Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Satisfaction not guaranteed

You know something, I always found myself being jealous. Jealous of people who love their work.

I wondered why I never feel this way. Is it because its really hard for me to make friends so making the workplace a more enjoyable place to be in or because I don't have the 'minat' in this industry. To tell you the truth, I don't even know what I want.

As you are reaching the big 3.0 your life should be more defined, you need to know what you want or have a good start on your long term career goal. When interviews came, the long term career goals questions is the one I loathe. I take my future week by week. 10 years down the line questions, make me feel like crying in a corner sucking my thumb.

It is not even a question of making money. I even envy the salesgirl at a stall who seems to have a good time doing whatever she does when thinking of going to work is making me hurl. I envy my husband who loves his job. I envy my friends who have a good paying job and making decent start in their career. I even envy those who complaint about their job but seems to be having fun all at the same time. I even envy the S.A.H.M where they do not have to face the questions and deadlines by bosses and clients.

I am tired of career change. Because changing your career does not mean you will be happy. Or does this in fact have nothing to do whatsoever with career or in fact in me needing to find satisfaction on what I do no matter what it is. But the ball would be coming back to, to find satisfaction, I need to be happy in what I do?

Geeez. Maybe I should had been a teacher after all, but the thought of starting over. Sigh. I don't have the heart to do it. And it would be even worse if in the long run, I would be truly unhappy and turned out to be like those bitter teachers that I always hated when I was in school.

Lets next week be a better week.


SheeMa said...

beb! that was exactly what i've been thinking..apa la nak jadi ngan kita nih, takkan by the time we reach 40, kena buat coding lagi...huhuhuhu~ tak sanggup..takpe dont be sad, kita lalui je hidup ni, tahun depan, mungkin terbuka jalan kot...i hope we see the 'light' . hehe

Anasfadilah said...

i love sewing,thus its my 2nd job :)

ok ka tu future week by week,mine? day by day.

Dils said...

Yeah. Kite kalo berjumpa, cite pasal kerja je. Hahaha.

Aku pon harap2 next year is a better year. Mungkin terbukak hati nak teruskan technical line ke. Hehehe.

Mungkin nak kena amik satu lagi passion kut. So many interests to choose from....

frH said...

maybe u need to have second job - that meets your passion. skang ramai org buat mcm tu ..
maybe a kindergarten teacher? or cikgu tuisyen ..?

shu said...

i think.. we are in the same boat. its just that, i've quit my job yet not sure what else i should do.

parents ask me to further study and bcm lecturer. hm i dont know. the thought of 'study' makes me ngantuk. study nak sit for basis certification pun tak abes2 (tak amik2 sampai skrg). ni kan plk nk sambung master.

orang kata, nak seribu daya, takmo seribu dalih.

but, i dont know what i want pun.

hopefully we are able to figure things out before its too late.

ape pun, be happy!

happy new year, dila :).

Farihah said...

quit ur job. be a housewife. saw my sis happily did that. GLHF!

Dils said...

Terpikir gak second job, tapi first job pon mcm memenatkan. Huhuhu.

Yeah, but you have take a good step in doing something with your life. Hehehe. I don't know your project currently, tapi nampak gaya macam dah nak pursue what you like doing.

Itu adalah bliss! Tapi kena financially secure first. Your sister is lucky.

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