Friday, December 08, 2006

Good Bye and Good Luck

Busy lor. Tapi tak berani la kan nak letak busy lebey2 kat sini. Kang kena ungkit plak... (eh.. tapi diri ini tengah mengungkit jua... takdulikblogakukan and akutulisapeapeakumaw dan bagaimanacarapon)

Ehem.. I am super busy today.. cause so many things to do, feeling so drowsy and have only less than 12 hour to pack my things, learn the violin, and do whatever stuffs I was suppose to do but apparently forgot. Instead I blog. Yes, thats absolutely the thing I do. Submit cheque, but HR is closed to regular employee and receptionist not there. Grrrr.

Need to train the new guy before I go back. Delete all incriminating evidence of not working while working in my work computers. Hahaha. Eik.. let me dash upstairs to see if HR or any working personas are up there.

Nope . Not there. Blergh. Got an email that need to send it to another person. Sigh. Email is the best communication. Imagine the time when there is no email when you are working. The horrors~

Well, I'll be going to Ipoh tonight. Probably while they are gossiping, I'll be snoring at the back. Your's truly didn't get a good night sleep plus also need to wake up at 3am in the freaking morning to go to work. I got another lost soul call ( Salah number ) at midnight.

This had been plaguing me since raya. Apparently, somewhere in Malaysia there is a group of Chinese guys believing me to be Ah Siew (as that is what I heard) .. or whatever they called him/her. This guy kept on calling me more than 10 times per day asking for whoever and speaking in Chinese. No amount of "Wrong Number or Salah Nombor laaa", can convince him that I am not the person he is looking for. It get so horrible that I just put my phone on silent and let him ring and ring and ring.

Until I had enough when he kept on calling me when I was shopping. I meant I am trying to find the best bargain here, , OK. Perusing with my hands fully occupied holding bags and also waiting for my brother to ring. Then to have to convince a nitcompoop that he is calling the wrong number, and I was irritated that this guy use another number to call me since I don't pick up the old number which he used to bug me with and he had the audacity to sound pissy. I snapped. So I actually ranted and shouted into the phone to never call me again in both BM and English, in various different ways and different tone and pitch in the middle of Padini, for him to finally understand that the girl that kept on picking up his call was now royally pissed off.

Then I think either the same idiot call again or some of his friends in the middle of the night..asking for Ah Siew. I groggily said "Wrong Number" and end the call. Tadek tenaga to shout to leave me alone. Siap la if he tried to play play lagi.

Ah well. I had cleaned all cache, cookies, incriminating files and emails. Submitted cheque. Hug or shake hand saying goodbye to almost everybody. Write my goodbye email. Try to clear out my own cases. Leave the company properties at TL desk. Look back one more time at my now old office.

Well, goodbye I guess. Sure had fun here at McAfee. Kinda bummed that I couldn't make it to the Annual Dinner for the company tomorrow night.

And will definitely miss my various characters of officemates dearly. Sure won't miss the customer though.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

kewlness... so whats next? ke going to go aimless for a while before knowing what to do?

Dila said...

Next: Had already started the new job at Damansara. no time to poya2 :(

obefiend said...

huh... good luck on the new job dils.. about them wrong number calls. are u sure some ex BF didnt paste ur number on some public toilet under the banner "nice ah siew". hahaha.

Dila said...

thank you.

Hahaha. It can my ex bfs, ... it is a disconcerting thought.. that I may had a relationship with a cowardly idiot.

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