Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday and Anniversary weekend

It was my birthday last Saturday and our first anniversary last Sunday. We vaguely planned a mini-break getaway but canceled it because it seems a bit costly and I macam malas.

Thanks for all the wishes. Thanks also for husband for treating me to various eateries that I felt like having on Saturday.

Went to IKEA for the baked salmon (I like the usual salmon better), bought strawberries at the Street, went to KLCC for books.

My birthday gifts! Books! Fables tu tak kira sebab my husband yang sibuk sangat nak beli. At long last I got my copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

Then Bakin Boys cookies, various windows shopping and salivating on things I can't afford, and then to Wangsa Walk for Secret Recipe because I am in love with their Japanese Soba and Vienna Brownies. Though my husband ordered the Vienna Brownies and I chose Lemon Cheese to try it out (not that great).

Japanese Soba and Grilled Black Pepper Chicken. Setiap kali tengok black pepper chicken ni, teringat kesah Lan dahulu

Vienna Brownies yang heavenly and Lemon Cheese yang kureng sikit.

For anniversary, husband made pancakes for breakfast! Which I ate while watching the latest episode of Greys also while positioning the plate and fork away from Fasha sniffing because she likes breakfast food. Did nothing extraordinary for anniversary at all, except made pizza from a ready made dough bought from Cold Storage and some roti bun pizza I improvised because there is a lot of mushroom left. That roti bun pizza is the AWESOME and I will continue to make it now.

Dinner went to the newly opened Sri Ayuthayya at Wangsa Maju because I had been dyingggg to go there since forever tapi sebab jauh so malas. And it was subpar. I hate the tomyam, too oily for my taste and the kerabu is nothing to shout about. The sizzling prawns are kinda nice and the asparagus, is asparagus without anything you can add to it.

Not that keen to try it again but maybe will come back to try out other dishes, because maybe we just ordered the so-so ones. I will be staying away from the tomyam though.

Nothing to say much about both event, except I am older and still feels like going nowhere. Hurrah for early onset depression! As for first year anniversary, it feels like we had been together for a very long time and at the same time, it feels like eh sudah 1 year?

And I think birthday girl picture should be featured for this post eh. So ini dia.

Memberi arch look (when expression 'arch' is being used, doesn't it remind you of Elizabeth Bennett) kepada camera.

Also today, I had just received my new laptop carryall/totes from alicewonders.com. Yeay! Also considered as birthday present from my husband. Erni mentioned about AliceWonders.com in her blog post . In the post she mentioned about a coupon being given away if we did a survey at their blog. So I did, and got 30% discount. Much browsing afterwards, I chose to buy the laptop carryall because my current handbag is currently breaking apart, and I need something to store my laptop bile aku malas bawak laptop backpack itu. So even if I opt to not put my laptop in, it would be/look totally fine for my work bag


frH said...

happy belated birthday & ann dila!
mengada tau birthday looks itewww ..

btw r u going to fir's wedding?

Dils said...

thanks farah!

Hahaha... sekali sekala mengadee takpee.

Yups. yups. Going rasenyer.

mabel said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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