Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Interview Review: The Book of a Thousand Days

I curi this image from wiki. Please don't sue. And its not the same as my book cover.

I read it and I like it. And can I end it with that?

If I got time, I would curi Effi graphical review idea and do it, but I am much too lazy and I rather type. And wtf would I do on a graphical review. Got no cleavage rating to emphasize the need of an image.

What's the book about?
A maid is trap with a princess in a tower because the king is enrage that her daughter do not want to marry the man he chose. So he throw them in a tower, bricked up the door and the story unravels.

Do I like it?
Like I mention. Yes, yes, yes.

The story is simple. It stated on the back of the book that you would not guess the ending, and it is wrong as I can totally see the ending a mile away. But still that does not make the journey to the ending any less enjoyable. The language is simple. It got illustrations, not so much, but a bit and enough to make your imagination flares up.

But its not exactly targeted to your demographic age righttt?
Right. I like children book and if I am not wrong, this book is for tweens and if you got kids and would like for them to read something good, this would be it. (Psst, not Twilight hokey!) And of course I got tired of chic lit from time to time.

If a rating were to be given say.... 5 gold stars as the max what would I rate?
Gold stars are redundant don't you think? Maybe 5 yummy salmon sandwiches. This would constitutes a 4 and a half bite of yummy salmon sandwiches. A bit lacking somewhere, and also 5 yummy complete sandwiches should only be given to the best!

Want to read another Shannon Hale then?
Prolly. Prolly her Newberry award winning book "Princess Academy" though the synopsis does not look too promising for my taste. But who knows maybe I would like it.

Ok. Enough interviewing myself, I got some blog hopping plus error checking to do.


Obefiend Weiland said...

i always wonder where you got the time to read. i myself can only read about 15 pages a day

i really do envy ur super duper reading skill. on a side note this is not my kinda book. HAHAHA

oh please don't do a graphical review. books are supposed to be reviewed with written words Dils. HHAHA. it will be weird if you do it graphically!

you give 5 salmon sammich eh? i know that a book is good when it will be all dog eared when im done with it. so a perfect book will get 8 grungy dog ears rating!!

Dils said...

Hahaha... Terrible idea aight? Yeps, think so too. And I am much too lazy anyway.

If the book is simple, I can finish it quite fast. Kalo heavy penuh killing2, lambat2 sket. Hahhaha. Depressing nak abeskan at one go.

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