Thursday, November 16, 2006

Unchangeable but different

I went back to my hometown last weekend for one of my good friend wedding. Since the wedding reception is on Sunday and I need to work on Monday, I only spent a considerable amount of time on Saturday during the majlis akad nikah.

Glad that I went to the majlis akad nikah tho. It was more calmer and not many people popping in and out of the bride room. So we got some time to catch up with each other news. Looking around at my old gang of the school, I smiled inwardly. I can just remember each and every one of them with the old school uniform. In class. Talking. Doing homework. Now one of us are getting married. Its so surreal.

One of my friends even bring up the silly things we did at high school. On how we were fighting who will get married first. Yes.. now we know it would not be determined by your birth month. And the list of boyfriends (and those are such keepers...) and crushes that we had. Haha. And the things I did and say to the teacher that was pissing me off. We were such a jolly group at school. It seems just like yesterday that we were sitting together at the canteen eating nasik lemak or ayam goreng and sambal (Is it just me. . but does canteen food at school are just yummy and far surpassing some other high class restaurant. Man, I would kill to get that ayam goreng sambal now.)

My friend Sarah house is teeming with guests coming in for her marriage ceremony. My other friend Yam finger is now sparkling with her new engagement ring. Others are busily preparing for work related activities. But looking on, Dz still retain her good natured personality. Yam still very sensible, helpful, know exactly what to do attitude and yet still always manja-manjaing with her friends. And Farah still have her biting tongue. I said to them that some of us are exactly the same as when we left them 10 years ago. Manners, clothing, personality.

Yam replied, "Tapi kau pon macam dulu jugak. Tak berubah". I paused and smiled.

Sigh. Well... changed or not, it feel just like old time and I wonder that I no longer can keep up with them since the distance make it quite impossible for us to always keep in touch. Gossip just don't sound the same over sms yeah.

The wedding itself? The majlis akad nikah.. is pretty much as any other. Got roti jala tho. I didn't eat much. Too full eating nasi ambang for lunch. Also the pak kadi or tok imam as he called himself is a bit weird. My friends and I were trying to refrain from laughing out loud at his speeches. All very seemly... but just too chock-full of Pak Lah and politics. We were looking at each other and wondering if the Tok Imam had came to the wrong ceremony instead. The bride? Sarah was always the one with the beautiful clothes. So of course la she looks very pwitty in her wedding dress. No need to ask. After the ceremony the water tap were flowing freely on our part. Except for me and Dz. Both of us were never that emotional on this sorta things. We just raised our eyebrows humorously and 'usik' others whose eyes are red.

And its also the first time I met Sarah husband. He looked so young, but he is a year older than us. With his baju melayu and samping, he look like those boys we saw coming back from sekolah agama. But he seems nice and friendly enough which was a huge *cough* improvement *cough* *cough* than *cough again* 'others'.

Well.. that's one down and several to go. Its just gonna be strange. We were tasting the sound of Pn Sarah on our tongue. It sounded weird. So grown-uppish.

Selamat Pengantin Baru Sarah. We got one house to frequent for next raya.

p/s: Phantom of the Opera are coming to Singapore. Man... I am so pysch to watch that. Kengkawan...sila kompem bebtul ye. Weh... sape nak join tengok skali?


taqiyuddin bakir said...

i can't recall who among my friends got married first.

iceroll said...

one down, several to go. maybe u will be next, who knows.

obefiend said...

ah weddings. i hate weddings. probably because i hate people. i hate being nice for the sake of being nice.. HAHA. enuff about that

i would like to touch on the school food. yeah.. how bloody true. when i was in kuantan.. the school canteen sold the best jkeropok ikan and suace combo in the world. no other keropok taste as good as the one sold there. how i miss that taste. one other thing that i miss about school is the lack of responsibility. hahahaha!

grow up!

why do girls cry during wedding. padahal bukan wedding dia? maybe terasa yang "gosh im geting old and this ugly bitch kawin dulu.. WAA WAAAA"

im just being cynical!

Yoda said...

Nasik ambang? wahh camne ek? stori sket rupe die hehehe... suke bebeno aku tau pasal2 mkn ni

I got 5 wedding invitations alone in Nov and Dec THIS year... all my classmate back in Syed Putra...

Phantom of the Opera? Know a bit of the story (thank Detektif Conan)... they dont plan to come to M'sia ke dila? kalo ade kt area2 KL tu bole gak laa nk jenguk2

ska_ocean said...

Prev post.. bout that guy u put crush +cough+ on.. kite kenal ke dila?

Dila said...

Sure you could remember the old gang or close frens. Huhuhu.. kalo yg old classmates or mate yg kawin dulu. *sendri pon lose count*

why not you ?

Ah yes... school canteen food. Heavenly. My memories of school food was always great. Even the dewan makan at asrama pon taste great. Except on Tuesday. Tuesday is daging liat day. Maybe I am not that picky.

Haha.. well.. dunno why ppl cry at wedding. Bride and parents.. mungkin paham kut.

Nasi ambang tu.. lebey kuang mcm nasi campo tp bungkus with daun pisang. Common thing for nasi ambang.. usually ade mee goreng come together, sambal udang or ikan bilis, sayur kacang panjang or buncis, ikan masin or ikan goreng.

Dont think so la they will come to Malaysia. Years ago pon die org stakat stop kat Spore je. I was too young to go, even though I like the music even then.

hehe.. not from our skool la. Skolah lama di JB. Tadek la crush kat bebdk SAKTI ni.. well except Krie (disaster, disaster I know). Especially.. tadek crush kat bebdk Mutiara. Can I say.... euw.

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