Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hadeeja Cafe

The post on what I ate.

My husband noticed a newspaper article mentioning that Deja Moss had opened a kedai makan in Ukay Perdana and beria-ria mengajak aku untuk test. The kedai makan is also co-owned by Anuar Zain ( a fact that I like to highlight to Sheema and Seri. Hehe)

We went on Sunday for some lunch. Was a bit impressed to see how chic the kedai look from outside and confused when I pulled to open the door, it wouldn't budge. Seems you need to ring on the doorbell then the door can be opened. Ok.

The menu is not extensive. From what I can see written on the board the options are, Laksa Sarawak (special or biasa), Mee Kolo, Nasi Daging Hitam and Nasi Ayam Hitam. The drinks are the usual and nothing fancy about it.

I ordered Teh O Ais (tak perlu review teh o ais kan) dan Laksa Sarawak, but the orang kedai misheard me and gave me the Laksa Sarawak Special instead. Ok, Laksa Sarawak Special is ok also. The price for yang special is RM8++ and the biasa is RM7++. The special one got udangs. (Kenapa aku letak s blakang udang?)

It was ok. Better than laksa shack and a bit lesser than Alexis. Alexis memang la sangat sedap laksa die kan, tapi price at Alexis pon boleh tahan sakit nyawa jugak (more than RM15 per bowl), so if got sudden craving for Laksa Sarawak we had found a place yang quite decent and tidak mencekik darah. My husband said, it is quite nice, tapi macam ade something missing. (Itu la yang die slalu cakap, ape yg missing tu kalo ditanye, he wouldn't know. ) My only complaint is that not enough kuah. Hehe.

My husband ordered mee kolok, which I think priced around RM7++.

He loves it! He said it is sedap and would definitely come here again kalau die kepingin untuk Sarawak mee kolo again. I tasted some of the mee a bit and have to agree that it is quite nice, but I only have 1 so-so mee kolo and another really terrible mee kolo experience to come to an opinion if this one is sangat best.

Well, the pinggan and glasses are finished clean. I do have to say I love the white on white tableware/cloth for the dining table. Nampak ala-ala posh and chic. The kedai also have a huge sofa dominating the front of the kedai, which I think is the waiting area for people who came here to order her cakes.

Yes, the top right hand corner tu adalah jari aku sebab I am a sucky photographer but I just have to take the pic and I covet that stools!

Oh yes, kat kedai ni jugak ade jual kek lapis Sarawak, and they have a lot of varieties in stock. Aku macam teringin nak beli tapi jangan nak membazir and nanti balik-balik mesti I am the only one who will habiskan the kek. So, malas.

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ska_ocean said...

Mee Kolok...! Yummy! I love Sarawak Food~ Kamek mok juwak mee kitak org mkn tek kelak.. Harus u'ols... Nanggah lamak2 perut kamek trus lapar... Hoho! Tak g sinun sik mbak kamek, tapi post juwak photo situ..

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