Friday, November 13, 2009

Used and forgotten

I am a pack rat. Asked my husband. We sometimes have silly fight on whose stuffs is the most stuffs that stuffed the room, and he always accused my stuffs. I of course deny this because I would deny everything and am a rampant liar. But of course this is true. Ask me tomorrow and I will say otherwise though.

You get the gist of what constitues a pack rat.
  • The 8 year old jeans that had seen better day (fabricwise and figurewise both) that you do not wear but you still hoard because you hope you can get your 20 year old figure back one day and smile that satisfied smile when you pull the jeans up past your thigh and butts.
  • The countless perfume bottles and its BOXES that you saved and you hate to throw away because it cost a chunk of your money and damn it, if I paid RM200 for it, I will save em all!
  • The old eye shadows and lipsticks that you spent in a compulsive buy during a warehouse sale and you only applied once or twice and should have thrown away because who the hell put on a bright orange eyeshadow in the middle of the day.
  • The old magazines of Cleo and Women Weekly under your bed that you didn't throw out yet because you want to recycle but never do because you keep on forgetting to load to your car or called that uncle "Suratkhabar Lama" to a halt.

Maybe the stuffs would be a tad bit different for a guy.

The other thing that I hoard constantly is quite ok. Why OK? Because it's tiny and doesn't take much space. That stuffs; are the label price or tag of clothes and stuffs that are kinda nicely printed or cardboard made tag. Those make great bookmarks y'all. As I am always losing my bookmarks everywhere, those tag labels come in handy when I read book at other spot than my room so I don't get depressed when I lose my really expensive bookmarks I bought far from home.

Currently the book that I am reading and touting around, I used a label I took from the dresser. Never really notice it before but it was pink and cute and labeled 'Espire' in white font so what the heck. I briefly tried to remember then but failed on what stuffs this label came from. Nvm then .

Now this morning, while waiting for the computer to boot and load, I read the book awhile and closed it back again. Instead of putting the label in between the pages, I put it at the top of the book. After a while, I got a little bored, and casually looked at the back label to see the product tagline and read the word " Congratulations! You have chosen a product that is designed to give more pleasure to ....." And my mind goes... "whatttt.. when did I bought a read further la Dils" and the next few line have "condom" on it. Oh. And I had brazenly left the tag lying around OR flaunting it (as I like to hold the label in my hand as I read) in God's know where for the past few days.

This comes to mind to another stuff that I used to use. Back in high school, everybody have big pencil boxes to fill the many, many colored pens to put in (to better write love letters with) and so does I. But where my pencil box differs was that I used the zipper bag that many department stores put panties they want to sell. You know the one, the clear case of zipper bag that have 3 or 4 panties rolled up nicely. I used that as my pencil case. And never really notice that it used to be a 'panties' case because I am daft like that and also cheapskate to buy pencil case. Why buy when you have a perfectly workable free zipper case aight?

So half a year goes still using the case and still not having a clue and only after walking in the store past the lingerie and underwear section I noticed the similarities. Hoh! But I shrugged it off and just continue using it, because no one ever mentioned or teased it to me. so what the hell yar. Unless I am known as the 'underwear case girl' behind my back, I really couldn't give a damn.

Hmmmm in this post alone, you all now know I am a pack rat, I recycle stuffs no matter how embarassing the thing is and I used pleasure enhancing product for family planning stuffs. Eh, we are all grown up here.


mangifera said...

i need to read twice before i read get what the ESPIRE is about since it get caught up with lingerie thingy.

i also a pack rat. i still have my old kad raya from my crush during high school and ex-gf. It's too precious to be thrown away. Still have that hard-to-iron cloth which i wore twice before decide to permanently "cold storage" it in the wardrobe. Still have my high school rugby committee tshirt (cause the design was and is beautiful), those paper stars in the bottle given by ex-gf, key chain that i get during internship. many things and so many memories, i just couldn't throw it away. I just refused to let go. hahahaha.

i'm moving away from recycle things since i stop using ice cream container to keep foods cause they tend to break easily, quite fragile after years of dedicated usage. Now, i purchase a decent RM 6 container to put my food. hahahaha. Still a cheapskate nonetheless.

I think i also get away with embarassment cause otherwise i would not carrying pillow in Makro shopping bag in LRT last time during my internship. I guess i could handle prying eyes.

in my harddisk, it getting worse. i still have chatting log from the old glory of mIRC in UTP, almost all my assignments, final year project and all sorts of pictures - gathering, silly pictures with friends, unpublished pictures with naked people on it. hahahhaa. Gosh, so much things that i couldn't let go. hahahaha.

i guess what i have is genetic inheritance. My mom still have my clothes when i was 2 years old and the most impressive thing, she still have her original copy of marriage certificate and my late grandma marriage certificate. :)

eyz said...

wahaha, leh geng!

same goes with my family, all chronic pack rats. all those books, old furniture, ornaments, bits and parts of machinery, pieces of woods... my house feels like a warehouse. haha.

myself, i unwillingly collect books, receipts, labels from clothes, toiletries container, plastic bags, newspapers... and the list goes on.

iceroll said...

It is called compulsive hoarding. It's a disease u know :p

[re-arrange] said...


i think im grateful for getting a recessive gene from my parents. My mom especially has a lot of stuffs. I on the other hands is the one who throws it out.

Geez I'm a minimalist on stuffs. But NOT FOOD! hahaha. :P

Dils said...

Kalau kad-kad raya or surat-surat lama tu mesti tak sampai hati nak buang. Tadek dah orang nak bagi kad raya or surat2 skang ni. Heh.

Eh no such thing as unwillingly... you went into the habit willingly. Hehehe.

Everything can be a disease. Only when it is harmful la... hehe.. tapi kalo tergolek di malam hari otw to toilet sebab terlanggar buku2 di lantai... bole la kut harmful tu.

Hoarding foood is only harmful if you do not eat what you acquire. Hahaha...

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