Saturday, December 16, 2006


Well hello. This had been a tiring week. I been meaning to blog since ... Wednesday. But exhaustion and doing other stuffs and of course the idiotic Internet connection called Streamyx is acting up thus preventing me from opening up this. And Beta Blogger does get on my nerves.

The new job is going on OK at the moment, thank you all for asking. I am still in the training phase and don't know much what to expect. Therefore I can't really answer if everything would be fine and dandy. But the new girls and guys that are going to be my colleagues seems to be great. At least there is no guy that is looking over my shoulder ALL the time.

I was driving to work the first day. Gah. Me, driving to Damansara. Me who only driving range familiarity are limited from Ukay Perdana to KLCC. After the first day, I resolved to take the public transport. The parking price around there is bleeding me dry.

Yes. As so continue my adventures in the public transport PUTRA LRT, where people are expected to contort their bodies in unimaginable way in any available space in the sardine can.

Ride on the LRT is never boring. Of course my ride in there needs to have musical accompaniment, thus I can never be without my Sony player or my Sony walkman phone. Nonetheless I got a not so pleasant ride back to Ampang few days back. It started as usual with pushing through people and limited space in the carriage.

Somewhere between Pasar Seni and KLCC, there are this huge Singh middle age guy standing next to me. Fair enough. I was holding on for balance at the (what u call those thing dangling for our lil hand to hold on to) , in front of the seats. Then suddenly he was at my back being uncomfortably close. Since it is the rush hour, it was nothing weird.

Then those icky weirdness feeling comes back when I felt something brush my backside. Okay. Uncomfy. Push icky feeling aside since being up close and personal with a stranger in the LRT during rush hour are not unusual and not frown upon (you can sometimes thank your lucky stars if you are push upon the chest of some manly hunky cute dude too) . Then it happened again. And when it happened again the 3rd time, I look up to see the reflection (dah kat underground dah).

Ok. This guy is way taller and humongously bigger than me. He also have a enormous stomach. Okay. Maybe it is his stomach that kept on bumping my backside (still gross.. but wth) . But then I go like.. hello... I am short ok. In no way can his stomach be that low. Gaahhhhh!@#! Another brushing again and again. This time I had it, I meant I am almost spraining my leg getting out of his way but he still manage to brush against me. I don't care which part of his anatomy is being pressed briefly against me. I had had it. I got to go before I bawl right there. So I mumbled something about "I really got to go,' to the person next to me and pushed my way safely out of the vicinity of the guy.

Telling this to my friend and my friend tanye kenapa tak sound. Well... first of all for the benefit of the doubt. I am really not sure if I should be uncomfortable and if it is meant to be something like sexual harassment thingies since I don't really care to turn around and try to look at the guy. And the LRT was packed which maybe can be his excuse for being that damn close. (and I didn't get away very far since the humans wall are so thick and the Singh guy was throwing me weird?guilty?incomprehensible? look from my new equally oxygen choking but less sexual harassment feeling like standing position) But one thing I know, if you are uncomfortable, just get out of there.

I just had one word. Euw.

p/s: Dah panjang la plak post ni. Until here je la. Getting tired. Wanting rest.


Anonymous said... time shud bring with u pepper spray or sting gun...

Dila said...

sakit nyawa plak nk kuarkn dari poket or beg dlm lrt yg pack tu

obefiend said...

this is why we need segregated coaches. some will think this is a backward move but even in JAPAN they have such coaches. why cant progressive malaysia?

i think sometime being logical is wrong here. with people tripping over their pants trying to be politically corrcet all the time. they have separate coaches in kelantan u know!


btw.. lrt is uncomft psecially with people's armpit smelling like an Mandalorian Urkk Snake. note to dils. next time stand next to cute hunks aje. at least kena grope by hunks not as icky as fat, bloated sikh fella with halitosis!


i know its not funny if im in ur shoes

gud luck with the new job BTW!

Maximilius Abes said...

I know how that feels.. I used to feel some guy rubbing their hands on my ass or rubbing their ass on mine.. so yeah (Note to others: I'm a guy).

if u want to stand, always stand kat depan sekali or kat belakang sekali (you know.. the one with the big ass screen like the driver's spot yg memang takde driver). If you stand next to the door pun ok jugak.

Anyhow, good luck in HP.

Dila said...

Yups. Our politicians are so busy discuhat women should and should not wear, while I bet that they themselves wouldnt say no dating some of the daring actresses.

The smell would be OK. But it would be especially bad if the LRT have no air cond. Even worst if its in the morning rush. You'll end up smelling like you had work in the construction site for hours for the whole day. Blergh.

(which is why I then quickly buy a small bottle of perfume)

heh. I guess, it wouldn't matter the perverts in LRT are not gender bias when it come to rubbing themselves on people ass?

I think probably this is why people are so reluctant to give up their seat.

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