Saturday, August 26, 2006

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Abominable Snowman

I remembered when I was living in Australia. Sometimes us family love to poke our head in , rummaging through the goodies of the flea market. From that day, til today..went I went to a flea market or car boot or bazaar whatever you may call it. I always look for second hand books stall.

Okay, I think I left the point I'm gonna say here. During one of the trip to the flea market in Canberra, my father bought me an almost set of books. Game book as what I call it. I couldn't for the life of me, put my hand on what it is called. The book titled something like "Plane Crash", "Lost in whateverplaceitis". What different about these books from others are that... I can choose whatever ending I want! Its kinda like you are the character, and you get to make that choice. One of the example is kinda like.. You are lost and your car broke down. Ahead you see a big mansion and you knock to use the phone. Then someone open the door. Inside, you were offered a hot drink... Then at the end of the page, it gave you the alternative 1) Would you choose to drink that hot drink ..which are steaming from a chalice. OR 2) You choose to go to the other room to call immediately for help for your car. Answer? Options 1) Find you unconcious and you woke up in a dungeon with chains at your foot . Interesting aight.. My guys friend at school years back love it so much that they never return me back some of that books series.

So what I am going to say...the DVD is something like this! (Only less scary and my character haven't died yet playing this DVD). I got an opportunity to get this DVD. So I got the package specially sent to me, which I shamelessly didn't manage to watch since I got a tad bit busy for a few weeks after getting the DVD for the Choose Your Own Adventure series: The Abominable Snowman.

With nothing to do on Saturday, manage to finally got the time to pop in the DVD. The cartoon animation is nothing to shout about, but hey. I had been fed too much of the good stuff from new movies from Pixar and Disney. These are simple characters which I found nice with the smooth animation that today technology can create. Kinda bring me back memory of cartoons I used to love seeing when I am a mite little girl. (man, I missed Gummy Bears). All about the above? Oh yeah....

Basically its about 3 siblings who with not much persuasion from their uncle, agreed to trek about the Himalayan mountain in search of Yeti a.k.a The Abominable Snowman. The siblings are Crista (the eldest); who is an animal lover and have plenty of spunk, Benjamin; the nerd of the family with cool gadgets who is a bit paranoid, and Marco... who I can't seem to find any specialty yet..but he did get to say lots of cute comments. When they reach Nepal, they found out that their Uncle Rudy had gone! So off they goes in their little adventure in search of their uncle.

Now.. what I think about it. I found myself enjoying it! Though I have to say, got reservations about the story earlier. I even think it was very short and should be longer! Another plus point are: the dialogue are not lame!! Thank goodness for that, since I hate lame dialogue in any type of production. They are witty enough for a person with enough intelligennce to enjoy and chuckle along.

The choose own adventure part? The intructions are simple enough. It will give you which options you need to choose when the time for the alternatives come, and just hit on the right and left button of the remote control and then the scenario will play out. So any toddler with a basic knowledge of a DVD remote can do this easily. If you fall yourself on a dead end, it will bring up a screen on your past options. So you can rechoose again. Mighty goody than playing it all out from the beginning again.

The story are cute but I do wish the plot could be more intricate. My ending was.. well.. I never like to give the ending. This is a DVD for choosing your own adventure! The ending spoiler would spoilt it! But it was a great experience again. Make me miss my game book. Heyy.. I always like feeling childish again. My 2 year old niece do pointed at the screen excitedly too. (However since she always get randomly excited so I will ignore her point of view) . Recommended for children age 5 and above and adults who don't wanna grow up.

However, I did get a bit confused on the siblings history when they kept mentioning about their parent. It seems like there is some shady (okay, more like sad) history or something. But they didn't explained more. However from what I understand, it is actually more of a series of DVD, so probably there's a whole lot more out there... or coming soon. Well, I don't know. But no worries, it do not affect any of the plot(s).

After finishing it, I did notice that my ending does not include finding Uncle Rudy. Maybe I will play it all out again. Also exploring it a bit more, I found myself playing the little documentary they included in the DVD about Nepal. Hehehe. Me love documentary. So I love it! Tis a great idea. But the DVD also come up with a little journal 'splaining a little on Nepal for those who don't wish to seek much enlightenment on Nepal.

So? I kinda like it. Probably more people should come up making this kinda stories. Imagine what they we could do if I Know What You Did Last Summer first come up. Options 1) Jennifer Love Hewitt scream bloody murder and just stand there while the crazy person with the hook came after her OR 2) Jennifer Love Hewitt get *sign showing off with her head*, cause we just want the screaming to stop already.


kunci hilang said...

and now i know u was in Australia before. No wonder u r Dila. :)

p/s. the best thing in Jennifer Love Hewitt is Love.

Unta@Jitra said...

Nahh... the best thing about Jennifer Love Hewitt is her... erm nvm LOL

Anyway u might want to check out this site... ProjectAon... specially made for those gamebook fanats outthere... i played this book series back when i was in form 3... i was a nice adventure... RPG (role playing) where u have all ur hit points n defence, items, skills and fighting scene...

The back page of the book contained a table of random numbers between 0-9, n guess what, it was full of holes because i had to close my eyes n aim for the numbers... well, with a sharp pencil hahahah

Interactive DVD? Mcm nak try... hehe... tp kene beli dvd player dulu lah... hurmm

iceroll said...

Quote - "Answer? Options 1) Find you unconcious and you woke up in a dungeon with chains at your foot . Interesting aight.."


Interesting indeed

Dila said...

Kunci hilang:
I am Dila no matter where I goes. Huhuhu.
and yes... I always do find Jennifer Love Hewitt mighty irritating from when she first start at Party of Five.

Herm..perhaps your book is a bit different from mine. I don't have any point. (I would probably toss the book aside if I found out it deals in number..)
Its more like.. you choose this alternatives.. and you read on what you had chose.. and if you actually make the correct option or not. (e.g. Open door 1, find yourselves in a beautiful island, Open door 2, find yourselves on top of a freezing mountain) .

of course YOU would think it interesting. That way.

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