Monday, December 14, 2009

Aini and Zaki's Wedding

Promised the girls that we will attend Aini's wedding at Melaka on last Saturday, but at the last minute I changed the plan to go to Zaki's side of the wedding instead at Air Molek yesterday since on the same day there was also another kenduri potong jambul at my brother in law's kampung at Rembau.

We manage to reach there around 15 mins after 1pm just before the pengantin berarak. Nice timing indeed. So alang-alang2 tu aku join je belakang rombongan pengantin masuk while my husband duk ambik-ambik gamba.

Anyway the food was yummeh (sambal sotong!!! My Fav!) and the wedding is really traditional-like with gamelan music and silat. Aini looks really prettyyy and Zaki's sooo happy and jovial-like.

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Aini and Zaki. The pic above is from my husband camera taken by tah sape and I will upload most of the remaining gambar kenduri in Facebook, sooner or later. Gamba kat Rembau tu, tanya Shamani die nak upload kat mana as the pics are at his camera too.


mommy nazeef said...

x dapat jumpe la dils...kitorg gi belah aini...kaler biru laut..

Dils said...

yups2. mmg dh agak takde jumpa budak utp punye hari ahad tu. Huhuhu.. takpeler. Org lain punye kahwin pulak. Heheheh... or kalo ko beranak satu lagi. Keke

Some said...

gamba rembau dh upload kt facebook

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