Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bored Now

How many post had I ever started with bored or boring. Countless. Dila... how unoriginal can you be.

Yada. Yada. I am never that creative. So don't really care right. Right.

Totally bored kelmarin while sitting eating alone, I was people watching the entire scene with interest. Not that there is any anything interesting happening. Nope. No couple fighting. No cute kids frolicking around. No cute girls guys to watch. Just a bunch of bored people trying to let off steam after work.

Then I remembered a picture moment collection by some photographer posted on MSN website. . The photographs shown a number of couple...supposedly bored. What the photographer caption is something like... "how the spark had gone out from their eyes... " something like that.

Mostly they show the middle age and elderly couple. Obviously sitting and not acknowledging one another. One of them shows couple who are too distracted with their children to notice their own spouse. As such as the picture depicts.

If then.. lead me to even more thinking. Not profound deep theological thoughts. Would this people actually like it that they are captioned or labeled as such. So you had one bad day and just don't feel like talking instead just sitting with each other. What right does a person to label you as such boring couple. Maybe they in other night when they are not staring through each other, they had activity such as salsa or even.. pole dancing.

Do they even agree to this picture? I mean.. its not like this guy are just gonna publish his photo at the Fotopages or Flickr to show off his prowess in taking pics. He was publishing it on MSNBC where it was featured prominently to other bored people around the planet. Their friends might look into these pictures and think.. "Yes, they do indeed look unhappy.. I mean just the other night the wife kinda smiled faintly when her husband burped at the table.. ".

Does the photographer goes like.. " Hi guys, I had just taken your pictures. So I am thinking that it would turn out really great, the lighting was spectacular. I was gonna feature this in a webpage. No biggies. Just some random MSN page. By the way, just a minor detail.. my pictures gonna be titled something like boring.. couple.. or something like that. "

Okay.. I am totally rambling. In my world news, my niece was admitted to the hospital yesterday because of pneumonia. She's okay. Just moody that she got admitted. Her mom informed her that she is gonna be going to a hotel.. and the hospital lobby is very nice and all so she got really excited. She realized that it is all just a ruse when they ask her to lie down for them to take x-ray. She was traumatic from her last hospital experience when she was admitted in some French hospital when she was in Vietnam. Can't blame a girl for the paranoia. I would be freak if I don't understand what the hell does the doctors and nurses are talking about when hovering around me.

I got the bit of the pneumonia blast. So I am quietly sitting at home tonight with a headache to cure and a sore throat to recover to. My voice had also changed drastically to something scary. So its really boring to talk to people at this moment. Some people might think I was a man who had not yet changed completely.

Well, I'm penning or typing off. Have a great weekend. Or what's left of it.


taqiyuddin bakir said...


we don't like reading posts like this; "i had a very nice day today! me and my boifren went to an ice cream parlour and eat ice cream! the vendor is even nice enough to give me a free scoop! then my boifren bought me flowers! then we went and eat lunch at the california pizza kitchen! it was nice and happy!"


iceroll said...

i bet u are right taq.

who gonna read an idealistic story of somebody's life? what people wanna read is something like cerita tipu + sadistic stories. Besides, we live in an unfair world.

Dila said...

Kinda confuse..

Had you just been reading some happy post?

Well.. I kinda like reading happy post.

Prolly i write such dreary things.

obefiend said...

dreary things and reality based entries are better than sugarcoated fluffs i read on most blogs

not by accident ur link is first on my blog list!

btw.... any links to the pictures in question?

Dila said...

Well... I guess p'raps you guys are basically happy guys. To like reading dreary post. Heh.

(But I wish I could write like the chick in New York Bar Maid Blog tepi link tu)

And thanks for the link (way) up. Heh.

No link to the pics. Try to find it.. but obviously somewhere in cyberspace.

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