Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dead Man Chest

I am feeling.. dumb today. I can almost feel my brain liquidifying and turning to mash? mesh? mush? What is the correct word? See see.. I told you I am feeling dumb today.

I felt used, tired and oh so jaded with people today. But not that dark yet. Just a wee bit step away to completely hating mankind, so I transfered my affection to a non-entity. Which is none. Now. I don't make any sense. Okay. Explaining mode on. Kinda like, Davy Jones-wise, I am putting my tiny beating heart into a chest and kept the key. Well, except I don't tore my heart away, since it can be a bore to track those who will steal my heart for an organ donor. More like freezing it so that it can non feeling but just let it live enough so I won't be completely dead. Herm, probably that is why a chest is called a chest. Because we stored something inside of chest. Thus our chest stored our heart too. Man. I am weird today.

Before I am spouting more nonsensical stuff, let's look at the state of the world today.

Dalam Negeri. I am getting quite bored with Mahathir, Khairy and Pak Lah berbalah. Get over it and do your job already. I think its almost over pon. Goodies. Its like watching school presidents club debating. Which I always found very boring since I am never confrontational nor am I a watcher on confrontation.

Dalam dan Luar Negara. World leaders everywhere are just starting to jump up and down pointing at the cruelty of raiding, shooting between each other between Lebanon and Israel. Come on people.. that is so 2 weeks ago. Get on with the schedule already. I read that Rice, (America Secretary of the State) is giving all these so called speeches on how war is needless and needs to end. And Middle East needs to be revamped. I believe her word is something like, "Its time for a new Middle East". Which brings a chill down my spine since immediately I can almost see Bush is clapping his hand thinking of all the profit he could gain. Funny that she never mention that they themselves are giving Israel the weapons that killed 300 civilians. Not saying that her words as bulls completely, it is time for this war to stop. But, at what cost?

Entertainment World. Our own country first. Allahyarham Hani Mohsein passed away yesterday from a heart attack. Tis sad. A guy on his prime age. Just 41. Totally unexpected. While 50 year old men are getting married left and right. That aside, I was thinking on how happy he must had felt that day to go to a holiday with his beloved daughter.

Entertainment World Everywhere. Arr.. I guess.... everything. Its the same. People breaking up, people mooching up, adopting kids, bringing out kids out for a day in the park, beaching. All very boring. Same ol same ol. Unless Brangelina takin vows, then I perk up a bit. Not to forget however that August bring back all the series up to keep us entertained. So I will be riveted in front of my computer and TV soon. I am slaves to the idiot box.

My tiny lil world news. Well, my old college housemates (well actually only some of us) and I went to Melaka for a brief trip to visit my friend last weekend. We had a jolly good time. I wanted to put a post at first regarding this, but there's not much on this lil trip anyway.

We basically just chilled at her house, ate the plentiful rambutan at her househanging out in a museum, refreshing our mind and our local history. And learnt new thing too! I never knew that Hang Tuah had a son. Hey, I am a history buff. But not that much is mention lor. Who is Hang Tuah wife? Anyone knew? Can't remembered the name, see see, I told you I am turning dumb. It is quite fun to take a turn around Melaka history . Remember this?

Basically we try to go the basic tourist, behaving like some foreign tourist *blush* and thus taking pictures with all the usual historical monuments. Heyyy.... why not eh. Visit own country tourist attraction first.

We don't have much time on our hand, so we then took a jaunty walk through Jonker Street which sells from foods to pretty lil trinkets. Its pretty much like Petaling Street. Minus the scary looking gangsters selling pirated DVDs. But it is very nice. All the shop is very nicely spruced up, and Malacca River view is very fetching at night with all these lights from the riverside cafe.

For dinner, we headed to Umbai (where else). Only we didn't go to the original Umbai. My friend brought us to Umbai Terapung. It suppose to have great view and all. But its all dark, I might as well be sitting in a cafe in the middle of a desert. But we have great feast! That is all that matter. After that really hot walk through Jonker St, I say we deserved ourselves a feast. We ordered so much that I wondered if we had gone a tad bit overboard.

The aftermath. Well... we were hungry.

Never underestimate the ol Standby^me gang I guess. It is delicious, but I think I still prefer the other Umbai I guess. My fondest regards still remain to thee.


emos said...

gendang gendut tali kecapi, sudah makan senang hati

Dila said...

suda mkn.. susah hati.. kena exercise .

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