Friday, October 30, 2009

TV Thingies I Watch for Year 2009

Its been awhile since new series started and compare to last year, this year new series kurang sikit aku acquire. So the below are the new series that I watched.

The Good Wife

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What's it about?
A wife of a public figurehead whom husband had been caught in a big sex and corruption scandal goes back to the workforce working in a legal firm after 15 years she last quit her job.

Why I Watch?
  • Got Chris Noth playing Mr Big albeit with different character name.
  • Julianna Margulies

Do I Like It?
  • Pretty well.
  • I like the supporting character Kalinda. Had not met strong Asian character for a while, and this is a plus.
  • The case is not boring and the series is not too heavy nor too light, so its the perfect watch for my in-between mood.


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What's it about?
All humanity suffered a blackout where in this blackout they saw their future in the next 6 months. A group of people tried to find out what that meant on who/what behind it.

And a sidenote, all this people suffered a most if not incredible at least eye opening future on how they change. If it were me, it would probably consist of me just watching tv.

Why I Watch?
  • My husband wanted to watch it.
  • Got John Cho.

Do I Like It?
  • Kinda meh so far.
  • Interesting premise, wondered how it gonna keep up without viewers losing interest or when 6 months had come.

Vampire Diaries

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What's it about?
A girl fall for a vampire. And that vampire have a brother who is also a vampire and also like the girl. Much writing about feeling in journal ensues.

Why I Watch?

Do I Like It?
  • Sappy soapy series that make you roll your eyes a lot.
  • But still watching it for who knows what reason. Hoping the characters would get interesting?
  • Tho Ian Somerhalder is fun to watch. His character. His prettiness also does not make it too bad.

The Beautiful Life

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What's it about?
Life of various models.

Why I Watch?
  • No longer! Because it'd been cancelled.

Do I Liked it?
  • Kinda. It was filled with pretty people and I like Sara Paxton.
  • Hard to tell if the story is any good because after 2 eps it had been cancelled.

And yes, I am still keeping up with Greys, Ugly Betty, Heroes, Supernatural, Chuck, Gossip Girl, 90210 (And I swear season 2 is BETTER AND TRASHIER), Fringe, Dollhouse and Private Practice. And occasionally House and Medium and various others once I bought the dvds.


Obefiend Weiland said...

im down to my last 2


sad innit. i also occasionally download the ultimate fighter just for fun

as for the vampire thing

nawh never liked them. even buffy was blah for me. i know i know that might sound sacrilegious but these days why so many vampire la?

Kasapsky said...

more interested in Science Discovery like TimeWarp, Mythbusters, General at Wars, and war movies series. Don't know why i most like on killing people instead of loving people. Haha maybe most tv series are download and i got bad network connection so lost track and does have resources for osmosis. Citer heroes 1st season pun xabis tgk sebab tunggu tv8 nak siar balik. Hampeh. Since dah left UTP more than 2 years banyak benda xupdate... Back to age of cave....

iceroll said...

I couldn't agree more with obe. Why chicks always fall for a vampire haa? Seriously tak paham. I myself will never fall for a vampire... (unless they hot like kate beckinsale and naked all the time). Cite twilight tuh pun tak sedap. Camne laa org bola kate best.

As for me, I will stick to Chuck. hehe

Dils said...

Which is why I don't have much time in blogs. I surf blog while watching series. Huhu..

Vampire fad things nowadays? Blame it on Twilight.

I need internet. Becoz of series osmosis. Haha.

I think sebab UTP nye network la macam fanatic mendonlod series bile dah kuar ni.

Because compare to other monsters it is the most appealing one.

And I don't watch Twilight. My fascination with vampires if I can remember is when I watch Count Dracula in Sesame Street and continue when Interview with the Vampire hit the cinemas and at the same time Bram Stoker Dracula jugak ditayangkan. At that time vampires don't sparkle. Sigh.

frH said...

desperate housewives..? not in the list meh?

Dils said...

Huhu. Not. Tak terlarat nak keep up. Tengok Season 1 je, pastu maleh.

Obefiend Weiland said...

i think i am lucky

masa kat UTP mmg tak layan pun tv show cept for CSINY and LV.

bial dah blah takde side effect. tapi i was movie junkie so i miss Amin takumin and Vivre server for movies. luckily torrent movie not a weekly thing

i pity those who layan anime and all. macam Snubby.. lepas keluar orang miss dia. LOLZ

mangifera said...

i'm still rooting for dr who (season 5 coming - the NEW season 5) and hustle. eh wait...both are british series. i stop watching house cause it such a bore. owhh...the only american series i watch is leverage. the interest starting to fade. :(

Dils said...

House is becoming a bore.

Jarang tengok British series ni, don't know why sebab bile tengok memang rase best.

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