Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Great Sale that was not that Great

Few days back, I walked around KLCC in search for... well nothing. Just a good bargain thingies I guess.

It is always very boring to scrounge for bargain in the 70% and 50% pile. Only once in a while you find a gem. That is a rare moment. Usually, those pile are hideous which I will never wore even if they gave it for free. I went into Esprit, Isetan, MNG (which have no more sale), FCUK, British India... boring, boring, boring. Either the hideous pile, or no offer. Well, I also out of things to buy. Got few clothes still have not worn yet in my closet. Shoes? I always prefer my ratty sandals anyway. OOoOohh.. and the new shoe I bought in Berjaya Times Square needs to taken to a cobbler. Why they always make girls sandal so slippery? They think we like to skate ourselves through the floor ar?

I was beside myself. I meant I am at a shopping mall. I must, must buy something. So I went to Kinokuniya. Nothing there too but I always prefer to buy secondhand book , being such a cheapskate.

In exasperation I brought myself into Mark and Spencer. Was hankering after a those soup that were sold somewhere out of the outside of London Underground. So I went in search for those kinda soup. Isn't it boring, if you went to a restaurant and all they list in the Soup section is "Mushroom Soup" or "Chicken Soup". Baah. I could get it from the aisle of Giant. Why would I want to go to a fancy restaurant and bought myself a soup that was taken from that same tin. I can still remembered the soupy delight which was Broccoli and Leek soup and Potato Soup. Man. Im hungry. So bouught myself a tin , to test it out and see if its any good and a jar of jam for my mother.

I got home and my sister said, behold the shopaholic who couldn't seem to find anything to her fancy, so even buying a can of soup and jam would satisfy her addiction. Realized, that perhaps I truly am a shopaholic. But not the extreme one. More like retail therapy. Yups, yups.

Okay.. I want to make a list on what I had bought. But actually I forgot what I bought. I think bought a new blouse, new work pants, new shoes........ and can't remember further.

Below is the list which I want to buy, but can't or still could not find it:
1. A dark red/maroon leather big handbag.
2. New lense for my new spek
3. Bicycle
4. A spanking brand new book.

Heyy.. is not that extensive of a list. Yippeee..


taqiyuddin bakir said...

i want to buy myself a canon 350d dslr with Canon 17-55/2.8 IS USM lense to complement it.

shu said...

i always walk and walk around midvalley, to have something to buy for myself, even i dont need anything at that mo. simply, love to buy things and treat myself well once in a while..

my mum didnt agree with "once in a while" phrase.. she said, i shop most of the time. :p

i shop more when im upset.. as said earlier, just to treat myself...

zino said...

buy one thing at a time.. don't rush

mega sale everthing seem be be very cheap..

Dila said...

taqi: i say... if you got enough.. and you really want it. Buy it. More useful than clothes I suppose.

as I said.. retail therapy. Heh.. after buying this, its always make you feel a whole lot better.

I do buy one thing at a time.. after ...many time. But agreed, actually not a whole lot in Great Malaysian Sale.

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