Wednesday, December 16, 2009

short post on things I am excited about

except this tuna sandwich I bought from Cold Storage that I had just eaten. I gagged a bit when I'd taken the first bite, but you can give me a maggot sandwich and I would eat it because I had paid money for it. Urgh...

No. 1 thing that I am excited about. Coraline is nominated for a Golden Globes! I like the book, and love the movie. It have an eerie charm about it and shivers me timbers! Great news for Neil Gaiman and filmmakers everywhere whom will now be interested in making movies based on Neil Gaiman works. Pleaseee do a film on Neverwhere, pleaseee.

Also the other thing that make me bite my tongue to prevent me from squealing out loud and at the same time gagging from the horrendous tuna sandwich I am chewing is the awesome, awesome teaser poster of Chuck for Season 3.

Really awesome. It would be even more awesome if Adam Baldwin is also there looking bewildered while glowering (because I loveeee, loveeeee, looooveeee him especially when he glowered). I know some of you would appreciate this poster so I took it from Ausiello and share it to the mass.



iceroll said...

Yes! Chuck season 3 is coming out at last. I knew u always like Col. Casey. But my fav will always be Morgan. Lol~~

Dils said...

Setiap kali aku teringat Morgan, aku teringat.. "You got dandruff on your beard???" then aku shudders.


Obefiend Weiland said...

eyes on leg

that Yvonne is one gorgeous sheila!

Dils said...

love her shoes

Obefiend Weiland said...

yeah that too


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