Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So do I need to make a post about reminisce or goals or expectations or what I had done?

Reflection is sooo depressing. Lets random rambles instead.

1. Just got back from a cousin (more like 2 pupu's wedding). It was lovely and nice as all of her big family had come together and tried to make everything from scratch. Also a shout out to Yoda's and Rozie's : Selamat Pengantin Baru. Sorry I can't make it to Kedah, as I need to be at JB at the time. Housewarming jangan lupa ajak aku.

2. Kinda glad that Christmas is over because I gotten a bit sick of all the Christmas songs playing over and over again. There was this really horrible rendition of 'Santa, baby' I heard just yesterday at a shop that at first I thought I was going insane because I thought I had heard a disconnected sounding voice talking nonsense out of nowhere, but it turned out to be that song sung by a woman that sounds like a man trying to be sexy. Really weird and disconcerting.

3. I need to lose weight. Had been eating a lot lately because I feel the need to cram food into my mouth.

4. Out of things to talk about. Maybe will be back here tomorrow when I am less dazed, but probably more busy as by then the system (work thingies) will be up. Bah!

5. I sure would like some cookies though.

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