Wednesday, July 19, 2006

All pointing that..

I got too much time on my hand. Nah. I am just bored and discontented.

Anyway... being necessarily bored and fabulously nonchalant about it. (Just felt like throwing big words around even though it might be wrong) , I typed this and wallaa. All 10 signs pointing you are dating/seeing/marrying a sugar daddy-0. This is in no way related to any particular person *snickers*

1. Minus the 1 million in his bank account, you wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole.

2. Rummaging through your father closet for his digital camera, you found yourself staring at the same kemeja batik color and design your date wore to a formal dinner you both attend.

3. When both of you accidentally met his long lost friend, his friend remarked how fast and beautiful you had grown.

4. He have a bigger space in the bathroom shelves for his medication pills.

5. He knows more about anti aging cream than you do.

6. He woos you the old fashion way. Flowers. Jewellery. Fancy restaurant which other Datins don't frequent.

7. You have more gold trinkets from Habib Jewel than your mother.

8. You look forward the next after 20 years.

9. Snickers and titters can be heard around you when the "Who's your daddy" jokes come up.

10. When you read this you felt indignant and wanting to object.



Anonymous said...

dating bapak gula?

Dila said...

seeing/dating/marrying bapak gula

Unta@Jitra said...


Sape cakap duit bukan segala2nya... pirraahhh hahahaha... anyway, to get married is a good thing than keeping him for personal pleasure (or is it the other way around?) hehe

Dila said...

keeping her. Hins hins. I guess, marrying is better than being somebody mistress.

taqiyuddin bakir said...

Datuk K!

Dila said...

cik ct!

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