish Bridget does end up together with Daniel. Don't know why. Probly both of them are such fun character to be thrown together, while if Bridget with Mark Darcy, Mark will just ended up looking very smug and bored.

Also got to admit, guys like Mark Darcy don't exist. While the worlds are overridden with guys like Daniel whom girls love to fall in love with , but these type of guys just continue to be commitment phobic bastards thus causing girls either to go mad or marry a pompous lesser in quality, look (much less in look), wealth, caring-ness Mark Darcy-like personas.

Also on another note, don't understand people(women) who detest Bridget Jones. Of course any sane person know that they must not act all whimsy-like and very blur like Bridget or you will get sacked and shunned by families, friends, acquantainces and communities at large. However, which women don't admittedly have these little shortcomings that are so garishly described in the book. Who don't postpone little resolutions to take diets, eat healty food, etc, etc till tomorrow or next year? How many of us in the world does indeed have the best jobs in the world, and do not have the pleasure of the predicament of those who are not that lucky and in the morning lies shivering in bed in fear of deadline/meeting/performance review? How many women who are a little bit overweight or reaching that quota,do not fervently looking into their weight scales and furiously thinking where does that extra pound (or kg) magically appears overnight when did not eat anything at all at dinner?

Chick Lit like Bridget, makes our little hang up seems much more amusing and a bit more endearing knowing that heroines do not necessarily have to look like supermodels.Those who do not agree, as what Bridget Jones might say, Baaahhh.


iceroll said...

And u have to admit, girls like Bridget Jones does not exist too.

Dila said...

Beg to differ. Many girls are like Bridget. Stuck in a dead end job. Doing foolish thing. Be completely shallow at times. You can call it.. the anti-heroine.

Tolak the drink as a fish and smoke like a chimney too, I think this are the reason girls like the books. Because at one time or the other, one or 2 situation in the book had happened to you. And sometimes, what we think exactly.

Of course la meeting Darcy like character is completely bollocks as what English might say. Tapi.. huhu.. yg lain2 tu.. klaka klaka.

iceroll said...

tuh le pasal aku kate girls like Bridget Jones does not exist. She is like, every girls dream come true. Stuck between job, doing foolish things, date the bad guy but end up with a good guy, every girls dream it is. Which is..a dream, which is, not happening in the real life. Which is..not exist. :p

Dila said...

No no. Girls like that exist. I never state about the dreams and marrying Darcy. I meant, by marrying Darcy the above as.. Darcy is 2nd best. That's what normally you get in life.

But the situation fallin in love with Darcy like person who incredibly rich but very gud (no such guy, not to mention this guy would like tembam2 gal), would not exist. People don't fall conveniently in love like that.

iceroll said...

Good guys always 2nd best ehh? I guess girls out there shouldn't blame us guys for being so bad, because u want us that way in the first place :p

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