Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Apple and Apple and Rotten Apple

You know what pisses me off.

" Why does brand X product is much more cheaper than your product?"
How would I know. I am not the people "up there" who tentukan the price. If I do, I will not be sitting here answering your question.

" Between brand X and brand Y, which is better and what should I purchase?"
Why oh why are you asking me in the first place? I am working for brand Y company. OF COURSE I will say you need to purchase our product and our product can bring you thousand of pleasure.

" I lost my CD, how can I reinstall my product?"
Well.... the answer is in the question I am about to ask you.. if you bought a vacuum cleaner. And you lost it. Do you come back to the manufacturer demanded they do something about it?

" Your company had acted dishonestly. I was promised a discount!! I had purchased the product and manipulated into believing it will cost cheaper.. I want my discount now!!"
Buying discounted product anywhere lesson 101: For any purchase, online, money order, if in the page you are looking at the price have * or "note" next to it, and they are offering a discount, always look into any extra details or the Term and Condition and the expiry date. We hate to point out your stupidity.

" No. I want one <insert preferred nationality> help me ar. Do not wan <insert detested nationality>. That people are idiots and they spik vely bad English!! I don unddistan what the hell they tawk about one. Why can't I spik to <insert preferred nationality>? I wan help now!! or I spik to ur boss."
No. If we could we had help you despite your very bad English and deafening shout. Thus, we need to bring you to the correct place to get help. But we are so glad anyway that we can't help you.

No. That is not the response I would give. Even though those are the one that goes through my mind whenever I am face with this.

I feel tired.


obefiend said...

yes FIRST !

wow.. i never thought that your line of work can lead to serious brain problems. the last one is soooo true. some people just wanna speak with their countryman. a friend of mine came from China and he can't speak proper english. so he uses the lame excuse you mentioned. i know my english is not perfect but to say they cant understand me really cheeses me off. i speak like those Astro TVIQ english lesson programmes. very slow and clear diction. cannot paham? dont make me laugh!!

good luck answering more stupid Q's today dils! the way i see it you need all the luck (and patience) handling these morons!!

Dila said...

Some people are just moron.

I sometimes wonder at times, if I would lose my sanity. And too true. Some people are just too comfortable hearing each other accent. So when other person from another country speak English, they get either too scared to speak or lambast them for not speaking good english. When, even the English are starting to doubt what is good English.

Cleo said...



You must have a lotta guts and patience to go through this everyday. Oooh dont u just wanna snap at someone? That'd be priceless. Can I hang around and watch? Heheh

Once I had to deal with a very tough customer when I was OC for my Installation. I was running around in my heels making sure everything was in place for the VIPs when this guy came up to me and demanded a refund.Just because he didnt get a good seat. And he was a NEWBIE. Final yr seniors had to be seated back too.Sigh.

But thats nothing compared to what you go through. Hats off to you!

Dila said...

Not guts cleo. More like, you gotta do the things you gotta do.

Lets just say that, at times, a difficult person looks like a complete idiot.

nawaba said...

disturbingly familiar..

been there..done that..

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