Monday, September 25, 2006

Memories and Series

On Friday I greatly anticipate the new season of Greys Anatomy. Not dissapointed. Shonda Rimes is a great writer. And she put what we feel into words and expression exactly. Meredith can be quite tiring, especially whenever she got close with McDreamy. But got to love the interaction she have with the other cast, Izzie, George, Cristina.

And I love the last scene. When Izzie is being helped out of her prom dress by Meredith. (I thought the writers is about to let her wear that prom dress for several days). It translate to some what I sometimes felt. I have a thing on letting go or reminiscing. Yeah.. well (you know me).

Especially......OK. Say that.. if I had been to a really great date. When I got back home, I hate to get myself out of that clothes. Even if my clothes reek of cigarette smoke, I would love that smell. It gave me the heady sense of still being in that date. After the clothes was wash and I would fold it or hang it, I would smell the fresh laundry smell, a smile would hover. I would hesitate to wear it at times, not wanting any bad memory to tarnish it. So whenever I will put that clothes on again, the same shoes, the same handbag , it will usually bring out the best in me. I will laugh a bit more. I would be a little bit more dreamy. Little playful retort would bubbled out of me easily.

But, the same thing can be said when I am sad. When I got through a bad breakup or whatever. That same clothes would bring the opposite effect. I would bring it out with a resolve to wear it, but never could. Every time I lie my eyes on that clothes, it would bring me a bout of memories attack. When I hold it to store it back again, since I can't bear to wear it, twinge of sadness twisted my heart a bit. It brings little pain now.

Well, let's not get melancholy do we.

First time berbuka puasa di bulan Ramadhan in the office. Bit in a bad mood at first since there was free lunch at the office......, but as the day progressed, it is just like any other day. Eat a bit at office, then makan di rumah.

I also manage to download and watch the first episode of Shark. Its about this great D.A (Defense Attorney) who goes into the prosecuting side to win trials (the prosecuting side keeps on losing) and also train some of the junior attorney down there. A bit like House, but lawyers instead of doctors. One of the few series , I would like to try out and see on how well do I like it. Well.... its not great. But not too shabby either. Its quite enjoyable. Let's see on how well it turn out. And it got Sarah Carter. I kinda like her after seeing her in DOA. Not her acting chops (those are just tolerable) .. just that she's cute.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

" .. just that she's cute." - dila

it's supposed to sound rather weird. but it's not. And that's weirder still.

kinda like watching cute chicks walking while holding hands.

iceroll said...

As I always said, "Deep down inside, all girls are bisexual."

kunci hilang said...

i like it when u r getting melancholic.

Dila said...

taqi and iceroll:
Girls are not afraid of complimenting others on their looks (or even dissing em on their looks either), nobody gonna call us a lesbian for that.

Even if they do, I am sure no one really mind.

kunci hilang:
Which make me appear at times foolish.

obefiend said...

the first tow paragraph was just beautiful and i am not ashamed to say i felt exactly the same way.i refuse to wear some of the clothes that my ex gave to me post break-up. i felt cheap and wrong when i wear them. i end up giving the shirt to my pet cat when she gave birth 2 month ago. a red polo shirt semi drenched in cat's birth tracyt matter, blood and placenta. that's the way i get over it by besmirching the clothes she gave me. that how to end the problem of staring at the clothes in my closet.

i never watch grey's anaotomy. prolly because i'm such a GRISSOM fan boy. there could only be one Dcotor that would rule my viewing habit and Gill Grissom is his name. lately i have been unfaithful and decide to see a certain Dr House and Dr Cameron. i can relate to their sarcasm and love-hate relationship. i wonder is Dr Grissom would mind? haha.. i can be quasi-home when i want to also!

selamat berpuasa. i really like this entry.. melancholic but beautiful

Dila said...

Thank you.

I guess many of us have problems in lettin go on something. Hehhe.. but to actually use that for your cat messy birth.

Besmirched the bad memories I say.

Cleo said...

My first comment ere =) hye dila~

I don't usually associate my clothes with any significant emotional event. I love everything I own, most prolly bcoz I bought em myself anyway.

I let go of the past by getting rid of everything my ex gave me. EVERYTHING. Notes, gifts,pictures..the like. I would even go back to see him one last time and give him everything back in a box. Usually I'd blatantly ignore the questioning look on his face.

The only thing that hurts is watching him go around with someone new, treating her better than he did to me.


Nice post Dila =) Add one more fan! Heheh~

Dila said...

hi cleo. Welcome to my humble abode and thank you.

Well.. I guess, I am a sentimental fool . But a quite materialistic one. I like gifts.. (Maybe the guys I went out with dont buy me that much of a gift.. but anyway.. I don't throw away gifts. I want to show em to my granchildren :p~)


" The only thing that hurts is watching him go around with someone new, treating her better than he did to me."

that.. does hurt a lot.

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