Sunday, December 06, 2009

Kesah Kurap Pulak

Its now Kurap turn to be neutered. Its seems time because she had begun to be interested in exploring the back alley which is filled with hormonal tomcats. 

First day balik adalah agak mandom, then esok tu dah mula la 'menginja' sana sini main kejar-kejar dengan Fasha tak sedar diri perut tu masih lagi freshly berjahit.

And makin manja pulak, sibuk nak tidur sebelah manusia. Tak penah jumpa lagi kucing semanja die. Wherever there is anyone in the house, she will follow them and stay with them and sometimes forced us to scratch her ears or pet her head by mewing loudly and persistently. Very the mengada.

She does not make much of a fuss with the big cone on her head as I had thought she would be. Mungkin sebab die ni jenis tak kesah nak jilat bulu sangat. Fasha is the one yang obsessed with cleaning herself, which is why I am not at all surprised to find some clump of cat vomit or hairball which is solely courtesy of Fasha. Dulu geli, sekarang sudah immune. Hahaha.

We have to wait lagi sepuluh hari (make that 8 days now which to me seems like a long time too), to bring her back to the vet untuk buka jahitan and to make sure everything is A-OK.

Yeah. she seems really wrapped up in watching Heroes. Fasha pon used to like laying down and watch Heroes dulu-dulu when I was watching it. What is it with Heroes and cats?

p/s: Its been a while since I had heard Edith Piaf, beginning to play back her songs over and over again. Her songs and voice is just amazing.


Obefiend Weiland said...

its cool that you neuter the cats

my mom kata dosa but meh!

dosa lagi kalau ada anak berjuta all jadi strays. tak bagi mampu makan

i always find the conical thing HILARIOUS!! hahaha. CONEHEADS!

p/s : my only exposure to edith piaf was in saving private ryan. her song was played before the climatic end battle.

Dils said...

I read that the hukum is harus, if you do not want more cats or can't afford to keep more cats. Mungkin die kesian to the binatang kut. Hehe. But my cats very happy.

Yeah, even more hilarious when they are trying to scratch their way around the cone.

Try to download some of her songs. There is a certain charm to it.

citrus_medica said...

owh, terbayang monster inc.
chomel dowh kucheng ni..

tumpang lalu~

Dils said...

Die dah makin cumil sikit sekarang sebab sekarang dah rajin nak membersihkan diri. Hehehe.

Thanks for dropping a comment btw.

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