Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wangi Jadi Saksi

I just got back from watching Wangi Jadi Saksi from Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

Being naturally lazy, and I don't think so I am adept in writing synopsis regarding theatre, this is the excerpt from Axcess website,

" the story of Hang Jebat's betrayal and murder, as told through the eyes of his young widow Dang Wangi, as she confronts those accountable for her husband's death. Using flashbacks and flash-forwards, Jebat's confrontations with his comrades and nemesis are revealed through a provocative new interpretation of this historical and legendary event."

Got all excited to watch this since I would love to see Vanida Imran up close (even though in a theatre and hundreds metres away) and I love the story of Jebat and Tuah. There is this one painting I always remembered, of Tuah and Jebat fighting and tombak and lembing are sticking out from the floor. So, my interest was piqued, thus I bought the tickets.

Manage to get to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka in the nick of time to collect my ticket and bought the programme book. Those who plan to watch this, I would recommend you to get the programme book. It would clear out some of the dialogues that you don't manage to grasp.

Anyway, my thought on it? It was beautifully performed since you can see right away that the well known actors and actresses are very talented; among those apart from Vanida Imran is, Dato' Rahim Razali, Sabri Yunus and also worth mentioning are Khalid Salleh and Khir Rahman. Khir Rahman as Hang Tuah gave such dignified persona to Hang Tuah that I felt awe again of Hang Tuah as the great legend. Hang Jebat is cleverly played by Mohammad Shoffi Jikan, whose dialogue give an earthly feel to the theatre. However, since am not a professional reviewever and all, actually I just want to said, all of the actors and actress deserved the praise they get.

Everything went on beautifically I must say. Great performance. Good lighting. Vibrant, lilting 'score?' , just the right music (which I think was lacking in PGL the movie). Effective stage design, but some of the props have a hasty feel on it. Costume? Period costume in simple colors. I love it. Most of all, the script. Magnificent. Kudos to the scripwriters. The script is just lovely. The plot, give a new twist on the legend of Tuah and Jebat final fight.

At first, I struggled a bit to understand the dialogues since my Kesusasteraan Bahasa Melayu is a bit rusty. Not to mention Jawi reading too. LOL. The first scene is shown behind a see through 'tirai' with the prologue of the story shown in Jawi. Those are marvellous idea indeed. As the story played out, I then manage to grasp on what they are really saying and enjoyed myself wholeheartedly. My only (real) complaint of the performance is Vanida Imran should not be singing. Hehe. My very real complaint of the experience, is of 2 annoying persons, 1 who doesn't seems to get it that she or he needed to at least silent your phone. That annoying phone received messages 3 times, which all audiences in the dewan manage to hear. The no. 2 person , is the one who talk on the phone while the show played on. Sheesh, that's annoying and really inconsiderate.

Not wanting to end this post with a complaint , I will say.... wooohooo. : P
Will be busy for a few days.


Some said...

so did hang Tuah really killed his brother Jebat or it was somebody else?

Dila said...

It is tempting to think Tuah did not kill Jebat.

But we might never know.

Tah2 Jebat mati sbb food poisoning. Saje je Hikayat Melayu ni.

Unta@Jitra said...

I saw the poster at Jeff's SS... nampak menarik... title catchy... n now i know who is Dang Wangi hahaha (igtkan name tempat dlm KL je)

Dila... u have lots of experience aa watching theatre... was it good aa? Adelaa plan berkali2 tapi xkesampaian nk tgk...

PGL ade buat lg teater... ade iklan dlm paper... rase cam nk g tgk... hurmm

obefiend said...

wow. theatre. i am not a big fan maybe due to my short attention span. might prolly end up sleeping half way through. i blame my ass for its tendencies to fall asleep after an hour of not moving . hahaha

gla dto be back on bloghland people.. sori lama tak visit

not back to commenting

why dont you just call the usher and eject the offending person. once i told off a malay couple for talking in the cinema. first i tried reasoning with them. when they did it again i flipped and warned them. the BF started to swear and threatened me. i ask him to step out and settle it like real man. guess what? he pussied out eventually.they did it again and this time i stand up.. walk out and called the usher to eject them. they got ejected and everyone clapped. yeaaaa. effi saves the day again.

Dila said...

Tadekle pengalaman. To tell the truth. This is a first time for me. Before this I watch musical. Prefer musical actually since very lively and all. Tapi this theatre I go sebab die nye cite macam menarik and performed by really good actors.

A bit hard to follow memula, so tu suh baca programme book. Huhuh. Then by the middle, u dh follow ape yg U-Wei nak sampai kan so menarik la jugak.

Its a quite heavy jugak la and can be a yawner if you don't concentrate. But memang best.

I think probably u will fall asleep watching this. But maybe not, since you wholeheartedly enjoy PGL while I felt like killing the director or whoever involved for making the actors speak so slowly.

Ah, probably I would do the same the next time. Bravo for you to take that stand. Huhuhu.

nawaba said...

aku miss mcafee!

tempat ni takdak own cubicle, pastuh sempit nak mams workstation dier. mcm meat market :P silap2 kena sharing! arrgghh..

oh sorry tak baca your entry, bangun awal nak gi keje nih..tapi saja membaca berita berita sensasi di pagi hari sambil rant sikit. tumpang blog ko nak vent out sikit deh..

Dila said...

Haha. Well only corporate person je la yg ade workstation sendri kalo nk kira dah skang.

Keje di manakah skang? Sama ngan carl ke? Apdet cikit!

Rant je kat blog sendri :P send thru email.

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