Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Birthday ke...

Yes.. I am turning 24 today. Or had been as in 3.19 am today . Gah. Its such a big number. I want to be 21... again. And again.

I am trying to be positive today. Trying is the operative word here. Someone remarked that I gotten a tad bit gloomy lately. (Okay.. okay.. more like very gloomy and Okay... Okay... more than one person remarked I am a gloomy person). So as a birthday treat.. I will try to be cheerful today.

Yes. Even if it means waking up at 3 am in the morning to prepare to go to work at 4 am. Even when speeding up the highway was startled by a horrible accident scene where you can see the driver is pinned down by his car and almost rammed into the scene of the car crash itself. .

So do not want to think of accident. Birthday , remember. My birthday this year should be filled with happy thoughts. Granted not many remember my birthday ( I am not saying this to remind those who don't remember).. just that.. I don't really blame them for not remembering. I am myself are bad at remembering birthday. Have to say am impressed at Nia (my lovely chat sis ) who always always remember my birthday without failed. Even though we had never met. Hey girl.. I am so dying to meet you taw.

Also quite giddily awaiting any offers that they might give to a shopaholic birthday gal. I already got 30% discount from PADINI which I gave generously to my sister. I know this would benefit us all since we are always borrowing each other clothes. I got those freebies from OGAWA, massage beanie thingies. Free ticket from GSC. The usual 50% bonus of reloading my DiGi. Why.... I love my birthday.

My birthday treat to myself. I am buying myself a ticket to watch Phantom of the Opera. Not quite a good seat.. but ok enough. Should be.. I am already abstaining from shopping until my trip to Singapore bulan 4 nanti. I know by April 2007, it wouldn't feel like birthday treat anymore. But whatever. I feel like jumping up and down thinking about watching Phantom of the Opera. I had been hankering to watch that since I was 12. That should be the best birthday gift ever for myself.. yet. And to think us girls (Gon, Shim-Shim, Serias) are planning to go to Singapore together. Wow.. due to my very persistent persuasion they agree. Great time ahead!

Okay. Must refrain self from being too happy too early on the day. You know what they say... well.. I don't know what they say. Something like you will get bad news or be sad later on.

But its my birthday.. its a reason for me myself to feel joyous for whatever reason birthday might give joy for. I don't know. Why do people celebrate the day they turn exactly a year older? Probably as someone said to me in one of the birthday wishes, I had reached a year milestone in life, I guess.

And you know what? 1 other thing I got to feel joyful about ... At least this year birthday I wouldn't have to listen to inane birthday song sang to me with guitar accompaniment, sentimentally wishing me happy birthday sent to me in Bubble Talk (kinda like free voice mail). If somehow I got it again, I will probably puke myself until I'm unconcious. (Yes.. I am an ungrateful girl)

Well, Happy Birthday to me.


Yoda said...

Ur besday today? Hepi besday dila... may ape2 je ur wish come true...

i treat my birthday as another usual day... maybe i shud change... start by remembering my OWN birthday :D

i got a guitar... tp xsampai hati nk tgk ko muntah hahahaha

taqiyuddin bakir said...

you've got a chat sis? kewl.. hehe

24 is young! 27 is something else.

i'd usually skulk around avoiding ppl on my birthday. i guess i kinda don't like celebrations. but i like getting gifts tho.

Anonymous said...

still young..very the very........ btw. happy birthday dils! may u have more ahead of ya!

24 is a good number. just ask Jack Bauer.....ehe... stupdi joke.not funny

at least u get something for ur bday kan. on my bday all i get is a large portion of sceret recipe's fish n chip..sponsored by myself!

ahaha.........shop till ya drop! and tell us about it

Dila said...

Thank you.

Hehe.. I think guys usually dob't really care about birthday.

heh.. a chat sis as what we call each other.. way way back zmn SPM days. Pastu sampai skang.. chat , sms or emel aje.

Well.. probly u skulk around coz u dont like ppl singing happy birthday is it?

Eh.. 24 youngish eh.. but its kinda leaving girlhood behind. Camtuh la rase.

Well.. at least masa birthday we got to justify ourselves when buying expensive thing

iceroll said...

hoho hepi belated bday. tiup lilin. wish something :P

Dila said...

Woh. Lambat. Hahaha

Anyway, thanx again,

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