Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday Rambles

Because I feel like blogging and couldn't be arsed to think of a topic.

Bread Talk - Just finished eating Blueberry Puff? Whatever. It is pastry and got blueberry in it and I feel like puking it back out. Buying pastries is a bit of a hit and miss.. Some you loathe, loathe, loathe! (ciken floss). Some you can't get enough (Applewurm)

Hari ini for the first time in about a year or more, I came into office before 9 am. Sampai orang yang aku tak kenal kat office pon remarked awal gile aku datang hari ni. *Maluism*

And what amazed me is that, pukul 9.40 a.m pon, baru 5 orang je ade kat opis. Hahaha. So I am not THAT late normally (I usually saunter in around 10.15 every morning).

Was wanting to watch Papadom on Friday night, then got in a massive bitch of a bad mood when I came home that night that I decided to not go watch any movies for the weekend and sleep instead. The reason for my bad mood? There were an unreasonable amount of slow cars in traffic that night.

STFU Marrieds cracked me up. I am glad that Facebook was not available during my early boy crazy years. Heh. While STFU Parents make me exclaim "Oh, dear God" out loud.


iceroll said...

Aikk?? Dah pandai maki hamun slow drivers nampak? Tak ingat ke zaman2 ko baru bawak kete dulu? Hehe

Dils said...

what? di manakah dalam entri aku maki hamun slow drivers.

And masa aku baru bawak kete at least I stay in the left lane bile slow.

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