Friday, October 23, 2009

Before I forgot that I went to KK

Here's a post. Anyway, with my KK trip last week (seems like eons ago), I had now went to every state in Malaysia and spent at least a night there! Yeay! Now tell me, who else had done the same ( I am sure many, but hey, I asked a few and none of them can say the same)

Anyway will not make a REALLY long post out of it. Sebab aku malas and keje banyak. Sobs!

Day 1

We took a flight there on Friday and reached there petang.

Went straight to the pasar, because I went there with my mom and my nenek saudara and she is itching to cook. We reserved Marina Courts Condominium as we know the apartment comes with kitchen attached.

Bile balik apartment after walking around the pasar and membeli pelbagai makanan (the sayur is fresh and ridiculously cheap too), masak some prawns and sotong masak hitam. Fresh seafood! Yummeh!

Day 2

We went to Pulau Manukan for a spot of snorkelling and some seaside bathing. Yeay!

The beach was lovely but not as lovely as I thought it would be. But the corals was pretty.

Balik masam masin tu, we straight go to Jamilah Jewellery is it? That my brother and some few relatives recommend for some pretty pearl and crystal jewellery shopping. I bought a strand of grey pearls and made 3 similar looking bracelets for me and my sisters. I forgot to take gamba of shopping.

Tiba malam we went for food at Ocean Seafood Village.

The buttered prawns was kind of awesome and so does the sotong goreng tepung. But I maybe bias because I LOVE SOTONGS especially SOTONG GORENG TEPUNG. The other was so-so. A bit pricey though our total meal that night. Pengsan. Tapi for 8 orang makan, ok lah tu. Hehe.

Day 3

Went to Kundasang and Kinabalu Park very early in the morning.

The view was breathtakingly lovely and it was cold. We went to Timpohon gate, where most climbers start their climb up Kinabalu and had our cold KFC there. People went there to climb up Kinabalu, we went there to make our cholesterol level higher.

Afterwards we went to Kundasang and visited the memorial garden there. It was really beautiful. Separated to 3 gardens, it had an English garden, Borneo garden and an Australian garden.

Afterwards we went to there rows of stalls there and spent a whole much on foods and fruits. Di situ jugak we tasted and bought some local never seen before fruits. And I love buah tarap and those red durian. It was deliciously delicious.

Balik dari Kundasang straight to Tanjung Aru for some lunch, fruit juices and sayap!

Day 4

Went to UMS for my brother konvo. Lama gile ok. So we basically spent almost a day there. And ops, lupa plak nak include gamba and it is not in this pc. So malam ni, I will put another pic down here on my brother convocation. Most of the pics are in my husband camera tho. So only those yang I have je I put up. Which prolly amount to 2.

After the convocation went to 1Borneo sebentar untuk makan. Makan di Pizza Hut aje and let me warn you DON'T GO THERE ! The pizza sucks and the chicken wings tasted weird. Malam pulak my mom cooked some ketam and sotong and can't remember. Didn't take pics.

Night time setelah dinner, my husband and I decided to go to Tanjung Aru again untuk sayap, bontot ayam and avocado juice. The avocado juice is creamy and heavenly. The other drink itu adalah Teh Madras and quite good too. Aku menyesal tidak amik juice avocado gelas besar, sebab before this I can never finish the gelas besar. But that night I know if I order one, I can.

Day 5

Went to laundry back and fro kerana duk push push awek tu suruh bagi laundry awal sikit since we are going back that afternoon. Hantar hari sabtu, hari selasa masih tak siap lagi2. Hoh.

Overall, KK was super lovely, got tonnes to do but this was a family trip too and time was limited. Anyway we had fun and I love to go there again.

That's that folks!

Updated 24/10: Added pic of my bro's convo a bit. Itu je ade.


Anasfadilah said...

ur brother ums ek?heheh :)

p/s::saya pon ums juge..tu je nak bagitau

Dils said...

teringat gak tapi mcm konpius you either went to UMS or USM.

iceroll said...

Aku??? Kelantan ngan Terengganu pun tak penah smp lagi. LOL~

Kasapsky said...

wow bestnye... rasa cam nak menyempit je... haha

dz said...

aku tinggal sarawak je yg tak pegi laie.yg lain seme da khatam.kih kih

[re-arrange] said...

Sheeeeett..i'll be one of them people who have NOT done the same.

sarawak sabah pun tak jejak lg. kelantan pun sipi2 je (tu pun pasal gi perhentian so macam lalu the border je la kot). perlis pun blom!


Dils said...

Heh... Cuti kan banyak. Pegi je lonesome2 tu cuti style backpackers di redang ka perhentian ka. Bole ngorat aweks. Hihihi.

Adakah anda suke bercuti beramai-ramai ?

Hehe. patutnyer masa aku bertandang kat bintulu tu.. ko ikut je skali. Hahaha. Dah complete.


The trick is start from small! Hehe.. sebab my family pon dulu-dulu selalu pindah randah, itu antara reason penah stay at least 1 night in every state.

Some said...

Perlis - Check
Kedah - Check
Penang - Check
Perak - Check
Selangor - Check
Wilayah Persekutuan (KL, Putrajaya, Labuan) - Check
Melaka - Check
N9 - Check
Johor - Check
Pahang - Check
Terengganu - Check
Kelantan - Check
Sabah - Check
Sarawak - Check
eh...habis jugak dh..yeay...

Dils said...

ye ke? TBD ni. Haha

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