Friday, September 22, 2006


Well well. I wanna join in the bandwagon and blog Ramadhan too. Yeay.

Well.. everybody know what is drawing near. You know what time it is... Yes! Food galore. Food that usually only come up once a year appear. Yes! The time of year that all people think we can diet or lose weight in the fasting month... but how completely wrong we are since our berbuka puasa food is just too full of goodiess goodness thingies. The time of month where traffic jam is at the most worst after work hour.

Yes , yes , I am not completely sidetracked here. It is the time where all us sinners should take the opportunity to grovel and beg for Allah forgiveness for us wrongdoing and transgressions. It is the time where we need to shed our bad habit.. and try to keep it that way too. It is the time to multiply our good deeds and ibadah to Him.

Therefore being a person who is so flawed that she herself are sometimes ashamed of self, I want to seek forgiveness to those around me.

First of all to my family who have to attend to my freeloading ways at time and also still keep the meal on the table until 10 pm every day so I could have home cooked meal . I like to say please forgive me for all my thoughtlessness and also my careless way on handling thing. ( Even though my family don't read this blog... and I hope they never will. *shivers* .. ah well)

To all my friends, to also on my don't care attitude at times and sometimes biting remarks. And the forgetful of birthday thingies too.. I know I know.. I am a bad friend. But hey.. I am never good at numbers. Can't seem to keep them in my head.

To all my Corporate colleagues, for sometimes being lazy.. ah yess... ok ok.. a tad bit lazy many time.. but you know you still like to keep me around since I am such a walking dictionary and I laughed at those silly silly emails.

To all my other colleagues, ah well... sorry for the you know.. the don't care attitude (you see a pattern is emerging here) and the delay in sending out some emails.

To others, who I might had hurt their feeling or somewhat intentionally or non- intentionally. And to whoever might understand, that I never thought it would be like this or was like that. (Wait.. even I don't understand that. Well... think as you like.. I gotten tired of 'splaining myself).

To all my blog readers, sorry for having to put up with this *show hands around, nose crinkling in disgust*.

Now.. did I missed out anybody?


taqiyuddin bakir said...

i forgive you dila.

taqiyuddin bakir said...

but i will not forget you.

haneem jane said...

dila..i miss our last ramadhan together.. sob sob..

obefiend said...

selamat ramdan to you too and DITTO on all the things you wrote. ramadhan is the time where i eat a wholekuih bakat on a daily basis when i was in UTP. those bazaar ramadhn kuih bakar was plain awesome. i cant even find good kuih bakar pre or post ramadhan. damn......

malam ni buka maybe with megi and hotdog. i am too lazy to go to pasar malam.

for that i am sorry to my mom.. anak mama pemalas even when it comes to makan! sorry tumy ur goin to suffer

Dila said...

of course..don't ever forget :p

yeps2. That time.. seems like a dream.

ur food sound just as nice. (I am hankering after some hotdog with pickles! the past days)

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