Monday, August 14, 2006

..Its a many splendored thing

Yawn. Its Manic Monday. I always , always complaint when its Monday. Couldn't be help. We still have to go through Monday.

Got to see PGL last weekend at Istana Budaya. We got good seat (It should be. I'm bankrupt already) so it was really nice. And it was spectacular. The sets and lighting is very very very nice. I love it. Hang Tuah is not as handsome as what most girls fawned about, but what he lacked in look, he makes it up with his singing chops. PGL the movie was bland at times, however this musical certainly lively and beautiful.

But I must and must complaint. The music. This is a musical. I expect a majestic sweeping haunting lovely music to show its grand sad love story. All I get is a song somewhat like a pop song. The songs was disappointing. I didn't meant all the music. The majestic lively music where they dance about Majapahit and Melaka is a joy to hear and see. But its love song. I felt like ... blahh. I always wonder why our film don't have great music as it were in zaman P Ramlee. Haunting sweeping song that we identify as closely as the story in the movie. We have many influences of many cultures and many weird musical instrument that we have problem pronouncing that we can incorporate in a movie soundtrack. Why? Why? They always use a song somewhat sound like always sung by boy or girl band.

I have to say too that Gusti Puteri and Hang Tuah kinda irk me with their first love at first sight and Gusti Puteri lamenting on how shitty life is as a princess that wants to be loved. Have to guiltily confessed during all those lovey dovey scenes, I rolled my eyes a lot. What? You think I don't believe of love at first sight? Naah. I do. More like that its rarely true. Nor lovely. Or any grand love story in that matters. Does it always have to be first love first sight? And if it is a princess involved, it must involved a lot of singing.

It kinda make me think. Fairytale love story. My most familiar recollection of love stories, is of Disney stories of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid. The prince first met the princess while princess is singing -> mesmerized by the singing -> sing along -> fall in love while holding hands ( And don't get me even started on the Princess and the stupid Pea). Perhaps that's why our politicians and orang2 kaya is always entranced by singers and actresses. I put the blame on Disney. And must the princesses alwaysss whined about wanting to love and beloved. Hellooooo. There are peasants down there at your castle washing your potty basin while have barely enough to eat. But you must complaint that no one love you.

Want to know of a haunting love story involving a princess? Let me recollect. Long time ago, in a land not so far away, there live a princess who lived in a great big towering castle. She fall in love with a neighbouring rival knight. How they fell in love? I don't know, probably she sings a lot while gathering berries. However, they always met in secret. Proclaiming their undying love, they would one day run away together since both fathers would not approve of their secret relationship. You know, him being from a rival country and all.

One day, they promise to meet in secret in the princess castle. One dark night, the princess opened one of the castle window to let through his knight into her lair. The knight should climb up using a ladder. Awaiting for her true love, she heard a sound coming up to the window. With color seeping into her before much pale face (her father would kill her if he knew what she been up to that night, hence the pale-like pallor), she stand up suddenly with starry eyes. But climbing up the window is not her knight, but a stranger. Before she could uttered a scream she was silenced forever.

Those that came up was a stranger which then helped his comrades up to take siege of the castle. The knight is simply a very very devious and heartless medieval age 007, who helped his father to conquer their rival castle. And they said women of the history were great betrayer. Paaah.

Love must have sucks. Probably that was her last thought when she died at the rival soldier blade.


obefiend said...

the story at the end is beautiful in its simplicity. i kinda like bad endings where everone dies and no one win. that more closely mirrors my daily life. i dont believe that fairy tale stories should be continues. theys houldbe banned from the world altogether. i mean they teach kids wrong values. they want little girls to grew up to be meek princesses who dreams of marrying rich princes. even when they are just mere peasents! what kind of moral value are we teaching to the kids?

just take a look at the world now. young girls marrying old mand who are loaded. or young girls going out with rich EVO driving numbnuts who couldnt care less about her. love my ass!

when i have a child i will teach them real stories based on facts and history. like how constantinople fell or how palestine was robbed from their rightful owner

thats better what!

PGL - i dunno. i find the whole id ea of musical stupid. hahaha..

Dila said...

Thats what I think of grand love story. I think I said it before long ago post that most great love stories always ended with death. Romeo & Juliet, Titanic, .....Brokeback Mountain?

Fairytale about ditzy princess should be filtered. One heroine I would bring forward is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

I think the musical is even better than the movie. Or you just don't like strange men bellowing songs with their legs wide apart?

kunci hilang said...

It's interesting to know some younger people today enjoy watching this kind of arts.

Please show me where's the istana budaya one day. ;)

Dila said...

Not that interesting. I think it fast becoming a trend even. LOL. Actually it depends on the production kut. Nice way to past time and support the local performing arts.

Sure thing... one day :P

iceroll said...

one day...

Rozie Rais said...

nice love story!
at asyik2 citer love story yg cam ko ckp..the last one quite tragic..n definitely not boringlaa..hey, how bout princess nowadays aaa??

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