Thursday, December 03, 2009

Random Reviews

Book: Contest

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 I thought I wouldn't enjoyed it. It is a book about aliens! I hate any stories about aliens. I don't even enjoy E.T. But Effi might complained that the book is dumb down, I say its fine the way it is, because if it try to act anymore clever, I will not enjoyed reading it.

Its a kinda like Aliens VS Predators, plus more aliens! Except for the human participation in it. Light action read I should say.

Reels: Zombieland.

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Yoda is right. It is lulzy. The rules ala-ala Zombie Survival Guide is awesome. Beware of bathroom! Double Tap!

Not as funny as Shaun of the Dead but it have its funny moments. The Bill Murray thing, was equally funny but on the other hand rather stupid. My fav is Woody Harrelson. He is such a badass! I kept on getting him confused with Matthew McConaughey throughout the whole movie because they look kinda similar and McConaughey always played the macho western with swagger and drawl type of roles.

TVs: Nur Kasih

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The end is rather anti climactic don't ya think?

Hahahahaa. Yes, yes I do watch TV Melayu sometimes since my brother is such a fan of them (he will not admit it, and whenever we are in the vicinity he will quickly change the channel to sport because we will tease him mercilessly by singing the song "Gerak Khas". He is in denial that he was a fan. ) I kinda follow the drama and get why everyone are so into it. It is a rather clever, beautifully shot show. And the dialogue does not make you feel like punching the throat of the scriptwriter. But the last episode is kinda meh for me.

Not necessarily a fan though, like say the options of going out vs Nur Kasih, I will pilih to go out (kecuali the last episode sebab even though I do know the ending, I want to see how it all wrapped up).

p/s: The last review I just tacked in, because Random Reviews does not see so random reviews when you reviewed only 2 things.


Obefiend Weiland said...


explain to me nur kasih. takde tv, apa yang buat orang layan

and spoil me the ending. thanks

@mattreilly - yeah its dumb down. by that i mean they need to hold the hands of the reader. but its fun in holywood blockbuster kinda way. :) he is just a more dumbed down version of dan brown. HAHAHA.

Dils said...

hahaha... true that, his book just scream for a movie to be made. I think I would enjoy his movie as much.

Nur Kasih eh, basically the stories about 2 brothers one who is considered as a black sheep and the other one opposite of that. Nur the girl is the girl that both of them are either attracted to or attached with.

It gots rather complicated dealing with the issue of taubat, poligami, forgiveness, love ( keep in mind I don't really watch the whole episodes through), where at the end both brothers find happiness with the women that they love.

One thing that I always looked for in any shows is dialogue, so those are done well, the camerawork is and cinematography (even for a tv) is really beautiful. Some of the shots are quite artistic. It kinda pulled your view into seeing it and without you knowing it, you are following the story. Most of the characters are done wonderfully well too. Except for Nur who is annoyingly good. Hehe...

Got some cheesy and very GAH! moments, but its not too bad.

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